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The UP government took the initiative to launch e-Kavach for the common people who can register themselves and can proceed with E Kavach login anytime they are in need. Under the guidance of the National Health Mission (NHA), the government took this initiative to exterminate Japanese encephalitis. The commoner can visit the website https://kavach.mail.gov.in/ (login portal) to get themselves logged into the e Kavach Portal. To process for E Kavach Login, people can also download the application from the Play Store.

Further details will be provided to you about the E Kavach Login and its authentication in this article. We thus suggest that if you are interested to get connected with this scheme and being part of this drive then read the complete article carefully.

E Kavach login
E Kavach login

E Kavach login

The initiative for the E Kavach login was done by the Uttar Pradesh Governing body to seek a solution and fight against the flavivirus-borne disease which is scientifically known as Japanese encephalitis (JE). The mosquito bite causes this and is very common in the Asia-Pacific region. The health workers of UP took this initiative to treat the viral disease. Commoners can log into the portal and enter the family details suffering from the diseases to make data in the data bank. The health worker can also upload disease information other than JE.

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To know how to get registered and log into the official portal and how this portal works, we suggest that our readers stay on this page and read the complete article until the end. If still, the readers are facing issues in logging in for the e-kavach online, we advise you to write their comments in the comment box and we will try to solve your problems as soon as we can.

e-Kavach Information: At a Glance

Name of the InitiativeE Kavach
Article Category Health
Date of Initiative4th August 2023
Initiated by Uttar Pradesh Government
Initiated under the Guidance of National Health Mission
Mode to LoginOnline
Other way to LoginThrough an App from Playstore (Kavach Authentication)
Release of Mobile Application10th July 2023
Disease associated Japanese encephalitis
Disease typeMosquito-borne flavivirus
Initiative taken for UP Health Workers
Official Portal https://ekavach-trg.upnrhm.gov.in/imtecho-ui/

How to Log in to the e Kavach Login Portal?

To enroll with the official portal, readers should read the steps for logging and getting registered with this portal. Here in this article, we have provided the step-wise process that interested people are supposed to do. To learn How to Log in to the e Kavach Login Portal, read the steps below.

  1. Search for https://ekavach-trg.upnrhm.gov.in/imtecho-ui/ in the Google search bar.
    login portal e kavach
  2. On the homepage, the login site will open.
  3. Click on Health Registration Form.
  4. A new form on the new webpage is opened.
    e kavach registration
  5. Enter the hospital and personal details like designation, hospital name, and NIN number. Click on the save button.
  6. The system will generate a username and password.
  7. Keep the username and password safe for future use.

E Kavach Forgot Password

It generally happens that people forget the passwords they used at the time of registration. Due to this, the portal gets locked and without the right password, it cannot be accessed. To overcome this, an option can be used to change the password. This is done by using the forgot password option. Know how it is done by reading the points mentioned below.

  • A new page will open by clicking on the forgot password, asking you for your email id or contact number or the answer to the security question you have used.
  • By answering the question or providing the details, a link to change the password is generated.
  • Please note readers, that by clicking on the link, or answering the question, access to change the password is given.
  • Using this access, the password can be changed.
  • This new password will open the applicant’s profile or page when logging in to the official portal.

e Kavach Application 2023

The government launched the e kavach application for mobile access. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. To download the app. readers are requested to read the points to download the e Kavach Application 2023 that are mentioned below.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store app. on your mobile phones.
  2. Search for e kavach app.
  3. Click on the Kavach Authentication with the NIC icon.
  4. Click on Install Button.
  5. A 20 MB file is ready to be installed on your device.
  6. To know about the application, read (About this app section).

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Why did E Kavach launch?

E kavach was launched for the UP Health workers to collaborate and collect the data of the patients and their family members. It was generally designed against Japanese encephalitis.

What is Japanese encephalitis?

Japanese encephalitis is a mosquito-borne disease. It is an incurable disease which affects the brain of the organism in which the virus enters. This disease was first seen in Japan, so the name Japanese encephalitis was given.

What are the symptoms of Japanese encephalitis?

Those suffering from Japanese encephalitis may suffer from headache, irritation, sudden fever, vomiting, and stiffness in the neck.

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