Hunger Crisis: India Slips 4 Place in Global Hunger Index Report 2023

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2023 report, recently unveiled by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe, serves as an urgent reminder of the persistent issue of global hunger. As the 18th publication of its kind, the report sheds light on the state of hunger worldwide, highlighting those regions where immediate action is indispensable.

The narrative of global hunger seems to be at a standstill since 2015. Despite strides made over the years, 43 countries still exhibit serious or alarming hunger levels. The situation underscores the necessity of intensified efforts to combat hunger and ensure food security for all.

Global Hunger Index Report 2023
Global Hunger Index 2023

Global Hunger Index Report 2023

India ranked 111th out of 125 countries on the GHI 2023 with a rich cultural heritage and burgeoning economic potential. This ranking, corresponding to a score of 28.7, categorizes the level of hunger in India as ‘serious’. Although the Indian government contests the accuracy of this report, labelling it as flawed, the figures send a strong message about the prevailing food insecurity in the country.

The GHI 2023 also unravels the exacerbating effects of overlapping crises on global hunger. The relentless onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, catastrophic climate events, and the ongoing political turmoil between Russia and Ukraine have collectively hindered progress in reducing global hunger.

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A focal point of the 2023 report is the future food needs of the world’s young population. It’s alarming that 42% of the global populace is under 25, most residing in low- and middle-income countries across South Asia, East Asia, and Africa. The report accentuates the imperative to revamp the fragile and unsustainable food systems these youth are grappling with.

In retrospect, the findings of the GHI 2023 report are a clarion call for immediate and concerted global action to tackle hunger. The report not only quantifies the extent of hunger but also narrates the dire circumstances faced by the most vulnerable communities across the globe.

Global Hunger Index Report 2023: Summary Table

Total Countries Evaluated125
Countries with Serious Hunger43
India’s Ranking111th
Key Crises Impacting HungerCOVID-19 Pandemic, Climate Disasters, Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Focus on Youth HungerFuture food needs of the under-25 population
Report PublishersConcern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe

GHI 2023 India Neighbouring Country’s positions

In the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2023, India was ranked 111th out of 125 countries, scoring 28.7, indicating a serious hunger level. Compared to its neighbouring countries, India’s position in the index is relatively lower. Here are the rankings of India and its neighbouring countries:

  • India: Ranked 111th with a GHI score of 28.7​.
  • Pakistan: Ranked 102nd​.
  • Bangladesh: Ranked 81st​.
  • Nepal: Ranked 69th.
  • Sri Lanka: Ranked 60th.

The GHI scores and rankings highlight the varying levels of hunger across these neighbouring countries, with Sri Lanka faring the best among them and India facing a more serious hunger situation. The index highlights the critical issue of hunger and food security in the South Asian region, underlining the need for concerted efforts to address these challenges.


A. Recapitulation of key findings from the 2023 GHI 1. Summary of the critical insights from the report concerning global hunger and India’s standing. 2. Reflection on the significance of these findings in the broader context of global food security.

B. The call for immediate global action to combat hunger 1. Emphasis on the urgency of collective action to address the grave issue of hunger. 2. Suggest how various stakeholders can alleviate hunger, including governments, international organizations, and communities.

C. Encouragement to explore the full GHI 2023 report for a deeper understanding 1. Invitation to readers to delve into the comprehensive report for a thorough grasp of the global hunger scenario. 2. Direction on how to access the report for further exploration and understanding of the intricate aspects of global hunger.

These sections aim to provide a thorough understanding of the youth’s future food needs and a conclusive reflection on the information presented in the 2023 Global Hunger Index report, compelling readers to take informed actions towards alleviating global hunger.

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What is the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2023?

It’s an annual report assessing global hunger levels, jointly published by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe.

How is India ranked in GHI 2023?

India ranks 111th out of 125 countries, indicating a serious level of hunger with a score of 28.7.

Which organizations publish the GHI?

Concern Worldwide jointly publishes the GHI and Welthungerhilfe to address global hunger issues.

How many countries are evaluated in GHI 2023?

One hundred twenty-five countries are evaluated to understand and compare the extent of hunger globally.

What major crises are highlighted in GHI 2023?

It highlights the COVID-19 pandemic, climate disasters, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict as major hunger exacerbators.

Why is the focus on youth important in GHI 2023?

It emphasizes the future food needs of youth in low- and middle-income countries, urging sustainable food system improvements.

How can one access the full GHI 2023 report?

The report is accessible on Concern Worldwide’s official website under the publications section for detailed insights.

What action is urged by the GHI 2023 report?

It urges immediate global action to improve food security, especially in countries with serious or alarming hunger levels.

Why does the GHI 2023 report discuss overlapping crises?

Discussing overlapping crises provides insight into external factors exacerbating hunger, urging holistic solutions.

What’s the significance of India’s objection to the GHI 2023 findings?

It reflects a discrepancy between international evaluations and national perceptions of hunger, opening a dialogue for improvements.

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