Essay on Pollution for Students and Children

Essay on Pollution: Pollution is one of the major problems of our world and writing an essay on it can be tricky for sure. You have to write an informative and compelling essay that leaves a profound impact on the reader. For writing an essay on pollution one has to first research properly about different types of pollution that are prevalent in the world and then prepare an essay on it with limited words. To make the take of writing an essay on pollution for students and children we are providing them with this article. We will mention the correct set of words in the correct structure to give you some insights into preparing your essay.

Essay on Pollution

The essay on pollution must make the readers aware of the harmful effects of Pollution in every way. So you have to make this clear from the introductory paragraph itself. You have to define pollution and its negative impact on the world at the beginning. Afterwards, the types of pollution and their harmful effects separately, and finally the ways to reduce the pollution. Below we are providing you with a sample of such an essay. You can go through it and prepare your pollution essay accordingly.

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Essay on Pollution

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing the Essay

There are certain things you must take care of while writing a pollution essay. The list is given below, you can go through it and use it to make your essay better.

  • Make sure you gather all the information about pollution and its types before writing
  • To make your essay more impactful you can use relevant data about pollution as well.
  • Take care of the length of your essay. Do not cram in so many unnecessary details that the essay loses its impact.
  • Make the introductory and conclusion part of your essay short and impactful. This help to grab the attention of the reader and leave a lasting impression on them.
  • End your essay on a rather optimistic note after making people aware of the harmful effects.

Pollution Essay For Students and Children

Introduction: With the day-by-day advancement of technology pollution in the world has also increased significantly. It is a failure on our side that we are not making enough efforts to prevent our planet from pollution. Evidently, humans and things made by them are the major cause of pollution and it will only increase till we take some significant steps. But with the current scenario of human ignorance, it seems a humungous task to save our beloved planet and its people from the threat of pollution.

Types of Pollution and their Harmful Effects

Pollution can be seen and felt everywhere in our world. But the three vital parts of our livelihood are majorly affected by it: Air, Land, and Water. Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, and Water Pollution have been on a great rise over the last few years. All three types of pollution affect humans along with plants and animals. Pollution in soil due to excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides makes the food we and animals eat unhealthily. The release of toxic substances in the air causing air pollution is the cause of many respiratory diseases. Water Pollution because of toxic substances released into the water bodies proves deadly for aquatic animals and adversely affects drinking water as well.

Ways to Reduce Pollution

Humans need to take some major steps to reduce pollution. There should be a limit on the use of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers imposed by the government. People should use public transport and cycles as much as they can and completely avoid burning plastics to reduce air pollution. Factories should find other ways of decomposing or recycling the waste they produce instead of releasing them into the water bodies. Industries must use a disintegration process for the toxic gases instead of directly releasing them into the air through chimneys.


In the end, it is the humans who are capable of saving themselves and this planet from pollution. If we keep staying ignorant for longer things will only get worse. To make our own lives better it is high time we as a collective make some major changes in our own lifestyle for the betterment of the planet. Things will not change in one day and if we start making efforts today then they will surely change one day.


How long should my essay be for pollution?

The essay should be close to 500 words.

How to start the essay on pollution?

To start the essay on pollution give a brief about pollution and its harmful effects.

What should be the tone of my pollution essay?

Since your essay must be impactful the tone should be informative and powerful, but make sure to not be too aggressive and pessimistic.

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