Essay on Power Of Youth in English for Students and Children

Essay on Power Of Youth in English: Youth is a time period of someone’s life when someone is full of energy, passion, life etc. The youth is the phase when the mind is sharp and the body is masculine and the person is determined. If you considered youth in a context of a country, India is considered one of the youngest countries in the world. Though India is the world’s second most populated country still, it has the youngest population in the world. In this article Essay on Power Of Youth in English, we are going to know more about the power of youth.

Essay on Power Of Youth in English

It is difficult to define youth exactly in words as youth can be different for everyone. In general, youth is about warm blood and dedication to be successful and achieve greatness in life. The progress of the nation highly depends on the soldiers of its youth. Youth is the ones whose decision matter in building or destroying the future of the nation.

A child when born is always taken care of and protected by the shield of the family. Youth is that phase when that small kid ends up becoming young and big enough that he/she is able to take care of themself. In this Essay on Power Of Youth in English article, we are going to understand more about the power of Youth. We have divided this article into two sections. One section contains a short essay and the other contains a long essay on the power of youth. We hope that the reader will learn something new from this essay.

Short Essay on Power Of Youth (150+ Words)

Youth is the group of people who are young enough to leave the safety of their houses and ready to take the first step on their own. It is difficult to summarise youth in an age group as the young generation is far more mature in many cases. In my opinion, youth has unimaginable potential but they are only stopped by their own lack of self-belief. Being the youngest generation of any nation is the stress on its own.

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Here are some people who took that stress and ended up in the glorious history book of this nation. Some great people like Olympic Gold medalists Neeraj Chopra, Abhinav Bindra, Mirabai Chanu etc are the youth of this generation of solid goals. Mary Kom who became a multiple-time world champion even after becoming a mother shows the power of youth. It is not only about the young body it is about the willpower of a person that makes a difference.

The power of youth is not about just doing something great. It is about showing the potential that a person needs to achieve something. It is about doing the things which are important and showing courage. A youth with the wrong motivation and wrong direction is against the nation. A youth with the right motivation and right direction is for the benefit of the nation. So, it is important to understand that the youth are just the untapped potential which requires the right direction.

Long Essay on Power Of Youth (500+ Words)

In the building of any country, the main role is played by its young generation. In any field from sports to education to politics youth are the ones who is ruling the nations. Youth are considered the energy of the nation and healthy youth is the symbol of a healthy nation. There are multiple people in the history of India who has done some remarkable work. These people have shown us that the youth can achieve everything if they believe in themself.

Long Essay On Power Of Youth

If you considered youth from the time of independent struggle. There are some names everyone will remember like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, and Chandra Shekhar Azad. These are those people who believe that dying for the sake of the country is much more respectable than living for it. Still, after so many years if someone wants to inspire someone then the best example they can give to anyone are these people.

If you considered sports India had produced some great sports personality who has proved themself in their fields. P.T Usha, Milkha Singh, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi etc are just the name of a few. You can say that youth can achieve anything if they put their brain and muscle into a single target. It doesn’t matter if that is the field of sports, academics or the freedom struggle, Indian youth have proved themselves again and again in every field.

Power of Youth: Qualities

So far it is easily understandable that the youth is the one who is nation-builder and they are the hope of future India. As youth is full of energy and enthusiasm, we can compare youth with a river which is coming out of its origin. A river which has a strong flow with immense power at its disposal to shake the old stubborn rock from its path. We can put the young river and the power of youth in the same parameter. Youth who are on the right path with the right mindset is a gem for the nation. If the same youth is on the wrong path with the wrong mindset is a curse for the nation.

Power of Youth: Nation Building

A country is run by its people not just by its policies alone. It is the people who make a nation into a nation, not just the policies. In a country whose population is young, determined, and believes in their own potential. There is no one who has the power to stop that country to achieve success. The time of youth is that crucial point in the life of the person as the future of the nation depends on it. A youth who ends up consuming all their energy, enthusiasm, and time in the bad habit of drinking, smoking, and other things etc. They are the ones who gonna ruin the future of themself as well as of the nation.


India is one of those countries that have a bright future in the world as it is full of young blood and enthusiasm. All nations all around the world are already aware of the potential of the Indian youth. The new regime of the BJP government which has supported the youth to do startups shows the belief of the government in its youth. As of now, India is on its path to becoming one of the biggest economies in the world.


What is the role of youth in society?

The youth play an important role in society. The youth is the one who has the potential and knowledge to deal with future problems. They have to solve future troubles and lead this nation toward greatness.

What are the qualities a youth may have to be successful in life?

There are certain qualities a youth should have to be successful in life like:-
1. Discipline
2. Time Management
3. Know Suitable Skills
4. Positive Attitude
5. Optimistic
6. Like to Read books
We can add as much as we want but youth should have at least these qualities to have a successful life.

Who is the future of any country?

The Kids and the youth of that country are the real future of that country. The current young generation who gonna makes this era of the country better by finding a new path to success. The Kids gonna make the next era great through hard work, skills, and futuristic vision.

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