Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children

Brain Drain Essay in English:Brain drain” is a term that came in the highlights in the late 1960s. The term generally means the migration of talented, skilled or professional workers, students or other employees under some circumstances. The circumstances such as poverty, low wages, lack of infrastructure, and lack of opportunities are some of the circumstances that lead people to shift to developed countries. The Brain drain acts as a disadvantage to the country’s development, it’s obvious if a country will lack skilled people it will be hard to uplift the country.

Brain Drain Essay in English

As an illustration, if talk about India, it’s one of the most populated countries in the world with a huge number of intellectuals. India has several tough competitive exams in the world which shows the country has a good number of hardworking and talented people. But India is still an underdeveloped nation, whose economy is good in Asia but not according to its population. When these talented people don’t get good platforms to show up themself, they just move to countries with powerful passports. According to data, the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia are the top countries where Indians are migrating.

Brain Drain Essay in English for Students and Children

Brain Drain: Hazardous or Boon?

As a coin has two phases, brain drain is a hazard to the country from where talented people are moving. But on the other hand, it is a boon to those who are receiving them. In my opinion, it is obviously a serious matter cause leaving your homeland and your birthplace to serve other countries doesn’t look nice as per moral values. Not only skilled and talented people are leaving the country, but students also leave their country for Quality Education. As per stats, the main pushing factors of brain drain are Low salary income, Quality of education, Health facilities, undeveloped infrastructure and a safe environment.

For developing nations like India, Brazil etc brain drain often leads to sophistication in development. You may notice that developing nations have good economies but low per capita income. This is one of the factors which makes people move from that country where they will pay better. Scientists, engineers, doctors, and chefs are among the top professionals leaving the country.

Brain Drain Essay For Students and Children

When it comes to the most developed nation in the world, we imagine a developed country with good infrastructure, better wages, a hospitable society, a good climate, a less polluted environment and many more things. Around 50 or fewer nations are considered developed and this leads to a “brain drain” from underdeveloped countries. Brain drain is a general term used for people who are skilled, professional, talented, and highly educated but due to lack of opportunities, they move to other developed countries.

The book “Brain Drain Problem: The case Of India” written by Sebastian Meyer has mentioned how people are moving to western countries in the search of better living. More than underdeveloped nations, developing nations are facing a brain drain. It’s obvious when a person is educated, his vision of living standards raises. He will look for better opportunities with good facilities and income. Brain drain is categorised into three parts- Geographical Brain Drain, Organisation Brain Drain and Industrial Brain Drain.

Types of Brain Drains

Firstly, geographical brain drain is a very common brain drain. When highly intelligent people, students, professionals and skilful persons move to another country in search of better-paying jobs this is known as geographical brain drain. It is common for a person who has done hard work will look for a job with a handsome salary. Not only up to a handsome salary, but the job status also raises their living standard and of course, it will lead them to a smooth life.

Secondly, the organisational brain drain. The term refers to when the mass of employees leaves a company and moves towards another. This brain drain happens when a company lacks good opportunities, salaries and other facilities and infrastructures. The main reason generally highlights the lack of modern tools and wages of brain drain in this sector.

Thirdly, it is the Industrial brain drain. Industrial brain drain is the movement of skilful and trained labours from one industry to another. This type of brain drain is observed for the betterment of the future of those who are migrating.

Examples Of Brain Drain

  1. Developing countries like India are losing their skilled citizens who can help them to uplift the development of the country.
  2. African Countries which already have the poor status of the economy have faced a mass exodus of their citizens.
  3. The citizens who migrate to western Europe and America benefit a lot in their economy and social development.
  4. Brain drain is often observed in a country where there is a lot of political disturbance and an unsafe environment.

Brain Drain Solution

Well, brain drain is a problem in whose solution the government of the country plays an important role. Health and Education are the two most prioritised fundamental factors. People living in the country should be provided with good quality education and health facilities. The government should create better infrastructure and a safe environment for its citizens. To uphold their living, good opportunities should be provided to the citizens as per their talent. Whether it is government or the Private sector, there should be good rules observed for the employee’s example, no overload work etc.


What is Brain Drain?

Brain Drain is referred to as a mass exodus of skilful and talented professionals to developed countries in search of better living and higher standards.

What is the solution to Brain Drain?

In a country that is facing a brain drain, their government should create a good atmosphere, better opportunities and good salaries for their citizens.

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