How to Register Online For Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike?

Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike: There is no dearth of Car and Bike lovers in India. A lot of people look forward to trying new models of Cars and Bikes whenever they are released. Moreover, if they manage to get a Fancy VIP Number for their respective vehicles, then it is like a cherry on the cake. These people who are extremely fond of their vehicles must wonder about How to Register Online For Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike? To answer this question for those people, we are sharing this article today. Here, we will discuss the complete procedure to register for Fancy Number for Car and Bike. So, do read this article through to the end.

Fancy VIP Number For Car & Bike

The procedure for registration and finally obtaining a Fancy VIP Number For Car & Bike is long and expensive. However, it is all worth it to illustrate your love for your vehicle. In order to register for the Fancy number for their vehicle, you can use the portal specified for it by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways i.e. Here, after you register for a Fancy Number of your choice, you can take part in an e-auction to obtain that number. Moreover, you will also need to pay the required registration fee for the specific number. The complete details regarding the registration process and e-auction for Fancy VIP Number For Car & Bike are in the rest of the article.

Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike

Car and Bike Fancy VIP Number Categories

The Fancy VIP Numbers for Cars and Bikes are subdivided among different categories. These categories have different VIP Numbers such as Super Elite, Single Digit, Semi Fancy, etc. For all these numbers, the minimum bidding amount for e-auction differs for different states of the country. So, if you want a particular Fancy Number for your Car/ Bike then you must pay the price allotted to that number. The details concerning the amount reserved for different categories of Fancy Numbers for Car & Bike are available in the user manual for different states available on the government’s website for VIP Numbers Registration.

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How to Register Online For Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike?

As we have mentioned earlier, the registration process for Fancy VIP Numer is hosted on the website of it specified by MoRTH. So, now we are providing you with all the steps that you will go through in this registration process online.

  1. To begin, you must open the homepage of MoRTH’s portal for the Fancy VIP Number Registration at
  2. Under the login portal given on the homepage of this website, you must select the relevant option for New Registration. MoRTH New Registration
  3. By selecting this option, you will arrive at the registration form for Fancy VIP Number. Fancy Number Registration Form
  4. You have to select your state and fill in the related spaces to create your login details.
  5. With these login details, you can proceed to select the Fancy Number you want to register for.
  6. Furthermore, you need to select the type of your vehicle.
  7. After all of these steps are complete, you will see the details of the payable amount for the number you have selected.
  8. Now, you need to select the payment method from the given ones and proceed with the payment.
  9. Once the payment is done, the registration will be complete for you.
  10. You can now take a printout of the registration slip and wait for the commencement of the e-auction.

VIP Number e-Auction for Car and Bike

After you have registered for a specific Fancy VIP Number for your Car/ Bike, there will be a 5-day window until you find out if that number is allotted to you or not. For this, on the fourth day from the registration day, an e-Auction is conducted. In this e-Auction, you can take part by using your login details on the concerned portal. This auction will take place for days. You can participate in this e-auction through the following steps.

  1. First off, you must use your login details on the authority’s portal for Fancy Number on the login page.
  2. After successfully logging in, you have to select the UAN for you accordingly.
  3. Now, the process of bidding will commence.
  4. You can choose the provided option to change the bidding amount for the VIP number.
  5. Once the bidding process is concluded, you will have to wait for the auction results.
  6. You can check the result for the e-auction through the link provided for it on the portal. Fancy Number Auction Result
  7. Moreover, you will also be informed via SMS and email, if you have been allotted the Fancy Number.
  8. After this, you must pay the balance amount for the Number (if any) online.
  9. Once the payment is done, the allotment letter for the number will be generated for you.
  10. You must download this allotment letter and take a printout of it to claim the Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike allotted to you.

Fancy VIP Number For Car & Bike Claiming Process

After the Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike is allotted for your respective vehicle, you will have 90 days to claim it. For this, you have to head to your respective RTO with the allotment letter and claim the specific VIP Number. You must note that you can only claim this number within the 90 days period of the allotment letter generation. After this, you will have no claim whatsoever on that Fancy Number.

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How can I check which fancy number for Car and Bike is available?

For this, you can use the provided option for it on MoRTH’s official portal for fancy numbers. Here, you can check the list of available fancy numbers state-wise.

How will I get a refund of my money during Fancy VIP Number for Car & Bike registration?

If the number is not allotted to you, then you will get a refund of your payment in a few days’ time.

How will I know the auction status for my state after registration?

The status of the auction for different dates in the respective states can be checked on the portal of the authority.

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