Experience Letter Format and Sample – Best way to Write Work Experience Letter?

Experience Letter Format and Sample: An experience letter is a letter provided by the company or the firm the employee was associated with. In layman’s language, a letter issued by the employer to the ex-employee of the company who has recently resigned from the position he/she was working in is called an Experience letter. The experience letter contains the professional details of the employee. This includes the name of the company, the tenure of the job, the type of the job, the position the employee was working at and of course the name of the job. This letter is provided so that the person moving forward with another job can showcase the past experience gained.

To know the Experience Letter Format and Sample of the experience letter and the different samples supporting it, readers can read the entire article until the end. We hope that this article gives you much to learn about the Experience Letter Format and Sample.

Experience Letter Format and Sample
Experience Letter Format and Sample

Experience Letter

When any employee resigns from the post he/she was working on, the HR or the manager of that company gives a letter of appreciation to the ex-employee. This letter is required by the employees when they are switching their jobs. At the time of the interview, an experience letter is produced so that the interviewer can learn about the person’s total experience and what experience the candidate gains. Every employer gives different kinds of experience letters to the candidates. Different types of Experience Letter depends on the firm or the work culture of that firm.

If our readers wish to know about the types of experience letters and different formats in which the experience card is given to the person, then we would suggest that the readers should continue their reading.

Experience Letter Printed Contents

In this section, we are dealing with the contents which an experience letter must have. The experience letter’s key points are mentioned in the list below. We suggest the readers check their experience letter by the points mentioned below, if they do not have these points mentioned in their experience letter, then get it corrected by HR as soon as they can.

  • Letterhead: An experience letter must contain the name of the organisation or the firm on the top of the letter.
  • Date of Publication: On the experience letter it is mandatory for the employer to mention the date on which the experience letter is prepared and handed over to the employee.
  • Subject: Next comes the subject of the letter, it is the gist of the letter i.e. what the letter is all about is mentioned in the subject in one line.
  • Main Body of the Letter: This section of the letter contains the name of the employee, the date the employee joined the organisation, the date of leaving the organisation, the position the employee was working on, the nature of the person towards the firm, and much more.
  • Feedback: This generally contains the employee’s conduct, whether negative or positive, depending on the nature of the employee shown while working with the organisation.

Work Experience Letter Key Points about Writing

When a person is writing something, it is very important to visualize what that person wants to write and how he/she wants to frame a letter. This is a very important step because it helps the person to know how he /she wants the letter to look alike. There are some Work Experience Letter Key Points about Writing which we have tried to mention here in this section of the article. Readers can also watch the video attached here which might help you with how to write a work experience letter.

  • The Experience Letter has the following parts.
    • Introduction: This section contains a person’s name with a salutation and a little information about that person like, with whom they are associated, position, type of work the person had etc.
    • Why you should Hire the person: Knowing the person’s skill set is important. No other than the manager can give the correct words to the skills the person is having. This section also contains information about the behaviour of the employee with the employee and the staff.
    • Closure: The closing statement should be polished and graciously covered.

Experience Letter/ Certificate Types

There are many different types of certificates that are considered experience letters. It is important to know the exact manner of the experience certificate and to whom it is provided. If the certificate receiver is a student who has undergone an internship, then the certificate is prepared with a different format. The type of the job and the receiver is an essential factor in preparing the experience certificate. We have mentioned some points below indicating Experience Letter/ Certificate Types.

  • Letter to the Intern
  • Letter to the employee
  • Letter to the CEO
  • Letter to the Receptionist
  • Letter to the Principal
  • Letter to the Accountant
  • Letter to Manager
  • Letter of Experience to the labour work
  • Letter of Experience for Health Worker
  • Letter of Experience to the Volunteer
  • Experience letter at the time of Retirement

Sample of Experience Letter

Here we have provided a sample that every job profile can use to provide the experience letter to the employee leaving your firm. It is just a demo for the readers who are HR or managers by profession who need to write the experience letter every now and then. The Sample of the Experience Letter is mentioned below.


experience letter

Experience Letter Example


To Whom It May Concern

Date: 13th July 2023

This is proudly certified that Mr. XYZ Son/Daughter of Mr. _______ was an employee of a Senior Content Writing position at Lugna Web Media, Dehradun. His tenure in the organization was from 1st February 2020 to 3rd April 2023. He completed his 3 years successfully in our organization. Now that he is leaving this institute, we congratulate him on his bright future.

These 3 years have been wonderful with him. He has shown excellence in all the fields we have put him in. There was no task which Mr. XYZ did not complete with the shining colors.

All the best wishes to Mr XYZ, for his life ahead

Yours Sincerely
Rajesh Kumar
Lugna Web Media

Experience Letter Different Types of Format

The type of Experience letter depends upon the company and the work culture. The letter given to the employee teaching at the school will be different from the one working in the corporate world. Both the experience letters will provide the same information but the way of expression and the format of the letters will vary. Let us take a look at Experience Letter Different Types of Formats depending upon the job profile.

Experience Letter for Corporate World

Experience Certificate

It is to certify that Ms. Rashika Arora has been working with DBC.pvt.ltd since 7th June 2021 as Senior Data Analyst. It has been 2 years and 1 month since she has been working with us. She is a hardworking, honest, and dedicated employee of the company.

We wish her all the very best for her bright future.

Akash Verma

Experience Letter for a Teacher

Name of the Employee
Address Mentioned
Contact Details
Date: _____________

To Whom This May Concern

It is to inform you that Ankita Nautiyal has been associated with us at PGT grade in our school for the past 5 years. She has been teaching Biology to classes 9th – 12th. Her keen interest in providing knowledge to the students to the maximum and her way of dealing with the children has made her most popular in the school. Ms Nautiyal has improved her way of teaching with the changing academics. Her behavior with other students and their parents and staff is worth praising. Her nature of learning and adjustment makes her different from others.

We wish her all the very best for her life ahead.

Mrs Neelam Gaur
St. Stephen School

Experience Letter for Accountants

Experience Certificate for Accountant

Subject: Experience Certificate
To the Concerning Authority

We are here to inform you that ___ Son/Daughter of __________ has/she joined our firm as Juinor Accountant. He/She has been with the company for ________ years (Joining Date to Last Date).

She/He has been excellent with his work. Hardworking, dedication, and punctuality are his/her key factors. It has been observed that under deadlines, he/she has performed really well and has completed projects well on time.

We would like to thank him/her for his dedication and the time he/she has spent in our firm.
Thanking you

Abhinav Rathore
HR Department
Company Name

Experience Letter for Financial Analyst

Experience Certificate for Financial Analyst

On Company Letterhead


To Whosoever It May Concern,

This certificate of experience is given to the employee Ms. Preeti of the company (Company Name), who was associated with us as a Financial Analyst. From the day she joined i.e. (Date) up to today (Date of leaving), she has been the pillar of our financial team. Her consistency and motivation to work have made her exceptional. Since (Years), she has showcased her analytical skills with high perfection and professionalism.

Her reports preparation and analyzing data and forecasts with accuracy have made her an outstanding employee of the company, She has sincerely responded to the recommendations given to her for her personal improvement and proved herself worth it every time. Ms Preeti will be highly missed by all the other members of our team. I wish her all the very best for her shining future.

[Your Name]

Sample for Completion of Internship


To the Concerned Authority

We are happy to certify that Ms. Geetanjali Sharma has successfully submitted her internship project and has also completed her internship of 3 months associated with our company. Her tenure was from 1st June 2022 to 1st September 2022. We have observed that she has been consistent with her duties and assigned work during the aforementioned period. Her project is outstanding and different from the regular one.

We wish her success in her life ahead and all the best for her work life in future.

From the ______ Solutions
[Chief Financial Officer]

Sample of Experience Letter to the CEO of the Company

As for the employees, the experience letter is given by the company, similarly to the CEO the company itself gives the experience letter. As the company head, there are slight changes in the pattern of the relieving letter. It is as follows:



This is to gladly certify Mr. Anil Oberoi has worked with Data Solutions as Marketing Head from 1st January 2019 to 1st January 2022. During this period he has always shown his sincerity and respect towards the company and the team he was leading. His hard work towards the job and his managing skills have taken the company’s graph upwards.

We are hereby informing you that Mr. Anil Oberoi will be leaving the company and us after taking it to great heights. We wish him good luck.

Data Solutions
Maninder Singh

How to Make a Request for the Experience Letter?

If the employee wants to request for a relieving letter, then also there is a different format. The sample for the request of the experience certificate is mentioned below.

Letter of Request for the Experience Certificate



Subject: Letter of Request for Experience Certificate


As per the conversation held on the telephone, I would like to make a request for a formal brief of the period I worked at your prestigious institute. As you are aware, I have handed over my resignation letter to the company and would be leaving soon, I would thus like to request an experience letter on your behalf.

Although I am aware of the pressures in relation to the work experience attachments, I am seeking to consider any dates suitable in your vision.

As you mentioned, I have been in direct contact with my department which has always encouraged me. From them, I came to know about the work experience attachments and the format. So here I am with my letter regarding the request for my work experience.

I urgently need work experience as I am further planning to apply for summer internship courses in various medical institutes. As per my knowledge, it will be a plus point from my side if I provide them with my work experience with all the necessary details.

Please find my CV and attachments that are attached along with this letter. I hope you find this letter worth paying attention to and help me as soon as possible.

I would further like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone on your behalf who has helped me out and become my greatest support whenever I get stuck. I hope you take reasonable action in response to this letter as soon as you receive it.

Thanking you in Anticipation

[Sender’s Name]
[Contact info.]


How to write an experience certificate?

To write any experience certificate do not forget to mention the date of joining and relieving, the name of the employee, and the designation, the rest all the information is mentioned in the article.

Who can give the work experience letter?

The manager, HR or CEO of the company is eligible to give the work experience letter.

Is the experience certificate given for only one-time use?

No, the employee can use his/her experience certificate any number of times, it is not bound to be used only for one company or firm.

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