Covid 4th Wave Status, Peak Date, Experts View

Covid 4th Wave Status: As you know that the coronavirus has hit the world in 2019 in Wuhan, China. Within a year, it spread all over the world due to which a worldwide lockdown occurred. In the late months of 2021, the covid cases showed improvement i.e., the number of covid patients decreased but now it seems like the 4th wave of covid is ready to hit the country again. In India, till 27th April 2022, there were approximately 16 to 17,000 active cases in India. Around 2500 cases are coming every day in India for about a week. By looking at this chart, it is most likely that India will undergo the Fourth wave of Covid soon. The country is still recovering from 3rd wave and it will be very hard for the country to face the fourth wave. Through the article, we will inform you guys about the Covid 4th Wave Status, its peak date and other things.

Covid 4th Wave Status

Covid 4th Wave Status

It is advisable for all the citizens to complete their covid vaccination doses as soon as possible to stay safe from the coronavirus. It is noticed that the current wave is hitting the children hard more than the adults. The curve of covid cases has also started to bend upwards which is another indication of the fourth wave. All the citizens are advised to follow all the guidelines and take major precautions to reduce the number of cases to some extent. The Prime Minister of India also held a meeting with the CM of states on 27 April 2022 regarding the increasing cases of covid and asked them to take major precautions to control it. All the readers are advised to visit our website daily to get the latest updates on Coronavirus.

Covid 4th Wave Peak Date

Researchers have predicted that after the third wave of coronavirus, the fourth wave is ready to hit the world. As per the Researchers of IIT Kanpur, if the fourth wave will come in India it is most likely to last for 4 months approximately. As per the reports of a well-known newspaper, the curve of covid cases will be at its peak from 15 to 30 August 2022 and the wave will start hitting India around 12th June 2022. However, the prediction may change or gets wrong according to the variant of Covid, the number of people vaccinates, and the number of people who got their booster dose. Their prediction is most likely to be true as their prediction about the last wave was very close.

Expert’s View of the Covid 4th Wave Status

Dr.Gangakhedkar who is an ex-head scientist of ICMR told in an interview that he doesn’t think that the increasing number of cases in the country will lead to the fourth wave of covid. He also stated that due to decreased number in the covid cases previously, people became careless and didn’t use masks. Mask is very important to stay safe from coronavirus. The experts are not quite sure about the fourth wave as there are various components that can change the prediction in favour as well as against it. The experts are only advising the people of the country to wear masks everywhere they go and take precautionary measures to stay safe from them.

Expert’s View on the Prediction of Covid 4th Wave Peak Date

Most of the experts are yet to give their views on the prediction given by the researchers of IIT Kanpur but some of the experts have given their views on this prediction. Some experts said that the predictions of a fourth Covid wave are based on mathematical models which are overblown. He stated that no model can be accurate to make such a forecast related to coronavirus cases. Gautam Menon who is a maths modeller at Ashoka University said that it is impossible to predict the date of the wave. We can only be attentive and can collect data that will let us react against covid 19 quickly as well as effectively. Dr Lalit Kant said that said it’s not easy to convert a biological phenomenon into an accurate math formula when there are various unknown variables around the world that can affect the virus.

Precaution Required to Stay Safe From Covid

All the citizens are requested to take the following precautions to stay safe from the covid virus:

  • Wear the mask while going out of the house.
  • Maintain 2 feet distance from everyone.
  • Sanitize your hands from time to time.
  • Get vaccinated as it is one of the major precautions and reduces the risk of getting infected.
  • Avoid gathering with friends and family functions for some time.
  • Contact the covid helpline number if you are facing any symptoms. They will guide you properly.
  • Make sure to bathe or wash your hands, legs and face properly after coming home from outside.
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    • Yes you are right. Covid 4th wave will hit hard in India. But many companies in India are forcing employees inspite if the employees has covid also, especially IT companies in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, pune etc. First of all Online classes must restart again in schools, colleges. Work from Home must continue throughout India. Compulsory masks must intimate to Indian public.

    • Yes Everyone (particularly Students) would be dreaming from past few months to get India hit by 4th wave and have a covid outbreak soon and lockdown like situation so that they can regain/reexperience the moments they enjoyed during lockdown means timepass all over the day… without having much to do at home and enjoy to the fullest like they did during 1st,2nd and 3rd wave


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