BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date, Check Price, Rewards, Early Access, RP Missions

Krafton Inc has come up with a new update which is known as the BGMI A1 Royal Pass. The game players must be aware of this pass’s importance in the gaming field. The Battlegrounds Mobile India officials provided the Krafton BGMI A1 RP Early Access in mid-August. It is expected that the RP will be issued between the 14th to 21st of August. A specific date has not been informed yet. The Royal Pass will provide lots of prices which will be used in daily activities.

BGMI players can read this article for the award list and the details of the RP mission. This article will provide all the information required for the upcoming Royal Pass release.

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date 2023
BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date 2023

BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date

Royal Pass is the membership that is given to gamers for doing their daily jobs. After completing the daily activities, they are rewarded with new prices, uniforms, and bonuses. This process increases the player’s experience and makes the game in his favor. The Krafton BGMI AI Rewards list is separately provided in the other section of the article. The BGMI gamer must check the awards for furnishing the strategy required in receiving the RP.

The BGMI A1 Royal Pass will be available for eight weeks. The player will receive a reward after the conclusion of the given challenge. The level of the game reaches the 100th level. Earlier, it had only 50 levels. A player who will successfully reach the 100th level will be awarded A1 Phantom Level.

BGMI A1 रॉयल पास लॉन्च: At a Glance

Article Topic BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date
Name of the Game Battlegrounds Mobile India
Developing Company NameKrafton Inc
Game Size800 MB
Version 2.7.0
Recent Update BGMI A1 Royal Pass
Release Date In Mid of August
Platforms Android, ios iPADOS
Current Status Available Soon
BGMI Two Tiers Elite with a price tag of 360 UC
Elite Plus with a price tag of 960 UC
Official page

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Krafton BGMI AI Pass Rewards List

The BGMI prices are divided into two sets: Elite and Elite Plus for eight weeks. The Elite cost prices are 360 UC and 960 UC is for Elite Plus. These two sets will be awarded accordingly in the game. The 100th level of the game provides the phantom set where rewards will start from the advanced weapon to the parachute. The list of all the prices with the RP level is given below.

List of Award Royal Pass Level
A1 Phantom Outfit including pants, hooded jacket,
gloves and boots
A1 Phantom Backpack ( Skull logo and Red Straps)30
A1 Phantom Headgear (Skull Mask, Teeth, and Red Eyes)35
A1 Phantom Parachute (Black and Red Skull Logo) 10
A1 Phantom Emote (Gun Holding Gesture)15
A1 Phantom Spray (Skull Logo Mark)5
A1 Phantom Title with the Player’s Name25

BGMI Royal Pass (RP) Missions Completion Strategy

The BGMI player must have understood the important details from the above information. Now, the article will provide information on the Krafton BGMI RP Missions. These missions will be for eight weeks. Players winning every week will be promoted to the next. Therefore, it becomes important to win the game continuously. After which, they will be awarded the prices based on their performance.

BGMI A1 RP Mission Completion Strategy

The strategy which the player should follow to level up in Battlegrounds Mobile India is to complete the routine Missions successfully. They can do this by visiting the “Missions” button placed in the Menu section. Here, they can finish the daily missions which are assigned daily. This adds to the seasonal activity that can be opened easily in the same tab. Players also need to complete the 14 tough tasks and the daily free RP mission. In this process, players don’t need to spend extra charges.

Important BGMI A1 Royal Pass Release Date Links

Official Portal link Battleground Mobile India
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the two tiers in which Royal Pass is divided?

Tier 1: Elite which is priced at 360 UC
Tier II: Elite Plus which is priced at 960 UC

When will the A1 RP be released?

It is expected that the A1 RP will be released between the 14th to 21st of August. The BGMI Twitter account will update the release.

What will be awarded to the player who has crossed the 100th level?

Gamers will be awarded an A1 Phatom level pass after winning all 100 levels.

How many weeks will the gamer use the RP?

The A1 Royal Pass will be used for eight weeks only. Every win fetches the complete Spectre Slayer Set, Cover, and Attire.

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