Courses After Class 10th (Complete List) – Diploma, +1 Stream, Vocational, ITI

Courses after class 10th – Are you confused about what to choose after 10th, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared this article for you, here we have discussed after 10th courses list for a girl, boys. We have divided this article into after 10th diploma courses list, Vocational list, polytechnic list, ITI, short term, and long term below.

Courses after 10th

Courses After Class 10th

“Life presents many choices, The choices we make determine our future.” As rightly said, by Catherine Pulsifer, an important choice is the torch bearer for our upcoming pathway. With the end of class 10th, comes many choices to look forward to and mould our lives into better career. As secondary education terminates with class 10th, a basket of options is left to us and you need to decide what you would prefer to choose further. If you want to complete your higher education by opting for the senior secondary examination, you would have to choose between the commerce, science, and humanities streams after the direct completion of class 10th.

If you want to be financially independent after class 10th and want to opt for some professional courses then you can look forward to specific training programs or short-term courses which would polish your areas of interest. If you are a techie and want to involve yourself in specific technical courses then you can look forward to some polytechnic courses.

One can also choose specific diploma courses and those who have a strong foundation in biology can try opting for paramedical courses. Howsoever, if you are among those students who wish to opt for specific courses but are unaware of the options present, then you have grabbed the correct place. We have enlisted all the options that one can choose course after class 10 along with all their details and advantages which they can offer to you for your convenience.

How to sort your course of interest from the variety of options?

Whenever we have to choose from a bunch of choices and options regarding what we wish to do after class 10th, we need to look at the pros and cons of our choice. For the same, we must always be aware of all the factors that would come through and finally look forward to choosing the right option. To give clarity about your choice, we have penned down certain tips which would help you in choosing the right option:

  1. Try to note down the list of options that you wish to choose as a career after class 10th.
  2. Always try to have backup plans with the course you are looking forward to.
  3. Try to find some alternatives and be flexible in your thought process.
  4. Take some guidance from the person who has the same background and has done the same course that you wish to opt for.
  5. Assess your academic inclination and polish your skills.
  6. Recently, studies have shown that SWOT analysis helps to estimate the student in determining their interest and clarify their choice with interests and facts.
  7. Try to be very flexible in exploring all the wish list courses and then finalize your ultimate choice.
  8. Never have self-doubt in yourself and do not judge your capabilities.

List of Courses After 10th

list of ourses after class 10
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Which Steam to choose after 10th

After passing out class 10, what next? One can always opt for a correct stream to build up a bright future. When you choose the correct stream, you not only have multiple options in your career but also have a polished understanding of concepts and rooted knowledge which you can make use of in a correct platform.

 Stream name Duration Stream Details Careers of the stream
Science2 years (11th and 12th) One of the most popular streams that students choose is the science stream for its multi-variant avenues. It not only offers a variety of career options open to you but also helps you to get a job in a very short time. One has to study physics, chemistry, and mathematics for looking forward to a technical job. If a student opts for PCB, one can go for medicine-orientated jobs. PCM— Engineer, software scientist, defence, technician, marine engineer, merchant navy, civil services.   PCB— Doctor, Nutritionist, dietician, nurse, B farms, dentist, agricultural sciences, researcher, civil services.
 Commerce Two years, class 10th and 12th If you’re looking out for being an entrepreneur, and you want to have clarity about the commercial factors of the country along with its statistical analysis, You can always opt for commerce. It also offers you a platform where you would be able to learn how to work with numeric digits and how to start up and management of businesses. One has to Study, economics, accountancy, mathematics, and business studies for the commerce stream. A chartered accountant, cost accountant, finance, training, banking and insurance, management.
 Humanities Two years(Class 10th and 12th) If you love to study the Indian heritage and culture and also have a strong affinity for polishing your communication skills, humanities are the most correct stream that one can opt for. It is not only scored but also diversified into various subjects make it very interesting and opens a lot of courses for students. One has to learn about the history and culture of India, sociology, geography, literature, psychology, political science, and English. Mass communication, Masters of English literature, Civil services, teaching, content writing, psychologist, professor, PCS.

Short-term courses after class 10th

As you complete your class 10th, you try to fetch the best possible course that would let you have a decent salary and a good future. For this reason, we have listed down top courses which would give you a secured future along with a decent salary.

 Course nameCourse duration Course details Career options and salary
1. Designing Six months to 1 year There are certain exams that one has to appear to go for designing like UCEED, AIEED, NID, and MET. One should have a good visualising capacity along with an artistic nature of how to look at things. Good communication skills, sketching, and innovation are certain other things which a designer should have in himself. If you are willing to have a diploma in design then you can apply for it. Product design, graphic design, and textile design are various specialisations in design. Fashion designer (Salary- INR 4,67,000 avg)   Web designer (Salary- INR 5,98,000)   Product designer (Salary- INR 4,60,908)   Interior designer ( Salary- INR 3,43,876)
2. Animation courses6 months to 2 years Animation has both undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes. There are also diploma courses in animation.  In the short-term courses, One is taught about a specific branch of animation which would either highlight texturing, motion graphics, character making, or 3D animation. These courses specifically highlight the practical application of animation and help in giving industrial experience. 2-D/3-D animator — INR 3,00,000   Character designing— INR 1,.5 lakhs   Art director— INR 5,00,000   Video game designer— INR 4,.5 lakhs   Layout Artist— INR 2.5 lakhs  
 3. Diploma in hotel management and hospitality management Two years As this course unfolds about the working of a hotel stretching from all the aspects of reception, housekeeping, arrangement of food and restaurant, this is totally a job oriented course. Good communication skills, high interpersonal and intrapersonal skills set, good aptitude and situation management, and multitasking certain criteria are one has to possess. There are exams like IPU CET, GNIHM JET, and CUET. Hotel manager— INR 4,00,000   Reception manager—- INR 3,.5 lakhs   Accounts manager—- INR 5,00,000
4. Mass communication course 4-6 months ( Diploma) 3-4 years (UG) 1-2 years( PG) Those students who have an interest in the field of mass media where advanced technologies are used to fetch information and understand concepts of journalism can opt for a mass communication course. Students must complete their education from a recognised university in any stream. The best also have around 55% of marks in their class 12th examination. IIMC, CUET, and FTII JET Are the popular exams for mass communication. Students must have good vocabulary skills, good communication skills, creativity, aptitude, research, intra and interpersonal skills, and time management. BA in journalism and mass communication— INR 3.85 lakhs per annum   Media consultant, social media manager, radio jockey, filmmaker, scriptwriter, TV correspondent, anchor.
5. Diploma in air hostess/flight stewards/ Aviation courses Six months to 1 year The duration varies in different institutes and one has to secure around 55% marks in class 10th to go for this course. Generally, the fees range from 60,000 to 4.5 lakhs per year. One should have good communication skills and good vocabulary skills. A total of 16 subjects would be part of your syllabus of aviation. You will have a good salary ranging in lakhs. Air Hostess— INR 8-9 LPA   Airport manager— INR 8-12 LPA    Flight attendant— INR 5-7 LPA   Pilot— INR 15-20 LPA
6. Photography courses6 months to 1 year Students who have a very high affinity for photography can opt for this course. It is one of the core subjects of mass media and journalism. Wildlife, nature, Street, interior, model or certain branches of photography. Video editing, film production, editing, journalism. The salary is from INR 3 lakhs to 10,00,00 per annum
7. Visual arts course1 year – 4 years Students who have a strong affinity for visual arts can study various branches of it including finance, sculpting, ceramics, theatre, crafts, filmmaking, and VFX. One can also do a diploma in all these branches and also have a bachelor’s degree. The course duration varies from one course to another. Cartoonist, architect, art gallery director, historian, interior designer, tattoo artist, and landscape designer.

Diploma courses after class 10th

Generally, after a student passes class 10th, the main objective of looking out for a course is the advanced employment of the students to have a secure future at an early age. It is here that the diploma comes into play as it not only provides the student with knowledge but also a secure career at a very young age. For your convenience, we have extracted some of the popular diploma courses that a student can opt for after passing out class 10th:

 Diploma course nameCourse DurationCourse detailsCareer options
1. Diploma in engineeringThree yearsThese are the courses which deal with the polytechnic domains of engineering. They provide the students with prior knowledge of engineering and hence enhance their technical skills.BTech lateral entry, Engineering jobs that would take diploma as an eligibility criterion.
2. Ceramic technology Three yearsThe actual perimeter of this course is reading about ceramic materials, ceramic technologies and advancements in this field. The process of manufacture, materials used And their properties along with the designs of certain equipment using ceramic and their applications in various industrial fields are studied in detailBTech ceramic engineering, a ceramic engineer
3. Diploma in dentistry and dental healthTwo yearsIt deals with various studies about the dental parts, gives a slight idea about dentistry and tells us about the various structures and preventive measures about how to protect dental health.Dentist, dental surgeon, dental research scholar
4. Fashion TechnologyThree years Awareness about the field of fashion technology and its advancements. Students have to possess good creativity skills along with an innovative aptitude. Ideas should reflect through their work.Fashion designer, costume designer, stylist, bridal wear, dress designer, illustrator
5. Agricultural diplomaTwo yearsStudying the various soils, seeds, and plants and how to enrich farming techniques by using various methods of agricultural advancements is told here. B.Agri, agricultural engineering, agricultural research scholar.
6. Diploma in cyber security One yearAs we know that there are various malfunctions in the computer system, this course will help imbibe all the concepts related to the safety of various sites along with how to protect the computer and your data from various hackers and virus infections.Cyber security managers, Police and investigation departments, coder, Intelligence departments, ethical hacking
7. CosmetologyOne yearStudying various use of cosmetics and their manufacturing procedures, their details and their application is known as cosmetology. It is very effective after class 10th.Fashion stylist, cosmetic manager in top brands like Revlon, colour bar, Nykaa. An entrepreneur by having a salon business of yourself.

List of Polytechnic Courses After 10th

These are the courses that are split into both engineering as well as non-engineering domains. There are also parameters of management and fields related to computer science that enriches the students with practical application and knowledge regarding the same with a lot of industrial applications. As they are affordable and do not have a high cost, most people choose to continue with the polytechnic courses after class 10th. There are various branches including mechanical, civil, computer science, electrical, textile, marine, automobile, and civil in the diploma Polytechnic courses. The duration of such a course ranges from one year to 3 years. After you complete your diploma in three years you can get a chance to study in the engineering colleges from the second year via lateral entry examination. The various diploma courses after class 10th in the polytechnic domain are:

  1. Computer programming and cyber security diploma
  2. Petroleum engineering
  3. Diploma in business administration
  4. Diploma in Accounting
  5. Diploma in electrical engineering
  6. Diploma in textile engineering
  7. Marine engineering diploma
  8. Diploma in animation and design

List of Paramedical courses after class 10

It is the branch that is related to the health and medical sector. Not only does it provide good opportunities but also encourages youngsters to make a career in medical science. Students who are good at biology and have an affinity for the medical field can go for these courses. One can also continue their biology subject in class 12th and crack the medical entrance examinations to get into a medical college. Some of the paramedical courses are enlisted below:

  1. Diploma in nursing and assistance
  2. X-ray technician
  3. ECG technician
  4. Diploma in dentistry and dental health
  5. Diploma in radiology
  6. Diploma in pharmacy
  7. Rural health care

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After 10th IT and computer science technology Courses

In this branch, students after class 10 can get exposure to computer science and its concepts along with information technology. It is not only an intra as well as interpersonal development skill career but also a major backup for the students who love to do coding and make a career in computer science technology. Both theoretical, as well as industrial application, is provided in this course. Various courses that are provided in this option are listed below:

  1. Diploma in software application and management
  2. Diploma in cyber security
  3. Certificate course in hardware maintenance
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Diploma in graphic designing
  6. Learning programming languages

ITI courses after 10th

The industrial training Institute or ITI courses are the most desired career choice for the students of the class 10th standard. It is because it provides a wide range of industrial exposure and helps the students in having a lot of practical aptitudes. By attending various pieces of training and exploring both the technical fields as well as non-technical fields, they can specifically know about the various branches of engineering, science, and technology, fashion technology, jewellery making, etc. this kind of courses present for both the technical as well as the non-technical domains. Here the government trains and instils skills in you so that you can work for various industries and companies. Duration varies from 6 months to 2 years. With the help of ITI courses, one can be appointed in the PWD sectors also. Popular ITI courses are:

  1. hardware and networking management and maintenance
  2. Interior Designing
  3. Computer and programming operator
  4. Plumbing
  5. Fashion technology
  6. Sewing technology
  7. Digital photography

After the 10th Vocational courses

The general conventional way of going to class 12th and doing a graduate program is a common choice for everyone. Howsoever, trying something out of the box can be a miracle. Right after your class 10th, you can enrol yourself in various vocational courses. You will have both the diploma as well as an undergraduate certificate for the same. The most popular vocational courses range from food nutrition and dietetics, hospitality management, textile management, music design, occupational therapy, agriculture, and e-commerce.

Small job-oriented and certificate courses after class 10

It is not possible always that you come from a financially stable family. Here, these courses would not only provide you with stable employment but also enrich you with a decent salary and good skills. You can also have government jobs through these courses and as they are of short duration, they are very time-saving and effective. The various job-oriented courses are:

  1. Course in Stenography
  2. Animation certification
  3. Spoken English tutor
  4. Diploma in leather technology
  5. Certificate course in cosmetology
  6. Certificate course in mobile repairing
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