Essay On My Best Friend for Students and Children; 500+ Words Essay

Essay On My Best Friend: There are many ways of approaching an Essay On My Best Friend but nothing beats the one written with pure feelings. To leave an emotional impact on your best friend the Essay must be something that relates to both of you. Through this article, we are going to discuss Essay Structures and Formats in 500+ words. This will help you strike a perfect balance between well-written sentences and richness in emotional feelings. We are here to help you to Essay On My Best Friend. With this article, you will find the correct words and structure to put into your essay. So if you are willing to write one then keep on reading this article.

Essay On My Best Friend

For students and children, the Essay On My Best Friend starts with a basic introduction about your best friend: his/her name, then describe their qualities and their relationship with you. Below we will provide samples of Essay On Best Friend For Students and Children with such formats. We will also discuss the things you have to keep in mind while writing an essay on your best friend. We have shared a sample below so make sure to check that out.

Essay On My Best Friend

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing the Essay

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while writing an essay on your best friend. Below we are providing a list of such things.

  • Always keep the essay short and impactful.
  • Try to include instances that have happened between you two as friends in the essay.
  • Since it is an essay on best friends, you can write funny things but make sure they are not disrespectful.
  • You can use some friendship quotes in the essay as well.
  • Be clear with what you are trying to convey and do not use confusing sentences.
  • Try to write sentences in such a way that your best friend is able to resonate with what you are writing
  • Mention mostly only the good qualities of your best friend.

Essay On My Best Friend for Students and Children

Here we have broken down the essay into sub-heading for your better understanding, however, while writing an essay you can ignore putting a heading. Take the following 500+ Words Essay on My Best Friend as a sample for your essay writing.


I have come across many people in my life so far but only one of them left a positive impact on my life and his/her name is (your friend’s name). He/She has been with me all of my ups and downs and always motivated me to do better than I can. The most beautiful moments of my life I can recall are spent with him/her and I thank god every day that he has blessed me with the best friend one could ask for, he/she is a gift for me that keeps on giving.


I vividly remember the time I first met (your best friend’s name) I had just joined a new school and was scared about how things will turn out there but he was there to comfort me in tough times. Since that day our friendship has only grown stronger and stronger. There is a strange connection between us that is inexplicable. We are both fond of similar things and hate similar things as well. However, we do disagree with each other many times but the mutual respect we have for each other never lets that affect our friendship even one bit.

The best quality of (your best friend’s name) is his kindness that wins me every time. He/She always has a sense of empathy for others without any selfish purposes. He/She is of a very helpful nature too, from studies to sports he/she is always there for me when I need him/her. His/Her mere presence assures me that everything wrong with my life will be all right soon. He/She has also taught me how to raise my voice against wrong and to this day he/she inspires me to be a better person.

It is funny how I spend almost half of my time with him/her. I never feel bored or annoyed, his/her company gives me an immense amount of joy. I never feel so comfortable and free with anyone else. He/She has always been more intelligent academically, and more prominent in sports than me. Somehow he/she never let me feel that way ever. I am genuinely the luckiest persona in this world to have (your friend’s name) as my best friend.


I just feel super glad to have met someone like (your best friend’s name) in my life. I cherish every moment I have spent with him/her and just wish him all the happiness in the world. My only hope is that with time our bond only gets stronger. Nothing in the future is powerful enough to let it be weak even one bit. His/Her smile keeps brightening my day for the rest of the day of my life. We both keep pushing each other to bring out the best in both of us. We never let our egos come in between our friendship. Hence, there is never an end to our friendship just like our daily jokes with each other.


How to start an essay on my best friend?

Start the essay with a normal introduction, write his/her name and describe him/her briefly and what their friendship means to you.

Can we write the bad qualities of a best friend in my best friend essay?

If possible try to avoid writing about the bad qualities of your best friend in the essay. However, if you mean to use them in a humourous manner that will not offend them then you can write them smartly.

How long should be my essay for my best friend?

The essay should be at least 500+ words that cover all the things you want to say about your best friend, do not make it too long that it becomes boring after a point of time.

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