Essay on Save Trees for Students and Children

Essay on Save Trees: Here in this article, we are focusing on how we can save trees. Because we are cutting trees rapidly, as a result of which the entire globe is going through i.e. changes in weather, which can be solved by saving trees. This article will help you learn the technique of writing an Essay on Save Trees for your competitions and homework. If there is life somewhere in the entire universe, it is only on Earth which is balanced by trees. It provides us with oxygen to breathe, without which no one can survive.

In addition, our food and shelter come from trees. In all, if we see, directly or indirectly, we are getting everything from trees. We are also focussing on making you aware to save trees by telling you how important trees are and how they benefit us. Followed by what measures can be taken to save trees.

Essay on Save Trees for Students and Children

Reading further will benefit you with the Essay on Save Trees for Students and Children, in addition to this you can pick the points and phrases you like for your essay to be the best among your fellow students or competitors. Here we have tried to give you the essays in different sections, with a word limit of 500, 200, and 10-line essays (especially for students of classes 1,2 and 3). Hope you find the best from our essays. Enjoy your reading.

Essay on Save Trees

Sample Essay on Save Trees (500+ Words)

No life would be possible without trees. Earth is balanced with different seasons, like summers, winters and rainy seasons, it is only possible because of the trees we have on Earth. Other than beautifying and purifying nature, the tree gives us oxygen in abundance, fruits and vegetables for animals and for us. We also get timber from trees which are used to make our houses comfortable. When it is very cold, we burn the wood we get from trees, to give us warmth and protect us from the cold.

Thus, we can say that we are blessed to have trees around us. But are trees blessed to have us around? The answer would be no, trees are not blessed to have us around them. When we say that trees are not blessed, it is because, after getting everything for our survival from trees, in return, we are just cutting down trees for monetary profits. We are not letting them survive. For our selfish motives, we have lost uncountable trees till now.

Other than benefitting us, trees are great blessings for Earth too. It provides balance to the ecosystem, maintains the water level on Earth by cloud formation, prevents soil erosion, refreshes air, gives shelter to animals, and prevents flood. It is home to many animals and birds also. It is the best source of medicines and herbs. Leaves, bark, flower, bud and roots of many trees have cured many deadly diseases by working effectively against bacteria. Having trees is a boon to humankind.

Today, because we are cutting trees every now and then, it has affected us with many universal problems like,

  • Deforestation
  • Attacks of animals
  • Soil erosion
  • Floods
  • Global Warming
  • Melting of glaciers
  • Rapid temperature changes
  • Rapid season change

To stop all these problems, it is important to come together and work towards one motive to save trees. By saving trees, we can initiate in two ways, individual efforts and collective efforts. In individual efforts, we must plant trees, in our houses and near our locality. We should water plants every day, even watering plants which are in the locality around us should be watered. In collective efforts, we can get ourselves enrolled on various projects and schemes-

  • Campaigns to initiate afforestation
  • Preventing forest fires
  • Using wood, paper, etc judiciously
  • Planting more trees in colleges, and schools in different events
  • Gifting plants to guests who attend events at schools and universities

We can get ourselves enrolled in these programs to participate in saving mother earth by saving trees. We can also initiate saving trees by joining NGOs. The government has also initiated many different projects like – Go Green Go Clean, Mission Plantation, ‘Sankalp Parva’, Tree Park, Daivivan, Chinnara Vana Darshana Scheme, etc.

In conclusion, plants clean nature and the environment, and it protects us from pollution. It has become the reason for the formation of the ozone layer covering the Earth if there are so many advantages of having trees. Then let us come together in saving trees and mother earth for us and our future generations.

Short Essay on Save Trees for Students and Children (250+ Words)

The Save trees, Save Earth slogan, is used nowadays because we are facing many environmental problems. We are cutting the complete forest nowadays, for multiple benefits like constructing buildings, houses, flats, roads, malls etc. With the increase in population and needs of the people, it is very convenient for us to cut down trees. But we are forgetting that only trees are the one who is responsible for our survival on Earth.

If there are no trees, our life won’t be possible. We get all the things from trees which are necessary for us. Trees give us oxygen and in return take CO2 from us, they maintain water on Earth by cloud formation. We get timber, to construct houses and burn them at a time of need. Trees also provide us with, food, fruits, vegetables, medicines, etc.

Cutting down trees is resulting in some serious problems like global warming, deforestation, soil erosion, change in Earth’s temperature, forest fires, floods etc. To all these problems, we must plant more and more trees in our houses and in our society. We can also get enrolled on government programs to make sure that every individual plant’s trees by giving them free saplings and making them understand the importance and value of trees.

In conclusion, trees have been our best friend. It has always given us everything we need for our survival, but never demanded anything in return. It is our moral duty to save trees as it has proven to benefit us all the time. In order to save trees, and save the earth, let us come together and pledge, that we will never cut trees, and plant more and more trees.

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10 Lines on Save Trees

This Essay on Save Trees will be beneficial to the students of classes 1-2. This is the time when we can make our children understand how these small efforts can bring us a big difference.

  1. Trees are considered breathing lungs for the earth as it balances the temperature and seasons on Earth.
  2. It helps in the maintaining water level on earth by forming clouds and keeping the temperature cool for everyone to survive.
  3. Trees consume carbon dioxide and give us oxygen for our survival. Carbon dioxide released by vehicles and people causes heat on land whereas, oxygen keeps the land cool, by consuming carbon dioxide.
  4. We get food, fruits, medicine, vegetables, timber, cotton, gums, etc from trees which are used for our survival and well-being.
  5. It also helps in maintaining the ecosystem.
  6. Trees are resourceful to us because we get paper made from wood, we get medicines, made from leaves, bark, fruits, flowers, etc.
  7. Plants and trees provide beautification of the earth.
  8. Trees help us in decreasing pollution, created by the vehicles we use, factories we work in, and devices we use. It also prevents problems like – soil erosion, floods, Deforestation, global warming, and melting of glaciers
  9. Climate change has become a major concern nowadays, which can only be solved by planting more and more trees.
  10. If we want ourselves and our future generation to lead a good life, then we have to plant more and more trees and stop this cutting of trees by making people more aware, because a wise man once said, “Save Trees, Save Earth, Save Lives”.

Hope, this article on Save trees, will help you in the best way possible. Thank you and have a great day ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the keywords while writing an essay about trees?

While you are writing an Essay on Save Trees, always try to show the value and importance of trees, you can also tell the key role it plays in our environment. Must include words like Oxygen, fruits, Wood, etc and why you use them. Elaborate on your points in a well-defined manner. You can also mention quotations.

How students can save trees?

To save trees students can adopt the following actions like
1. Reducing the use of paper.
2. Students can actively take part in planting more and more trees.
3. They can ask their parents to go for an alternative to wood when buying furniture.

What happens when we cut trees?

When we are cutting trees, we notice several changes in the environment-
1. Global warming
2. Glacier melting
3. Death of some rare animals like pandas, penguins, polar bears etc.
4. Sudden rise in temperature
5. Flood
6. Soil erosion

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