Bihar B.Ed Government Colleges list with fee structure

Bihar B.Ed Government Colleges list: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is considered to be one of the most demanding and sought courses that open the door for all the interested applicants who want to enter the teaching profession and contribute to the education sector of the country. As the demand for the course was increasing among the citizens, Bihar is one of the Indian states which has witnessed a large number of educational universities related to education. Some of the well-known colleges in the country with good teaching staff and huge campuses can be found in Bihar. The list of various colleges which can be found in Bihar is shared below.

Bihar B.Ed Government Colleges List

Bihar B.Ed Government Colleges List

B.Ed course is a two-year post-graduation course that provides productive career opportunities and right after completing the course, there are a majority of chances where students get jobs at the school level. Seeing the secure future in the course, the youth across the country especially Bihar citizens started opting for the course, and presently, the state has around 197 B.Ed colleges out of which approx 76% are private, 15% are private/public & 09% are public/government. The list of top Government B.Ed colleges in Bihar is shared below along with some other information also, so start reading the article.

Advantages of Government Colleges

After the completion of school, every parent’s and student’s main concern gets about which college will be beneficial for their future and that leads to the situation where the student gets confused about whether to choose a government college or private college.

We all know that India is a developing country and the frequent changes in prices become one of the tensions for the joint families to maintain their financial budget and that’s why students try and opt for government colleges. Some of the advantages of government colleges are explained below:

  • Since all the government colleges are controlled by the central government, the tuition fee is much less compared to private colleges.
  • The placement assistance of the government colleges is very impressive as known from the placements of SRCC, LSR etc.
  • In the case of extracurricular activities, they let the students decide how to manage and schedule the different events that help them in teaching them about time management, boost confidence levels and increase their communication skills.
  • Students across the country come to study in government colleges so diversity in each state is found in these colleges.

Disadvantages of Government Colleges

Just like every coin has two sides, even government colleges aren’t perfect, under this section you will read about the disadvantages of taking admission into government colleges:

  • The infrastructure of the building isn’t up to mark and it happens because the colleges get grants from the government that results in the delay of work.
  • Due to a less efficient monitoring system in the government colleges, the professors fail to impart good quality of education.
  • The class size of the government college is quite large and sometimes 200 students are filled in one class due to which the backbencher isn’t spotted by the professor.
  • The food and hygiene system of the college is very bad which makes students sick and they get infected with serious diseases.
  • Most government colleges are run by politicians under which the rules and regulations are set by the politicians only.

List of Bihar B.Ed Government Colleges

In the above sections we shared with you some details about the colleges, we hope that our effort was correct and you understood what we were trying to say. The following table will provide the list of the best B.Ed government colleges which can be found in Bihar:

Institution Name Affiliated Body Seat Intake Fee Structure
Women’s Training CollegePatna University 100NIL (Since 2016)
Patna Training College Patna University 100₹7,000 (2 years)
Govt. Teachers Training College Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar Bihar University 100₹24,000
Government Women College Aryabhatta Knowledge University50Not Available
Govt. Teachers Training College Tilak Manjhi Bhagal University100₹24,000
Govt. Teachers Training College Jai Prakash University 100₹24,000
Govt. Teachers Training College B.N. Mandal University100₹24,000
Govt. College of Teacher Education Lalit Narayan Mithila University100Not Available
Govt. Teachers Training CollegeMagadh University100₹24,000
Department of Education, B.N. Mandal UniversityB.N. Mandal University100Not Available

The fee structure of some B.Ed government colleges are yet to be released, we will notify you once the details get released by the college itself.

Dear reader, we hope that we were able to provide you with the information which you wanted regarding the Bihar B.Ed government colleges list. For any query, you can drop your comment below our team will try to solve it ASAP.

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