BF.7 Covid Variant; Symptoms, What we know so far

BF.7 Covid Variant: Recently Covid-19 new variant Cases have been increasing at a great rate in China. According to the experts, this sudden increase in Covid cases is due to a sub-variant of Omicron. This sub-variant is called BF.7. Since this variant is causing so much chaos all around the world, the question that what exactly is BF.7 Covid Variant must be arising in people’s minds. To answer this question we are presenting this article today. Here we will discuss what BF.7 Variant is, what are its prime symptoms and most importantly how we prevent ourselves from this deadly infection. So if the question of BF. 7 Covid Variant is troubling you as well, you can check out this complete article.

BF.7 Covid Variant

This is not the first time BF.7 Variant has made it to the news, back in October this variant started making its presence felt. During that time this omicron variant started substituting other variants that were prevalent in places like the US and Europe. This omicron sub-variant is believed to be the sub-lineage of other Omicron sub-variant BF.5. According to the reports, BF.7 is significantly more resistant in comparison to BF.5. So, the antibodies produced in a vaccinated person will not be completely able to cancel its effect. However, despite being so powerful BF.7 is still not the most resilient Omicron sub-variant out there. Another sub-variant called BQ.1 outweighs BF.7 in terms of resilience.

Back in October when the US and UK were impacted by this deadly sub-variant, the situation of panic increased in both counties. However, later on, it was found that the cases of BF.7 did not have a substantial rise. But now since the sub-variant is once again stepping its foot into people’s lives, it is important to be ready for its prevention.

BF.7 Covid Variant
BF.7 Covid Variant

What do we know so far about BF.7 Covid Variant?

So far we know that BF.7 is highly transmissible. The incubation period of this covid variant is estimated to be shorter than other sub-variants which makes it even more dangerous. Another essential information about this virus is that it can infect an already vaccinated person easily. Because of this reason health experts are dreading that we may soon be in the situation of a pandemic again. However, if we proceed with caution then we will defeat this variant like the other variants as well. For this, it is important for people to take all the necessary precautions timely.

Symptoms of BF.7 Covid Variant

It is important to know the symptoms of BF.7 so that we can timely treat it. Apparently, the symptoms of BF.7 are strikingly similar to other Covid-19 variants. The following is the list of all of the symptoms of this Omicron sub-variant. You must necessarily consult a doctor if you have these symptoms.

  • The basic symptoms of BF.7 include cold, cough, fever, and body pain.
  • In addition to this, people infected with this sub-variant of Omicron can also face the respiratory tract and sore throat.
  • Another symptom of it is pneumonia, so people with pneumonia must treat themselves with extra care.
  • People with flu and other respiratory infections for a long time must not ignore it and go to a doctor immediately.

BF.7 Covid Variant Cases in India

As of now, there are not that many cases of this new Covid Variant in India. The January Covid-19 wave in India was mainly due to BA.1 and BA.2 sub-variants. Furthermore, India was mostly unharmed by BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants. However, even though India has almost negligible cases of BF.7 Covid Variant, no one can predict what the future holds for it. So, it is essential for us to take the necessary precautions and save ourselves from any kind of danger beforehand.

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Precautions for BF.7 Omicron Sub-Variant

Before the situation of BF.7 Omicron Sub-Variant becomes uncontrollable, it is important for people to take all the necessary precautions. The primary precaution for this sub-variant of Omicron is the same as for other variants. People necessarily need to wear marks whenever they head outside of their houses. Additionally, all the people must take all the booster doses. The people who are aware of their low immunity must be extra concerned about themselves. They must consult a doctor as soon as they feel any of the BF.7 symptoms. If we take all of these precautions with strictness, then it will not be hard to save ourselves from this new Covid-19 variant.

Final Words

We hope we were able to provide ample information regarding BF.7 Covid-19 Variant through this article. Do make sure that you take all the necessary precautions and consult a doctor if you have any of the BF.7 symptoms. Our website is rich with informative articles like this and we publish them regularly. So kindly stay connected to us at Bihar NEWS Homepage.

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