Farewell Speech for Boss | How To Write a Farewell Speech for Boss?

Speech is a very important part of every event. The events cannot complete without a speech. Every person needs a speech in farewell. The speech includes the emotion of that person. Are you also having trouble while writing the speech and not understanding how to put your expressions and emotions? Then this article is made for you. In the following article, we will provide you with tips and examples for writing a farewell speech. You will see the details about the Farewell Speech for Boss in our article. Such as the process of writing the speech, examples of speech, etc.

Farewell Speech for Boss

Farewell Speech for Boss

All the individuals who are searching for a farewell speech for their boss must look here. In the following article, we have mentioned very crucial details concerning the speech in our article. Nowadays, speech has become a very important part of the event. All the events start with a speech. So, it is important that the speech should be effective enough. Look through the following article till the end to know more about the topic

How To Write a Farewell Speech for Boss?

Applicants who want to know the procedure of writing the speech must look here. In the following paragraph, we will teach you how to write a farewell speech for the boss. First, let’s look at the pattern or format of speech:

Format of the Speech

Given below is the format of the speech. To make the article less complicated and enjoyable, try to write the speech in the below-given format:

  • Introduction
  • Body of the Speech
  • Conclusion


In this paragraph, you just have to greet everyone and tell the people the reasons behind the gathering. In other words, it will be a highlights paragraph where you will not elaborate on the topic. This paragraph should be simple and small.

Body of the Speech

After the introduction, the body of the speech will come. Most portion of the speech will be included in this paragraph. Tell some series about your boss. The stories should be a combination of sadness and happiness as well. Speak about your feeling toward the boss and other related things. Make the sentences short and simple.


It will be the last part of the speech. You will have to sum up your speech. Congratulate the person and say one or two things that you are going to miss. You can also end the speech with a little quote or poem. Lastly, do not forget to thank the crowd.

Farewell Speech for Boss on Retirement

Good morning/ afternoon/ evening everyone,

All the individuals presented here must know the reason behind this gathering. Yes, you guys are right. We have gathered here for the farewell party of our boss on his retirement. It is very heartbreaking to give farewell to the person who is retiring. But let me make this clear.

You may be retiring from the job but you will not retire from all of our hearts. Many bosses will come and go but nobody will be able to take your place. It is very sad to say goodbye to a person who is so humble and inspiring. But there is no time to be sad. We have to make his last day at the office memorable. We will see him off with a huge smile on his face.

___________________ (Name of the Boss) is a part of our daily life. He has given almost a decade of his life to this organization and now his term is over and he has to say goodbye to this organization. We will miss your commanding voice, your funny side that very few people are aware of, and of course your morning greetings.

I was searching for the meaning of retirement on the internet. As per officials’ terms, Retirement brings relief to a person’s life after living a hectic work-life for so many years. So, it is not a sad thing to be retired. Because now he will be able to enjoy the rest of his life in peace. He will be able to give quality time to his family. He is a very genuine and caring person. Even though he does not show it to anyone.

Now, I want to gather my thoughts and end this speech by saying that each of us is going to miss you from tomorrow onwards. You will always remain in our hearts and all your valuable lesson are scripted in our hearts and mind. At last, we wish you all the best in your upcoming life. we hope that you will find happiness in every step of your upcoming life. Thank you for being patient enough to listen to my views.

Farewell Speech for Boss on Transfer

Good Morning/ Evening/ Afternoon to each one of you presented here. Today all of us have gathered here to give farewell to our Guest of Honour who is none other than the ________ (Post) of the company _____________ (Boss Name). Today I am going to give a farewell speech on behalf of each employee and person working in the company.

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who took time from their busy schedules to be a part of the farewell party. Let me tell you the reason behind this farewell party. Our boss has been referred to another branch because of his knowledge, power and his dedication towards the work.

Today is a very sad as well as a happy moment for us. The reason behind the sadness is that he will not be here to guide us and teach us from tomorrow onwards. The reason behind the happiness is very obvious now he will be able to open his wings more and achieve more in his life. We are very happy for you. Now, I would like to tell you a thing or two about our boss. You guys may rarely see him smile but let me tell you.

Once he will get comfortable around you, you will see a very different person. He joined this company at a very low position and now he is a ______________ (Post). It was not easy for him to pass this journey. Many obstacles and problems some in his way but he patiently dealt with the. We must look upon his journey and take lessons so that we can become at least 30% like him. If I could control the transfer, I would never let him/ her go. But we cannot forget that this s a very great opportunity for him. We hope that you will achieve more success in the future.

At last, I would like to sum up my speech by saying

“You empowered us with the power of knowledge. You motivated us with the next tutelage. You helped us move ahead with motivation. As a leader and human being, you are our true inspiration”. Thank you.

How can I say thank you professionally?

You can say any one of the below mentioned:
1. I am very thankful for your precious time.
2. I appreciate the information and advice you have shared with me.
3. I sincerely appreciate the assistance, etc.

What points should I definitely mention in my speech?

You should mention the following points in your speech:
1. Inform the reason behind the event
2. Feeling towards the person for whom the farewell is being hosted
3. Tell some stories about the boss
4. End the speech by thanking everyone.

How to make the speech more approachable?

Given below are some tips that will make your speech more effective:
1. Make the sentences short and simple.
2. Try to make your speech friendly
3. The speech should be relatable so that everyone can relate to it.
4. Be confident while delivering the speech.

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