Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students

2nd of October, a day on which the birthday of the Father of the Nation is celebrated by the people of India and the world. Every year, we celebrate his birthday by participating in multiple activities to propagate his teaching through our actions. Let us read the Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students where more details on Mahatma Gandhi and his Jayanti are presented. These essays will help the students to write knowledgeable points and make them more informational and appealing.

Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students
Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students

300 Words Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students

Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi also named Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 in Porbandar located in the Gujarat State. In his earlier stage, he practised as a Lawyer, then he became part of Politics and Social Activist and started writing books. He assisted Indians and gave direction to them for the Independence of the Nation from colonial rule. His teachings in the freedom struggle helped most of the freedom fighters to participate in the decolonization process. He was a firm believer in Non-violence and stuck to his ideology in the freedom struggle. Because of these ideologies, he was named as “Mahatma” or “Father of Nation”. Gandhi quote 1

Mahatma Gandhi has played a crucial role in Indian Independence. Because of his incredible work for the nation, his birthday is celebrated as the Gandhi Jayanti. On every 2nd of October, a gazetted holiday is declared where people give homage to the legend by recalling his teachings and adhering to them through their actions. This day is celebrated as a festival that is started by cleaning our cities, and listening to his favourite bhajan “Raghupati Raghav Rajaram”. Students make this day commendable by presenting the various activities. Political parties and renowned citizens of India visit the Raj Ghat, a place where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated to present their admiration for Bappu.

Mahatma Gandhi will always remain in our hearts and his teachings will always be followed. He has led our nation in a prosperous direction. His contribution to the freedom struggle, the building of the nation, and leading a life to inspire the younger generation will be appreciated. His birthday reminds us of making our country proud by participating in nation-building activities.

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200 Words Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students

The 2nd of October is celebrated as the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. He is also named Bapu who worked for the freedom struggle of the Indian State. He is one of the most celebrated and followed figures of our country. His no-violence ideology, self-sufficiency, peaceful protest, civil disobedience, and many more have remained in our minds from generation to generation. His unforgettable contribution to the freedom struggle has led us to an independent country. To celebrate his birthday, our government has declared this day as Gandhi Jayanti.

Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. All the citizens of India participate in the celebration and organize various activities to remember the “Father of Nation” and his teachings. On this day, people like to clean their surroundings in groups and enjoy it. This day is declared as a national holiday for the country. Citizens also like to wear khadi on this day and present their admiration by learning his principles. Students make drawings, present dances and shows in school, and learn about him. Bapu will always be memorable in the lives of Indian citizens.

10 Interesting Key Points on Gandhi Jayanti

Students can read the interesting points that are related to the most important day i.e. Gandhi Jayanti. These points will give more insights into the topic.

  1. Gandhi Jayanti is also honoured as International Day of Non-Violence Day.
  2. The intoxicating liquor and meat counters remained closed to follow his teachings.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi received homage in the Raj Ghat Memorial by political parties and the citizens of Bharat.
  4. “Ranghupati Raghav Raja Ram” is one of the favourite bhajans of the nation of the Father.
  5. 2nd October is the gazetted holiday in India.
  6. On Gandhi Jayanti, people clean their surroundings and teach other people about the importance of cleanliness.
  7. Gandhi’s Khadi is also promoted on this day. It teaches us to celebrate our culture and make it part of our life.
  8. 2nd October is also celebrated as the birthday of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Former Prime Minister of India.

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FAQs Related to Essay On Gandhi Jayanti for Children & Students

What is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat.

What are the important teachings of Mahatma Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi was a firm believer in non-violence and promoted indigenous products and the concept of cleanliness.

Where do the people give homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his Jayanti?

Mahatma Gandhi received homage in Raj Ghat, Delhi by the citizens of India.

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