FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule; Teams, Fixtures, Qualifiers, Channel List

FIFA World Cup 2022: The much-awaited tournament starts on 20 November 2022. All the 32 teams that are participating in the tournament have finalized their squads. Each team in the tournament has 26 players who will entertain the fans throughout the tournament. The tournament is being played in Qatar this late in the year. So, the players and fans do not have to face the scorching heat there. We are presenting this article to all the fans who are hyped for FIFA World Cup 2022. Here we will discuss the tournament’s schedule, teams, fixtures, channel list, and much more. So stay with us till the very end.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup this year is meant to be more exciting than ever for a multitude of reasons. Two of the most beloved Footballers of all time Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are probably participating in their final world cups. Also, if Argentina reached the final of the tournament then Lionel Messi will dethrone Lothar Matthaus as the player to have the most world cup appearances. The first match of the tournament will be between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador. Prior to this first FIFA World Cup game, an opening ceremony will also take place on 20 November at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor.

FIFA World Cup Schedule

Football World Cup 2022 Highlights

Name of the Tournament FIFA World Cup 2022
Number of Teams32
Edition of the Tournament22nd
Matches Dates20 November 2022 to 18 December 2022
Number of Groups8
Number of Teams in each Group4
Number of Qualifying Teams for knockouts in each group2
Defending ChampionsFrance

FIFA WC Teams 2022

Below is the collection of all 32 Teams participating in the tournament along with their groups. From each group, 2 teams will be selected for the knockout stage.

Name of TeamGroup
United StatesB
Saudi ArabiaC
Costa RicaE
South KoreaH

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FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022

There are a total of 48 games in the Group Stage of the FIFA WC 2022. The information about the dates of these games and timings in IST are as follows.

DateMatchTime (IST)
20 November 2022Qatar Vs Ecuador9:30 PM
21 November 2022England Vs Iran6:30 PM
21 November 2022Senegal Vs Netherlands9:30 PM
22 November 2022United States Vs Wales12:30 AM
22 November 2022Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia3:30 PM
22 November 2022Denmark Vs Tunisia6:30 PM
22 November 2022Mexico Vs Poland9:30 PM
23 November 2022France Vs Australia12:30 AM
23 November 2022Morocco Vs Croatia3:30 PM
23 November 2022Germany Vs Japan6:30 PM
23 November 2022Spain Vs Costa Rica9:30 PM
24 November 2022Belgium Vs Canada12:30 AM
24 November 2022Switzerland Vs Cameroon3:30 PM
24 November 2022Uruguay Vs Korea Republic6:30 PM
24 November 2022Portugal Vs Ghana9:30 PM
25 November 2022Brazil Vs Serbia12:30 AM
25 November 2022Wales Vs Iran3:30 PM
25 November 2022Qatar Vs Senegal6:30 PM
25 November 2022Netherlands Vs Ecuador9:30 PM
26 November 2022England Vs United States12:30 AM
26 November 2022Tunisia Vs Australia3:30 AM
26 November 2022Poland Vs Saudi Arabia6:30 PM
26 November 2022France Vs Denmark9:30 PM
27 November 2022Argentina Vs Mexico12:30 AM
27 November 2022Japan Vs Costa Rica3:30 PM
27 November 2022Belgium Vs Morocco6:30 PM
27 November 2022Croatia Vs Canada9:30 PM
28 November 2022Spain Vs Germany12:30 AM
28 November 2022Cameron Vs Serbia3:30 PM
28 November 2022Korea Republic Vs Ghana6:30 PM
28 November 2022Brazil Vs Switzerland9:30 PM
29 November 2022Portugal Vs Uruguay12:30 AM
29 November 2022Netherlands Vs Qatar8:30 PM
29 November 2022Ecuador Vs Senegal8:30 PM
30 November 2022Wales Vs England12:30 AM
30 November 2022Iran Vs United States12:30 AM
30 November 2022Australia Vs Denmark8:30 AM
30 November 2022Tunisia Vs France8:30 PM
1 December 2022Poland Vs Argentina12:30 AM
1 December 2022Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico12:30 AM
1 December 2022Croatia Vs Belgium8:30 PM
1 December 2022Canada Vs Morocco8:30 PM
2 December 2022Japan Vs Spain12:30 AM
2 December 2022Costa Rica Vs Germany12:30 AM
2 December 2022Ghana Vs Uruguay8:30 PM
2 December 2022Korea Republic Vs Portugal8:30 PM
3 December 2022Serbia Vs Switzerland12:30 AM
3 December 2022Cameroon Vs Brazil12:30 AM

FIFA WC 2022 Qualifiers

From the group stage games that will be held from 20 November 2022 to 3 December 2022, the 16 qualifiers will be decided. These 16 teams will go head-to-head against each other to decide on the 8 teams for the quarter-finals. The quarter-finals will take place from 9 December 2022 to 12 December 2022. The fans will find out the qualifying teams after the completion of the group stage games on 3 December 2022.


In India, fans can enjoy the FIFIA WC 2022 on Sports 18 and Sports 18 HD Channels of Viacom 18. Moreover, the whole tournament will be streamed on Jio Cinema for free, so the fans can simply download the application to watch it. The matches will be telecast/streamed on these channels according to the prescribed timings in the schedule of the WC.

Players to Watch Out For In FIFA WC 2022

FIFA WC 2022 is filled to the brim with exciting young talents and some bonafide legends of the game. But a few players’ recent performances are making fans root for them before the beginning of the tournament. Let us find out, who these players are.

  • Kylian Mbappe: Being the highest-paid footballer in the world, this player of France is considered the true successor of legends like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. Fans’ expectations of Kylian are very high, let us see if he performs according to these expectations or not.
  • Karim Benzema: Karim Benzema is another superstar of France. This 2022 Ballon d’Or winner had a splendid Champions League last year. If Mappe and Benzema perform according to their reputation, then France can very well be successful in defending their title this year.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: It is impossible to talk about football and not mention Ronaldo’s name. The 37-year-old legend is likely playing his last FIFA WC, so fans will want to see him finish off this WC on a high note.
  • Lionel Messi: This can be Messi’s as well last world cup and all the fans of Argentina and all over the world have expectations of a trophy from him. Let us see what the World Cup has in store for one of the greatest players of the game.

FIFA WC 2022 Expected Winner

It is hard to predict a winner before the group stage has even begun for the tournament. However, being the defending champion of the tournament and having some of the best players, France is one of the top contenders to be the winner. But the tournament has had a history of many dark horses who emerged as winners. Whichever team wins the tournament, the fans will surely be in for a treat in FIFA WC 2022.

Related FAQs

How many total matches are there in the 22nd edition of FIFA World 2022?

There are a total of 64 matches in the FIFA WC 2022. This includes games on the group stage, group of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final.

How many teams will qualify for the next round after the group stage completion in FIFA WC 2022?

16 teams will qualify after the group stage’s game completion in the tournament. 2 teams will be selected from each of the 8 groups in the tournament.

Which team has won the most FIFA world cups so far?

Brazil has won the most FIFA WCs so far i.e. 5.

Is this FIFA WC last for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Considering the age of both Football Legends this will likely be the last WC for both of them. Also, Lionel Messi has recently made a statement indicating that this can be his last FIFA WC. However, nothing can be confirmed till any of them makes an official announcement about this.

Why is FIFA WC being conducted in Mid November this year?

The FIFA World Cup is being conducted in mid-November this year, unlike every season because of the hot and humid climate of Qatar during the Spring Season. The conducting committee took the decision to shift the tournament’s schedule so that the players and spectators do not have to suffer from the climate.

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