Essay on Cloud Computing for Students and Children in English

Essay on Cloud Computing: In this technologically advanced world where new inventions are taking place every day, cloud computing is the same advancement in the field of IT. In this complex and advanced world where new technology is evolving every day in a form of data. It is not easy for everyone to buy a new device daily to cope with the new and more data. So, the solution to that immense amount of data collection is the Cloud. In this article Essay on Cloud Computing, we are going to see some of the aspects of cloud computing. We are going to learn and understand cloud computing more briefly and deeply.

Essay on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is basically related to the IT industry and more appropriately to the internet and data. The Internet is a highly complex system of multiple components which works on data. The data is vast in amount and needs to be stored and for that, the term cloud computing comes into existence. A person with a limited component is unable to store the data to themself but with the same limited component, they are able to access the same data.

Essay On Cloud Computing
Essay On Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a complex concept to describe in simple words. In this article Essay on Cloud Computing, we will try our best to dissect this topic. So, even a student or a child can get a basic idea of cloud computing.

Short Essay on Cloud Computing (200+Words)

Every year multiple inventions and innovations take place but the true value of these inventions can only measure by their usefulness. One of the spectacular innovations of the 21st century is cloud computing. Cloud computing is an innovation which has changed the way of data works on the internet. It gave an edge to those systems that are fine by the processor but limited by the amount of data they can store.

Short Essay On Cloud Computing

In general, the best example of this is the android phone. A person who has ever used an android phone can relate to that. The android phone has driver options which allow people to store their excess data in the google cloud. Nowadays multiple phone companies provide their own cloud systems like Samsung, Google, and MI. It is a nice way to make your device free from excess data and use it to its full capacity.

As of now with the increasing population and the increasing data, the use of cloud computing will increase significantly. As is already known that the American phone manufacturing company Apple has recently unveiled its new iPhone 14 series. The unique feature of the iPhone 14 is that it doesn’t have any micro sd card slot. It is a pure indication of the increase in the use of cloud computing. Cloud Computing is a fabulous technology whose benefits are vast in number and still gonna improve in the future.

Long Essay on Cloud Computing (500+Words)

The best way to understand any concept is from those things which are close to us. In this case, the best example is the phone. We have seen that new phones are launching now and then but it is not easy for everyone to buy a new phone every month. As we already know that the phone has limitations regarding memory, though that memory can be increased by the use of an external memory card. As the matter of fact, mobile phones are only able to support a memory card up to a certain memory. Now if a user wants to store more data he/she needs to delete the previous data. It is not always possible to delete some important data for the new one.

Long Essay On Cloud Computing

In this scenario, a simple but highly effective technic came into existence and that is cloud computing. Cloud computing is basically a technology by which a user can upload excess data into a server and free up the space in their devices. The user can access the data just with limited components like an internet connection and an internet-supporting device.

Cloud computing basically works in a big organization in which multiple systems run simultaneously. All the systems will connect with each other and then with the main server which will act as the cloud for all the systems. Now if a person needs to use some information in the system he/she just needs to go to the server to access the information. In multi-million companies, the server is accessed by a supercomputer that has a large storage capacity and incredible processing power to deal with any kind of process.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

There are virtually a vast number of benefits of cloud computing from a point of view of a single person or a company. Cloud is basically the internet. It is full of the unlimited potential and cloud computing is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the benefits are as follows.

  • Any device which is capable of supporting the internet is capable of using the feature of cloud computing. It means a person can easily access their data with whichever device they have.
  • From a point of view of a company. If the company uploads its software to the cloud then it is much easier for them to use its software on multiple systems.
  • Somehow if the data of the person is in a system and the hardware of the system stops working. It might cause the loss of the whole data. In the same situation if the data is on the cloud and then any hardware of the person stops working. Still, the data of the person will be on the cloud and safe.
  • Generally, there is a certain limit regarding the data that can store in the cloud. A person can increase the data by paying for the extra space. Many companies provide this facility to help customers to use their cloud to store their data.


Cloud computing is one of the biggest achievements in the field of the IT sector and in general. It is a fact that how much amount of waste hardware has been saved by cloud computing. As if there was no cloud computing then people need to buy new devices here and there just to store their data. Though cloud computing is a great innovation still it pokes some holes regarding security as all the data is stored in a single place it sometimes gives the vibe of what happens if their hardware got busted. To clear these clouds of doubts these cloud companies already have backups of those data to avoid such kinds of scenarios. So, that data is quite safe and easy to use.


Why is cloud computing important?

Cloud computing is important to avoid unnecessary hardware waste and to use data which can be accessed virtually by any device from anywhere.

How many types of cloud computing are there?

There are basically four types of cloud computing which are:
1. Private Cloud
2. Public Cloud
3. Hybrid Cloud
4. Multi-Cloud

How cloud computing is beneficial in education?

Cloud computing is very beneficial in education as now instead of buying hard books students can directly download the book online. Now, the student can study without even a book. They just need the internet and they can access any educational website that has already updated all the information on their cloud.

Which are the companies that provide cloud computing in India?

There are multiple companies which provide cloud computing in India which are.
1. Tata Consultancy Services
2. Infosys
3. Wipro Limited
4. InstaCompute
5. Zenith InfoTech Limited
6. Cypher Cloud

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