Generation Gap Essay In English for Students and Children

Generation Gap Essay In English: Generation gap means the difference between youngsters and their elders. When two sets of people parents and children observe differences in their opinions such a thing is called a generation gap. As we know, everything changes with time and we need to adapt to the changes. The generation gap has always been seen as a threat to the moral values of children, which is however not so true. The situation and the living conditions in the 1900s were different than 21st century. And most of the children have parents born in that era, which creates a major generation gap between these generations. Check the article for the Generation Gap Essay In English.

Generation Gap Essay In English

This running time often indicates that nothing is permanent on this planet and so views. What made humans make a rulebook to live, those situations were different than today. Our beliefs, ideas, traditions, and living have been passed on from generation to generation. During the 20th century, we didn’t have this much of a generation gap as we have today in the 21st century. Earlier, the reasons were people were not much educated and visualized but in this era when we are aware of all happenings around the world, we want to see the world with our own perception. Nobody wants to compromise with their ideals and views, but with the end of an era, a new era begins and so do the views.

Generation Gap Essay In English for Students and Children

What does Generation Gap mean?

The generation gap is the difference between the ideologies, views, and perceptions of two different generations mainly parents and children. This gap is created due to the lack of understanding and comprehension between these two. The parents who want to impose their ideas and values on their children, and the children who want to live their life freely without having proper knowledge. Both situations are tough and typical. Parents should teach their children about the good and bad sides of the world as per their experience. On the other hand, children should learn do’s and don’t from their parents.

Tips To Write Essay On Generation Gap

Here we have mentioned a few tips for students and children to write a Generation Gap Essay In English.

  1. Describe what does generation gap means.
  2. Make points on why the generation gap happens and then briefly analyze them.
  3. Tell how the generation gap is creating problems in the living of families and society, its disadvantages and advantages.
  4. Add your own views about the generation gap, and the generation you belong to.
  5. At last end your essay with the solution to how we can overcome this generation gap.

Generation Gap Long Essay For Students And Children

The generation gap is often created due to differences in beliefs, interests, opinions, and other things. Modernization in this world has connected each and every person. In a world, where we can talk to any person in any part of the world, visualizing thoughts and views become natural. The things parents see as myths, taboos, and ignoring, create questions in the child’s mind that creates misunderstandings sometimes. It has often been seen that parents who keep their children under overprotective circumstances tend to believe they are protecting them. But it is not true, youngsters of this generation are enough smart to know their good and bad, but it doesn’t make them experienced. What experience our parents can give us about life, we can’t find on social media.

In this era, everything gets influenced by the passing of time. The age, traditions, ideas, etiquette, and morals. People from each period of time lived under their own circumstances and comfort. The generation gap is often an endless phenomenon which emerges from generation to generation, no matter how much we have tried to end it. All individuals want to live a happy life ahead and that’s why they uphold their general principles which keep them happy. And here the problem arises, nobody wants to give up on their ideologies.

Generation Gap In Families: A Severe Problem

The generation gap damages family relationships completely. The disrupted environment of the family makes their life unstable and unhappy. In this era, where we all have to work for a living, our lives have become too busy. Most of the parents are educated now, they are well aware of the youngster’s needs but lack comprehends them. As fastly and far we are moving, the problems and tough circumstances around us are growing more rapidly than the positive ones. Not only the house, children often sometimes don’t feel safe in their own house. In this case, parents should teach their children about the manipulative nature of the world.

One should exchange ideas and views with their family. With easy and better comprehension we can solve the generation gap conflicts. Children who have been idolized by the modern world should share their views and ideas with their parents. In response, parents who have experienced life should teach their children about the advantages and disadvantages of their views. Instead of turning the conversation to the conflict, both must try to find an alternate source to satisfy their views.

Generation Gap In Society

As an example, let’s take people born before independence. We notice them purely in traditional attires and with conservative moral values while moral values have nothing to do with modern and primitive living methods. For example, once eating with our hands was considered good, today we eat with a spoon maybe tomorrow we will consider chopsticks. This means the ideas, views and beliefs of everything change after a certain period of time as per convenience.

Short Essay On Generation Gap In English For Children

With the passing of time, we may experience changes in the environment, and living methods and so do the people. When this type of change emerges between two generations, their ideas and views observe differences and so this is known as the generation gap. The generation gap is a phenomenon which emerges with every new generation because of changes. Nowadays, when almost all are literate and visualised the world, all want to live their life on their own terms and conditions.

The generation gap is mainly observed between parents, elders, youngsters, and kids. The generation gap should not be ignored as it directly hollows the roots of the entire family. Due to conflicts over different ideologies, parents and children often start to disbelieve each other which leads to an unhappy and disturbed lifestyle. And it’s obvious, a misguided youth is a danger to society’s hospitable environment.

The problem can be easily solved if these two generations make each other comprehend and understood their respective views. The children should understand the advantages and disadvantages of their ideas by analyzing their elder’s situation. That will help them to create a better and safe environment for themselves. While elders should teach them the importance of their culture and traditions, which identify them as a person. One should grow strong and develop but the roots from where we have emerged shouldn’t be ignored, not in this 21st century or a millennium later.


What are the tips for writing an essay on the Generation Gap in India?

You can refer to the following points while writing an essay on the Generation Gap in India:
i. Start with an introduction and define the topic of your essay.
ii. Mention the reasons and causes of its existence.
iii. List some examples, experiences, and solutions.
iv. Lastly, end the essay with a good conclusion.

Is the generation gap in India increasing due to westernization?

It is not completely true but yes, the ideologies of the westerners are completely different according to the Indians. The Indian youth who is educated and open-minded chooses to live a happy and cool life over a conservative one. On the other hand, parents often see this act as a threat to their moral values and customs which are deeply rooted in Indian Culture.

How we can overcome the Generation Gap?

The parents and children should comprehend their ideas and views in their discussion. One should make a decision after analyzing the disadvantages over the advantages of the topic means the disadvantages shouldn’t be much.

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