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CGPA To Percentage


Readers, who want to calculate their CGPA into percentages can look here. You will have to enter the obtained CGPA in the box and the percentage will generate automatically.

According to Grades: If you want to check the percentage according to the grades, you can also do it. To check the Percentage according to the grades, you will have to choose your grade from the drop-down menu of the subject. And then you will have to do the same for all the remaining subjects. After that, you will have to tap on calculate option and the report card will be generated within a few seconds.

According to Grades

What do you mean by CGPA?

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is a grading system used in the educational field. Many schools and boards use a grading system to assess the academic performance of the person. CGPA provides average grade points for the performance of the student.

Benefits of Using CGPA

Following are the benefits of using CGPA:

  • By introducing the CPA methods, the students will not have any pressure to score particular marks. They will be able to learn freely.
  • With CGPA, individuals will easily find their weaknesses and capabilities. They will easily determine their performance via CGPA.
  • By allowing CGPA, the students can be easily classified and the teachers can evaluate the group that needs more attention.

Disadvantages of Using CGPA

Given below are the disadvantages of using CGPA:

  • CGPA does not provide the exact number which decrees the competitiveness of the students. Overall, it results in a reduction in academic performance.
  • CGPA does not do justice to the students. For example, students scoring 92 marks and the students scoring 99 marks will come under the same group. Which is not fair for the candidates scoring higher marks.
  • Students’ grades are also determined by the activities as well as performance. So the students get a little more than deserved grade in the result. That is a drawback for the candidate working hard in the exam.
CGPA to Percentage

How to convert CGPA to Percentage?

If you want to calculate the percentage from the CGPA then you have to imply the below-given formula:

  1. Add the obtained grades of all subjects carefully.
  2. Now, divide the total grades by the total number of subjects. This will provide you with the CGPA.
  3. Finally, multiply the obtained CGPA by 9.5. And the percentage will get calculated.


  • Let’s Suppose, you have scored 7 in French, 10 in Social Science, 9 in Maths, 10 in English and 8 in Science. Now add all the grades i.e., 7+10+9+10+8 = 44. Now divide it by the total number of subjects (44/5 = 8.8). Now, 8.8 is your CGPA. Then multiply the CGPA by 9.5 (8.8 X 9.5 = 83.6). And your percentage is 83.6%
  • Now Suppose, you have scored 8 in Commerce, 10 in Physical Education, 7 in Accounts, 9 in English, 10 in Economics and 6 in Maths.
    • Add all the obtained grades (8+10+7+9+10+6 = 50)
    • Now divide the total number by the total number of subjects (50/6 = 8.333)
    • At last, multiply the CGPA i.e., 8.33 by 9.5 (8.333 X 9.5 = 79.16)
    • And 79.16 is your percentage.

How to Calculate CGPA From Percentage?

It is very easy to calculate the CGPA using percentages. The procedure is the total opposite of the above-mentioned. There you will have to divide the obtained percentage by 9.5.

For Example,

  • If you have got 85% in the exam. To calculate you have to divide the percentage by 9.5 i.e.,
    CGPA = (85/ 9.5 = 8.9)
  • Let’s suppose, you got 89.3% in the exam. To get the CGPA, You have to divide it by 9.5:
    CGPA = (89.3/ 9.5 = 9.4)

Grade Table:

0 – 2000E2
21 – 3200E1
33 – 4004D
41 – 5005C2
51 – 6006C1
61 – 7007B2
71 – 8008B1
81 – 9009A2
91 – 10010A1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did the CGPA Gets Introduced to the Central Board of Secondary Education?

The authority has introduced the CGPA for the class 10th students of the 2010 session. The grading system only started for class 12th students

Which Examination Board Use CGPA?

The Central Board of Secondary Education uses the CGPA method to prepare the result of Class 10th.

What is the difference between CGPA and GPA?

GPA is the score obtained in a semester which is usually used in colleges. Whereas, CGPA is the mark of academic performance which is usually used in schools as well as to prepare for the final result of college.

Which one is better Percentage or CGPA?

Both systems have their own values. In other words, both the systems are different and cannot be compared easily to decide which one is better.

Does the CBSE provide GPA in the result?

No, CBSE only provides CGPA in the class 10th Result.

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