Essay on Robotics for Students and Children in English

Essay on Robotics for Students: Not a single day passes without innovation and inventions in this 21st century. Daily we hear something new in the market more advanced and technological than previous products. In our daily lives, from our breakfast to our sleep at night, we have enough gadgets for every event. For example, refrigerators in kitchens, mobile phones for communication, automobiles for transport, television for entertainment, and many more. Well, this is all about just gadgets, did you ever imagine machines that behave like humans? Such machines act and behave like humans, mechanical and technological known as robots. Here we have gathered relevant information in the form of an Essay on Robotics for Students and Children in English.

Essay on Robotics for Students

A robot performs tasks mechanically and technologically under the supervision of humans. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is considered the future of this world. In every field for every work, we can make robots. For example, first, humans used to perform heavy tasks under construction, but today the heavy work is replaced by big machines like cranes and loaders. The robot is often seen as a status of the developing world and highly advanced and technological world. But due to this advancement are humans becoming lazy, do really depending on machines humans are losing employment? Check Essay on Robotics for Students and Children in English for more details on this topic.

Essay on Robotics for Students and Children in English

What Are Robotics?

The “Robots” was first introduced by George C. Devol in the 1950s. Robots were invented to ease the work of humans. With the help of artificial intelligence, machines can perform work more smartly and authentically. Robots are generally a metal body replica of a human, in which machines, effectors, algorithms, and other devices are set to perform work. The work performance and accuracy of the tasks performed by the robots are comparatively higher than humans. But not in all cases they have good work intensity. Due to errors in their system sometimes, they often create problems Don’t be surprised if you hear that in the future the world will have robots and humans together because this is reality.

Tips To Write Essay On Robotics

However, robotics is one of the most famous topics, children and students receive for speech, debates, and essays. Here, you have been provided with a few tips on how you can write an essay on robotics.

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  1. Firstly, tell how the modern world is getting influenced by artificial intelligence.
  2. Mention why and how the robots were invented.
  3. Tell the role of the robots in this world, their work, and their features.
  4. You can also mention the robot’s work and its future with humans on the basis of analysis.
  5. At last, as per your views, you can write a conclusion that shifting towards artificial intelligence is good or bad.

Long Essay On Robotics For Students

Whenever we hear something about robots, a metal-human body emerges in our heads. In the old days, human work was generally tough in some fields. To ease their lifestyle, humans created machines to perform tough work. But since the process began, it is still continuing and today almost every work, we have machines. From the entry gate of our house to the washroom, bedroom, and kitchen, everything is modernized. Robots were created to reduce the workload of humans, especially in field work like industries, construction, and manufacturing.

Robots completely behave like humans except for their feelings and their own thinking. The Robots perform work by the PC programs or the electronic hardware inserted in them. They do work on the human’s command for the humans. They generally intended to look like people, but not all robots look like people. Robots and machines are created on the basis of work and the body that will suit the work. A single robot behaves as an automaton that can perform a variety of tasks.

Robots are not really like those which are shown in movies, machines are around us and so do the robots. It is not specifically prescribed that the robots will be always humanoid. No, the robots were made to look like humans because such body fascinates humans. Robots are seen as artificial intelligence but it’s true they can’t replace human intelligence. Humans have created robots for their work, but robots can never create humans. The superiority of human intelligence in this world is appreciable, artificial intelligence is good, but we can never defeat nature, which is almighty on this planet.

Benefits And Uses Of Robots

The robot’s work has always been praised by its manufacturers. Good accessibility and accuracy with easy functioning are some of the top reasons why robots are recommended for heavy work more than humans. The following points will help you to analyze the benefits of the work done by artificial intelligence and robots.

  1. The robots can perform work in tough circumstances and remote places where humans can’t reach themselves.
  2. Robots work more efficiently, smartly, accurately, and faster than people.
  3. The most exotic feature of robots is that they work according to humans will on their commands.
  4. Unlike humans, robots can work tirelessly, without getting bored by performing a single work again and again.
  5. Robots can cooperate with humans through their artificial intelligence in calculations, surgeries, securities etc field to accommodate accurate and efficient work.

Disadvantages of Robots

It’s true robots have helped humans a lot but through the following points, we will intimate you of their disadvantages too. Also, in the last paragraph of this article, we have provided you with the conclusion about artificial intelligence.

  1. Robots have taken place of most human work, which has really created unemployment among people.
  2. They work tirelessly but only when provided constant power supply, a small disruption in their system can create severe problems for the work.
  3. Robots work on their system, thus they are restricted to their programming and limited tasks.
  4. Their manufacturing and system costs are generally expensive, thus making them less affordable to average-class humans.
  5. Lastly, and most importantly, they have no emotions, they can be a good worker, but never good companions.

Short Essay On Robotics For Students

With the advancement of future technology and modernization in this world, the human race is moving forward every day. In this era, we are occupied by machines around us. Our vehicles, cell phones, machines, and home gadgets all are examples of machines, but they are also robots. Robots are not only limited to a specific humanoid body, their body is made for work convenience. The use of machines in human work has made us perform our work more accurately.

Switching the tough manual work to artificial intelligence has a strong reason and i.e, ease for humans. Robots are a structure in which programs, hardware, software and effectors etc are inserted to make them work. They usually work on artificial intelligence on manual commands. Without getting tired, they can perform any work repetitively and accurately, thus making them one of the best workers. This advancement is good, but due to this humans have lost various jobs and employment. They have quite expensive and thus cannot be afforded by all.

Robots are enough good but still, they are machines. The devices inserted in them such as lasers and electromagnets can hurt humans. A single malfunction in their system can lead to serious injuries to the human around them. Thus, they should be handled with care and cautiously to perform work accurately.

Conclusion Of Essay On Robotics For Students And Children

Even being humanoid, robots don’t behave like us. They don’t have emotions and feelings thus they can’t be a good companion to humans. Their advancement and artificial intelligence are appreciable but they cannot compete with human intelligence because humans have created them. Robots can’t create or control humans, thus still making humans superior to them. But it’s not always about surpassing others to show yourself superior, if humans and artificial intelligence will work together, then we will surely make a happy world around us.


What are a few tips to write an essay on Robotics for children?

Children can keep the following points in their mind while writing essays on Robotics topics.
i. Start with your essay with a brief description of robots.
ii. Explain how they work and the systems on which they perform them.
iii. Mention the advantages and disadvantages humans are facing.
iv. At last, analyze and conclude your essay with strong points on how humans and robots can work together.

Can robotic intelligence replace humans’ intelligence?

No, robots work on artificial intelligence which can never surpass human intelligence because we have created them. Although they will become an integral part of our life, they can never command humans, they will always work for humans until they become superior and highly advanced to control their functions by themselves.

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