BTS World Tour India 2022 Schedule – Concert Dates, Ticket Price

BTS World Tour India: The Indian fans of BTS are all elated as they have come across the news that they will come to the country. The information as per media reports is that they will be visiting India in August 2022. The band is known for its K Pop Songs, hip-hop genre, R&B, Pop, and EDM. All they do is wildly followed by their stans across the world. Their popularity among the Netizens is massive. The Indian fans seem very thrilled already to be able to see them live. However, there is no accurate information available on their tours such as concert ticket price, schedule, venue, and more. But, we shall provide all the latest updates on the BTS World Tour specifically alluding to India here. Check all the details of the BTS World Tour 2022 here in the subsequent article.

BTS World Tour India 2022

The South Korean Boys Band, BTS is very famous all across the globe. Their fans are always seen being in awe of everything do and sing. Gen Z is highly obsessed with the band and they widely adore all the seven members of the band. It is very evident with the songs and their popularity that they have created an unprecedented sense of admiration for K Pop genre. Their tour is mostly one of the most awaited moments and such a juncture has arrived. They are all set to make their visit to a lot of countries including India as per their World Tour. They will be performing on Indian soil for the first time. The official announcement has been made in India regarding their tentative schedule. They will be touring India in August 2022 as they will be making their visit to a few other venues in Asia.

BTS World Tour India

BTS Concert in India Schedule

There has been no official announcement as of now regarding the exact schedule of the BTS Tour in Asia. The speculations have been as per the reports by various media sources that they shall be visiting the country in August 2022. There are ten venues that have been fixated in Asia and apparently India is one of them. The country is all set to welcome the banda after they visit the western nations in June 2022. They are presently in the United States and are all involved in hosting concerts and shows in the country. They even visited the POTUS in the White House. All this is trending and driving the fans crazy.

BTS Concert in India Schedule

After all the recent reports and the social media posts of BTS in the US, the fans in India are turning eager. They are more than just excited to host the band on their visit. Multiple speculations are being made and as of now, it is anticipated that BTS will be seen performing on the Indian Soil by the end of July 2022 or most probably the beginning of August 2022. BTS stars have admitted their love for the country and fans a lot of times. Apparently, their hearts melt as they hear Namaste. Thus, it will be interesting to see BTS finally addressing India live.

Where will BTS perform in India?

There are multiple expectations from fans across the country. Each one of them is praying that BTS should visit their specific city. However, it is still to confirm if BTS will be available for just one venue in India or more than that. As per the reports, there will be 10 venues for the BTS band in Asia. It can be expected that India might get more than just one venue. There is a presumption that BTS might perform in Ahemdabad considering that the World’s largest Cricket Stadium is in the city. However, to a certain extent, this might be merely an assumption as some expect BTS to perform in Delhi, being the capital. The fans in the south think that BTS will visit Mumbai given that it is the hub of the entertainment industry in India.

Where will BTS perform in India?

The venue (s) are yet to be announced but as soon as they will be, we shall notify you here. All the updates will be made available to the readers. Hence, they are advised to keep checking this space for all the latest details pertaining to the BRTS World Tour India venue.

How much do BTS Concert Tickets Cost?

The event management partner for BTS in India has not yet made any announcements. Neither have BTS made any announcements regarding the same. However, considering the cost of the concerts that the BTS put up in other countries, one can estimate a price. Usually, the minimum concert tickets cost is 50$. This somehow ranges to a maximum of 250$. In the case of India, the tickets can cost as minimal as Rs. 1000 and will range up to a whopping Rs. 50,000 for each entry. The tickets will surely depend upon the capacity of the stadium or venue where they will perform. Additionally, the position and seating offered in the venue will cause a deviation in the ticket price. The rapid turnout for the concert tickets will impact the price for sure.

Buy BTS World Tour India Concert Tickets 2022

How much do BTS Concert Tickets cost?

In order to buy a ticket for the BTS Tour India Concert, the fans will have to do so in an online mode. The fans will be able to buy the tickets through the portal of the event partner of BTS. They will have to book the tickets in advance since there will be no option of getting tickets a few moments prior to the commencement of the concert. The fans need to observe the following steps to get their BTS World Tour India 2022 Concert Tickets:

  1. Open the official portal of the BTS Concer Partner.
  2. Look out for the link to check the BTS India Concert.
  3. Further, tap on the Book Tickets option.
  4. Select the category of the ticket.
  5. Finally, pay the applicable amount along with the taxes in online mode.
  6. Print the ticket or simply download the copy.

Get preference while buying BTS Concert Tickets

Netizens in India are very eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of the most favorite bands in India, BTS. This can cause a rush in the selling of the concert tickets. There might be unavailability of information regarding the World Tour of BTS. However, the fact that the tickets will sell out faster can never be doubted. There might be a scenario where the tickets will be completely sold out and the fans will turn disappointed. To avoid that, the BTS always prefers the fans army. The BTS ARMY will get preference while buying the concert tickets. All the fans presently need is a BTS ARMY Badge. This badge will automatically provide a better chance of getting tickets.

Let us know your thoughts pertaining to the BTS World Tour India in the comment section below!

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