Essay on My Vision for India in 2047 for Class 9, 10

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047: Students often get homework as essays or projects on various topics during their school time. Today we are providing you with the points on “Essay On My Vision For India in 2047”. You can take help from the essay samples discussed below. We have given the essays of different words length with detailed points. Also, find the important points summarized at the end for your easy understanding. Students can get an idea of how and which points should be covered in the essay to make it more effective and impressive.

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

Before writing an essay entitled ”My Vision for India in 2047″, make a list of basic points to be covered in your head. For example, Poverty, Unemployment, Growth, Defence, etc. Now think about the problems you want to be removed from the country and their solutions. Also, write about the growing sectors and the achievements you want to see in the year 2047. Include some real-life examples and valid data to make your essay more attractive. You can take factual information from official news articles for some particular points.

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300+ Words Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

In today’s time, India is taking the lead in many sectors, be it space, defence, technology or any international platform. In the next 25 years, India will complete its 100 years of independence. Any country’s growth is seen through the lens of its last 15 years. From facing the 1991 economic crisis to becoming the 5th largest economy in the world, India has come a long way. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has set a goal of making India a developed country in the next 25 years. This Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav will change the face of India completely.

In 2047, I see India as one of the leading nations in every aspect. Poverty will be eliminated and no person will suffer to complete his basic living needs. The Unemployment rate will be so low and there will be a proper employment registration system in the country. Basic needs like education and Hospitals will be affordable and easily accessible to all citizens. India will be exploring space and many other evolving technologies.

As per the Global Innovation Index (GII) Ranking 2021, India stands at 46th position in the IT sector. In the next 25 years, I see India leading the IT sector with its innovative minds. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies which have recently set foot in India, will become a part of daily life.

The cleanliness and proper sanitation in India, which is a major issue in today’s time will be solved and people will be more aware and participate in making the country clean. The Swatch Bharat Abhiyan will be a successful initiative. Also, in terms of pollution, from being the most polluted city (Delhi) I want India to become the nation of the cleanest cities. In 2047, I see the Indian economy grow further and the Indian market will expand even more. The GDP and per capita income will be improved and the India which was once called the bird of gold will once again become a wealthy nation.

500+ Words Essay Sample For My Vision for India in 2047

In 2047, India will complete 100 years of its independence from the Britishers. The next 25 years which is also termed Azadi ka Amrit Kaal by the govt will decide the future of India. Govt has come up with many policies to make India a developed and self-reliant nation till 2047. India is already excelling in many fields such as Sports, Technology, Space, Defence and many Foreign Policies. In 2047, I see India leading the world’s top platforms and contributing to the world’s important decisions.

After 100 years of independence, I want the roads to be clean and the traffic to be managed systematically. Where people follow all the road and traffic rules to contribute to the management and not only to escape heavy fines. Also, the pollution level should be under control and manageable. The electrical or CNG vehicle will be more in use. Our national policies will be more environmentally friendly and our nation will work towards achieving all 17 sustainable development goals. Children will get a good education, good food and a friendly environment for their four-faced development.

In 2047, Farming which is called the backbone of India will be progressive and India will become the largest exporter of wheat and pulses. Indian tea and coffee which are still favourite products of the international market will be ranked at number 1. I want an India, where agriculture will be equally important to Technology. India is a growing nation in the field of Space and Technology and has shown tremendous growth in the past few years through aspiring projects such as the Mangalyaan Mission. In 2047, I want India to achieve all the aspiring goals in the field of Space and to come off with flying colours.

In the defence field, India is the second-largest army after china and has the third-largest defence budget in the world. Envisioning India in 2047, I see it at the top of all the defence rankings with all the latest technology types of equipment. Also, I see the world believing in peace and secularism. No war happening at borders and every country living with peace and serenity.

Women will be more empowered and self-dependent in India. I see India, where every single woman is safe at night and no rape, dowry harassment or assault cases should be there. Women will be taking the lead in every field and the double standard patriarchal postulates will be eliminated from society. The Job positions will be decided on the basis of qualifications and not on the basis of gender or categories.

I want the Indian economy to grow further and become the largest economy in the world by 2047. At present, India has a $ 2.66 trillion GDP in 2022 which is expected to grow further at the end of the year. As per the CII, India is expected to be a 35-45 trillion economy in 2047. The per capita income will also improve hence poverty will be diminished. People will be self-reliant and the govt will fund the development projects of the country more.

I want my India to grow and also for the people residing in it, to live with happiness and brotherhood. The people will be known as Indians without being called for a particular religion. The core Indian culture will be alive and be passed on to the next generation.

Important Points

  • India will complete 100 years of independence from Britisher colonial rule in 2047. So, this year marks significant importance in terms of growth and progress.
  • India has come a long way from being a poor country to the world’s fifth-largest economy.
  • India has shown tremendous growth in the past few years and the world is finally admitting the economical and geological importance of the country in terms of the market, technology and growth in every field.
  • In the next 25 years, India is aiming towards becoming a developed nation by progressing in technology and enhancing its economy.
  • Many govt schemes have been released for ‘Azadi ka Amrit Kaal’ for the next 25 years with a long-term goal of 2047.
  • India is expected to be in the world’s top two economies in 2047.
  • I see India leading at various world forums and keeping its importance in important decisions.
  • I envision India as a poverty-free and unemployment-free nation.
  • In 2047, I want India to be a nation where women have been given equal rights.


How can I make the essay on My Vision for India in 2047 more impressive?

To make the essay on My Vision for India in 2047 more impressive, use some real-life examples and valid factual data from the official govt websites.

What are the various points to keep in mind while writing an essay on My Vision for India in 2047?

Before writing an essay on ”My Vision for India in 2047″, make a list of basic points to be covered on a rough page. For eg. Poverty, Unemployment, Growth, Defence, etc. Now write about the changes you want in these fields in 2047.

Why is 2047 an important year for India?

India is completing its 100 years of independence in 2047. That is why it is a significant year to see and check the growth of India.

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