Essay on Social Issues for Students and Children

Essay on social issues: Writing an Essay on Social Issues is a way to express the thoughts on social problems that we face every now and then in our country. Such issues may become the reason for the disturbance in the country but it also affects the mental peace and leaves a bad impact emotionally. We are highlighting the root cause of the social issues that children and students face. Sometimes it is really tough for a student or a child to write down an essay especially in the exam centre when you get a topic you are unaware of.

Don’t worry, children, here in this article we will help you with how to write an Essay on Social Issues and make it worth marks gaining.

social issues

Essay on Social Issues

Social issues have plagued the life of too many people for a long period of time. We have been observing many such cases around us too. You might have seen a small kid working in a tea stall, or in a shop in the market, or have heard people saying about the increase in the usage of drugs somewhere on the television. Many more such problems are considered social problems. These issues have made society weaker. To make this world a better place to live, it is important to stand against these social issues. Here in this article, we will tell you about Social issues and tips to write down an essay.

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Topics like social issues are one such way to express yourself in a very descriptive manner as you being children, won’t be aware of society in detail. In this article, we will help you with a sample essay which you can use to write one for yourself. So if you are writing this article don’t forget to mention some key points like:-

  1. What is a social issue? ( Always try to start the essay with what it is, explaining the definition with some examples like violence, poverty, injustice, discrimination, bullying, child marriage, child abuse, drug abuse etc. 
  2. Elaborate on the topic by explaining the examples one by one. 
  3. Every issue has some reasons and causes too, find out those reasons and write them down in your essay.
  4. If there are reasons and causes then also there are ways to make it correct after all, it is the society that can be changed by our own thoughts and actions. Mention the actions you think you can do to find the solutions for the societal problems or issues.
  5. And in the end, conclude the topic with what you think would make an effort to make it correct.
  6. You can also use quotations if you think you have one that suits well with the essay and can also mention the government schemes. 

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Before the era of the Indus Valley Civilization, people became much more aware of society and their norms. But slowly, when thoughts and beliefs were mismatched the issues started to occur. India faced many issues pre-independence like sati pratha, untouchability, female infanticide or foeticide, female discrimination, polygamy, etc. We still face some of the issues in the backward parts of India, but with the modern changing India, issues have also changed. Nowadays the issues we are facing are poverty, illiteracy, child abuse, inequality, unemployment, corruption, child abuse, drug abuse, child labour, casteism, etc.

As India is advancing in science and technology, we have started facing socio-environmental issues also like climate change, pollution, deforestation, aforestation, soil erosion, etc.

Definition of Social Issues

With this, we can understand that “Social Issues” are the issues faced by a number of people in society and which become a matter of great concern for those living in society. Social issues act like a bell of discontent and injustice in addition to many other problems. The cultural and traditional background is one of the reasons for these issues. Even now in some areas, girls are not meant for education and boys are not meant for household work. We are still living in the male dominant society but giving it a name of equality. However, we are not done yet with the topic as it is just a gist. 

Reasons for Social Issues

Every issue has some or other reasons behind it, there is nothing in this world without a reason. Here we are discussing some of the major issues that cause Social issues in society.

We all know India is unified with 28 states, 8 U.Ts and 36 entities, every state has its own cultural heritage and traditions and is so known as (Unity in Diversity). With different cultures, languages, art, music, and traditions, it becomes difficult for people to accept someone who does not come from their culture. This becomes the reason why disputes result leading to negativity and social issues. 

Major Social Issues

Some issues which are really concerning and have a negative impact which needs urgent attention are:

  • Poverty – Today in India around 20% population comes under the poverty line. Research shows that there are people in India who are not even earning Rs.1000 for their living in rural areas. Due to this, many are facing illiteracy as they cannot afford education, and also facing malnutrition as no proper food they have to eat. This is resulting in an alarming situation.
    Essay on Social Issues for Students and Children
  • Child labour – As in rural sections of India, the majority are poor and live in poverty. For their living, they send their children to cities or nearby towns and villages to earn money at a young age. When it was time for them to go to school, enjoy their childhood and study for their future, their parent send them to work and earn money for their basic living. This kills the child’s innocence and makes him ruthless sometimes, which creates problems in his/her social life.
    Essay on Social Issues for Children and Students
  • Gender discrimination – The issue of discrimination is prevalent everywhere. Men are given the chance to work, however, a female is rejected by her parents or their in-laws if the same opportunity is presented to her. In order for a girl to live comfortably in her new home after her marriage, her parents must provide the dowry. Parents save the money for the dowry since she is a child, but a woman cannot use that money to pursue higher education or become independent. Foeticide, wherein the foetus was slain in the mother’s womb if it was a “woman,” was a serious problem that affected women historically. Even childbirth was prohibited for her. Such guidelines didn’t apply to men.
  • Drug abuse – People in the world have a bad habit of suppressing their feelings and not telling them to anybody. This makes them uncomfortable and to reach their comfort zone they use drugs like nicotine, marijuana, heroin, etc which harm the body and mind. This leads to addiction and the unexpected death of the addict. Now the conditions have become even worse, children are using these drugs and children are being used to supply these drugs at parties, and to wealthy people. Which they are even being paid.
    Essay on Social Issues for Children and Students


Before finding a solution it is important to know about the cause which we have already known. In two ways you can find the solution- one way is by your own self and another way is abiding by government rules. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”.

Government and NGOs have created strict rules and schemes to stop problems like these. They are every now and then making everyone aware of the problems. We need to be together in fighting against the problem by informing the authorities if we have witnessed any such issues. And if you are with your parents tell them about the abuse and ask them to inform the authorities. If you yourself are a victim of such kind of abuse then don’t stay quiet and tell it clearly to your parents so that they can take appropriate action against it. 

Final Words

Hope you liked the article and learned from it. Let’s come together to pass both the tests of our school and the test of our civilization.


What are 5 social issues or problems?

There are multiple problems related to social issues in society but the major 5 problems we can see are poverty, unemployment, unequal opportunity, racism, and malnutrition.

What causes social issues?

Social issues arise from fundamental faults in the structure of a society based on social class, race, gender, and other dimensions like inequality.

How can we stop social issues?

There are various ways to stop social issues. Some of them are as follows:
Try to reach out to the authorities when you see any social issue occurring around you.
Make people aware of the issues occurring in society, their reasons, outcomes and the punishment of such offences.

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