AIMS Portal: RESS Salary Slip Railway Employee, Download Pay Slip 2023

AIMS Portal: To maintain all the data of the Railway Employees in an organized manner, AIMS was introduced in the year 2013. By the year 2014, the Accounting Information Management System was implemented by the railway department. The AIMS Portal encapsulates all the personal details of the Employee as well as the details regarding their work. This portal is easily accessible by all employees online. Furthermore, it has also made payroll processing and financial work hassle-free for the department. If you are a Railway Employee and want to know all the particulars of the AIMS Portal then our article will provide you with the same. Therefore, kindly check out the whole article from beginning to end.

AIMS Portal Indian Railway

In the last few years, the AIMS Portal has been the one-stop destination for all the financial activities in the Railway Department. Not only does this portal contain all the records of the employee, but it is also handy in printing cheques and maintaining earning and expenditure expenses for Railways. The AIMS Portal (Formerly Known as IPAS) is further classified into two main categories. These two categories are Personnel Modules and Financial Modules. Under Personnel Modules, activities such as Payroll Processing, Leave, Loan, TA, Income Tax, Electricity, etc are covered. Whereas, Financial Modules maintain records with respect to IC, Books, PF, Pension, Budget, suspense, etc.

Now, the question that must arise in the minds of the Employees is how to access AIMS Portal. Furthermore, how can they check their personal details and download their salary slips on this portal? To know the answer to all these queries about Accounting Information Management System Portal, you can check out the rest of the article to the absolute end.

AIMS Portal

लेखा सूचना प्रबंधन प्रणाली पोर्टल: Quick Details

The topic of DiscussionAIMS Portal
Portal Designed ByCentre For Railway Information Systems (CRIS) on Behalf of the Ministry of Railways, India
Purpose of the PortalTo maintain records of Indian Railway Employees as well as the Financial Department of the Railway
Introduction of the Portal2013
Implementation of the Portal2014
Portal Accessed ByIndian Railway Employees and other Staff
Primary CategoriesPersonnel Modules and Financial Modules
Main FeaturesEmployee Self-Service, RESS Mobile App and Supplier Bill Status

Accounting Information Management System Particulars

The following are the particulars of the AIMS Portal Indian Railway that can be accessed by the employees and the members of the Railway Department.

  • Employee Personal Data– This includes employees’ personal information related to appointments, current jobs, pay, qualification, nomination and Family Members.
  • Employee Work-related Data– This includes records of leaves taken, income tax details, allowances and insurance schemes, Loans, etc.

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How To Access AIMS Portal Online?

To access the AIMS/IPAS portal online, you must follow the step-by-step method we are sharing below. Prior to accessing this portal, you must keep your relevant login credentials ready for use.

  1. First of all, you have to use the URL on your browser to open the homepage of the portal.
  2. On the homepage of the portal, a link to access the AIMS Website will be given. AIMS Website URL
  3. After selecting this link, you will arrive at the login page of the portal. AIMS Login Window
  4. Once you submit your login details on this login portal, you can access the information available on the portal.
  5. Now, all of the details on this portal can be updated or modified by the employees or the other staff members.

Railway Employee Self Service 2023

Under the AIMS Portal, RESS is one of the primary services. This service can be accessed by the Railway Employees on the URL of the AIMS Portal. Furthermore, you can also download a mobile app for this service to access it easily. This mobile app is available to download on the Play Store. The main objective of RESS is to make all of their work-related activities seamless. Here, the employees can check their personal details, Salary/ PF details and Income Tax Projections. Furthermore, the employees can also easily download Salary and Pay Slips by registering for RESS online. The employees will get to know the details regarding the registration process for Railway Employee Self Service online in the article below.

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RESS Online Registration Process 2023

For the Railway Employee Self Service, all the employees have to register separately. The following is the list of all the steps that the employees will go through during this registration process on the लेखा सूचना प्रबंधन प्रणाली पोर्टल. For this registration process, the employees must have a valid mobile number on which they will receive the password to access RESS. To receive their passwords on their mobile numbers, the employees need to provide their consent. Therefore, before beginning this process, the employees have to send a message that reads “SMS START” to 08860622020.

  1. In the initial step, the employees have to open the portal of the AIMS with the help of the web address
  2. As the homepage of the portal appears on the employees’ screens, they must click on the URL for RESS available on it. RESS URL
  3. This link will take the employees to the login window of the RESS portal. Here, the employee must opt for the relevant option for “New Registration”. RESS New Registration
  4. Now, for New Registration, the employees have to provide their Employee Number, Mobile Number and Date of Birth in the spaces given on the next page. RESS Registration Form
  5. As the employees submit all of these details, they will receive their passwords through an SMS on their mobile numbers.
  6. The employees must now use these login details on the login window of the portal. RESS Login Window
  7. After logging in the employees will have access to their financial and personal data. Moreover, the employees can also download their Salary and pay slips.

The employees can also opt for RESS Registration 2023 by using the mobile application for the service. For this, the employees have to download the mobile application through the play store on their respective devices and follow all of the above-mentioned procedures there.

RESS Portal Mentioned Details

On the RESS Portal, the following is the list of information that can be accessed by registered Railway Employees. These details of the employees can only be changed by the DBAs of their concerned units/ departments.

  • Personal Details of the Employee
  • Pay Slip/ Salary Slip
  • Deductions and Projections of Income Tax
  • Advances and Loans opted by the Employee
  • PF Withdrawal Application and PF Ledger
  • Office, Department, Designation and Section
  • Details of all the Leaves
  • Details of Pension

Download RESS Pay Slip Online 2023

After the employees have registered for RESS, on the Accounting Management Information System Portal, they can download their Pay Slips using the following process.

  1. First of all, the employees have to login into the RESS portal through the AIMS Portal or the mobile application.
  2. Once the employees log in successfully, they will see an option for Salary on their screens.
  3. As soon as the employees select this option, they will see a new window. Here, the employees have to select the particular year/ month for which they want the pay slip.
  4. After this, the pdf form of the pay slip will be accessible to the employees.
  5. The employees can now download this pay slip and also obtain its hard copy for use in the future.

Supplier Bill Status

Another key feature of this portal is the facility to check the Supplier Bill Status. You can check the Supplies Bill Staus on the AIMS Portal for different regions of the Railway and for different durations. The option for this is provided by the Railway authority exclusively on the URL of the portal of the AIMS. To check the Supplies Bill Status for a certain part of the Railway on a particular date, you can check out the following process.

Check AIMS Supplier Bill Status Online

To check the supplier bill status at AIMS, the following method must be followed by you in the correct manner.

  1. By using the relevant URL for the portal of AIMS, you can start the process.
  2. On the homepage, you will see a link to check the Supplier Bill Status. AIMS Supplier Bill Status
  3. Through this link, you will end up on the checking window for Supplier Bill Status. AIMS Supplier Bill Status Checking Window
  4. After this, you need to select Railway and the date for which you want to see the Supplier Bill Status.
  5. Now, the details of various Railway Accounting Units and the bill status associated with them will appear on your screens.
  6. Here, you can check out all the details of the Supplier Bill Status of the Indian Railways.

Benefits of the AIMS/IPAS Portal

The following is the list of all the benefits that the employees and the Railway Department get through the Accounting Information Management System Portal.

  • Because of the presence of this portal, the Railway Department can learn all the information regarding an employee in a single place. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • All of the Railway Employees have access to their job-related benefits i.e. Salary, Pension, Health Insurance and other allowances through this portal.
  • This portal easily manages a large amount of data with the utmost security as only authorized users can have access to it.
  • Through this portal, all of the work of the finance department in the Indian Railways becomes easier. It allows the finance department to process payroll, maintain loans and leave records in an organized manner without any sort of confusion.
  • The portal also allows Data Base Administrators to change the details of the employees of their units which helps them update the details regarding their designations, salary and other things related to their job easily.

AIMS Contact Details

The Inaidn Railway’s Employees who are connected with the portal can also send their queries or suggestions to the portal. For this, the employees can either contact the GM/ AIMS, CRIS or DG (CCA), Railway Board. The employees can contact the board by using the following contact details.

AIMS Portal: Important Links

Access OnlineAIMS Portal
For More Details Check OutAIMS User Manual
Download HereRESS Mobile Application
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the information of Railway Employees through the portal for AIMS?

The information of Railway Employees can be accessed by any person who possesses a User ID and Password i.e. login details of the portal. The staff members have the right to view and edit the details of the salary and other details of the employees who come under their concerned unit.

How can I download the RESS Mobile Application?

The RESS Mobile Application is available on the Play Store. Therefore, you can directly head there and search for the application.

Can any Data Base Administrator alter the information of employees on the Accounting Information Management System Portal?

No, only those DBAs who are concerned with the particular unit/ department for which the employee works have the authority to alter their information.

What details do the employees need to download their Salary Slips at RESS?

The employees will need their Employee Number and Password to download their Salary Slips at the RESS Online Portal or the mobile app. The password will be received by the employee during the registration process for RESS.

How can the employees access Railway Employee Self Service if they do not remember their passwords?

If this happens, then the employees can opt for the forgot password option available on the login window of RESS and easily change their passwords.

How can Railway Employees edit their personal details online?

To edit their personal details, the employees have to log in to the RESS portal and accordingly change the information they want.

How can I protect my AIMS Login details to be used by someone else?

For this, you must go through your login history on a regular basis and check for any suspicious activity there. Furthermore, it is recommended that you keep changing your password at regular intervals for the security of your details.

How can the employees opt for the festival advance on the AIMS Portal?

To opt for a festival advance, the employees have to go to the loan tab on the portal and enter the amount, starting month and the duration of the loan. The recovery of the advance will begin from the succeeding month automatically.

Can DBA also change the name of the employee and his/her bank details on the AIMS Portal?

DBAs can change the name of the employees as well as add new employees to the system. However, the bank details of the employees are only changed by the CRIS engineer and IPAS control room team at IT Centre, Gorakhpur.

Final Words

We hope our article provided you with all the worthwhile information regarding the Accounting Information Management System Portal. Our portal is rich with more useful content like this which is published by us on a daily basis. So, kindly stay connected with us regularly. Furthermore, if you have any kind of doubts regarding the topics covered in this article, then you can feel free to comment with your thoughts below.

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