Essay on E-Waste for Students and Children in English

Essay on E-Waste: In the modern world, we are surrounded by electronic items all the time. From walking up to sleep at night we are dependent on the numerous electronic facilities. Mobile phones, computers, and kitchen appliances have become a dire need of humans in recent times. If things are not working then we replace them with new ones. But have we ever thought about the waste we are creating out of this? That is called Electronics-waste or e-waste. E-waste has become one of the major concerns in the whole world. In this article, we are providing you with an Essay on E-Waste for Students and Children in English.

Essay on E-Waste

Essay on E-Waste

Before Writing an essay on e-waste, make all your points and basic concepts clear. Only then you will be able to deliver your message loud and clear. The facts used in the essay should be true and not fabricated. Also, try to elaborate on both the causes and solutions in your essay. Try to make it effective by using some recent examples. We have given here two sample essays on e-waste. Students can take help from the below essay in writing an effective and impressive essay on e-waste.

250+ Words Essay on E-Waste

E-waste is the electronic-waste which is created due to the dumping of many electronic items. With the increasing consumption of electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, and computers numerous products are being manufactured and getting discarded on a daily basis. The Internet and digitization of the world have led us all to a new danger for this planet namely E-Waste.

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As per a recent report, more than 6 billion people are using mobile phones currently. According to a prestigious newspaper article, 5.3 billion mobile phones will be dumped in the year 2022. The study shows that on average 74 pieces of electronic equipment are used in any house in European countries out of which 13 are discarded on a monthly basis. Can you imagine where this waste goes and what happened to them?

Some of the electronic equipment is made up of very dangerous chemicals like mercury, lead and polychlorinated biphenyls. They are manufactured with many poisonous gases. When the e-waste comes in contact with soil for a very long time then it can release dangerous chemicals into the soil which will further lead to soil pollution. These chemicals are also harming many oceanic lives. We can witness many cases in the newspaper regarding rescuing animals of e-waste triangulation.

We understand that the world is getting digitized and in the coming times, these devices will be an inseparable part of human’s daily life. But we also have to find a robust solution to this problem. Many companies still exist that work on recycling old waste which is a great solution. Also, we have to become more responsible towards it and make sure that we are not creating some unnecessary e-waste in the name of modernization.

Short Essay on E-Waste

In the modern world where the internet has made a human’s life simpler, on the other hand, the devices associated with have created a new challenge for the world called E-Waste. From Home to Office, everything is connected electronically and we don’t even realize how much we depend on these electronic devices. After the device is broken or not-working they are just thrown like any other waste. But how is it affecting our environment and us directly or indirectly? We don’t have any take on that.

The e-waste which is non-biodegradable in nature releases some harmful chemicals into the soil and in turn pollutes the underground water. It also has some severe effects on marine life. Many marine animals are dying due to harmful chemicals and the delicate oceanic seagrass is also getting affected. These things imbalance the environmental cycle and thus indirectly affect human life.

At present China is the largest producer of e-waste in the whole world which is followed by the US. India is the third-highest e-waste producer and produces around 3.23 million metric tonnes of e-waste on an annual basis. Many institutes and organizations emphasize the concepts of reuse and recycling. But as per the report, only 17.4% of e-waste is recycled. Some countries like Norway, Iceland, and Estonia are working towards this motto and have the highest e-waste recycling rates.

It is high time that we all should also be aware of this environmental threat and participate in making this environment e-waste free. We all have to take responsibility on an individual level to lessen e-waste in every possible way.


How to write an essay on e-waste?

Before Writing an essay on e-waste, make all your points and basic concepts clear. Only then you will be able to deliver your message loud and clear.

Who is the largest producer of e-waste in the world?

China is the largest producer of e-waste in the world.

What is India’s rank in terms of producing e-waste?

India comes at 3rd rank in terms of producing e-waste.

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