Global Warming Essay for Students in English

Global Warming Essay: Global Warming has been prevalent in our nature for a very long time now. Admittedly there have been a lot of efforts made to reduce it but at the same time, we are consistently making it worse as well. For such a relevant and vast topic, writing an essay can be quite a task for sure. You have to cohesively structure sentences that are information and thought-provoking simultaneously. To help you write such an essay, we are sharing this article. Here we will provide you with ample information that will guide you to write an impactful Essay On Global Warming. In addition to this, we will provide you with a sample of a nicely structured and worded Global Warming Essay as well. So please go through this complete article.

Global Warming Essay

The main cause of global warming in recent times has been the ignorance of people. A lot of people even fail to understand the meaning of it. So, you can start your essay by giving a brief introduction about your topic. However, you must keep in mind that you keep the readers engrossed in the entirety of your introduction. Afterward, you can directly proceed to write an informative body that tells about the harmful effects of global warming. You can follow this by writing about the ways of decreasing global warming and an impactful conclusion. Below we have given a sample of such an essay with the subdivision of introduction, body, and conclusion. However, you do not need to subdivide your essay like this, you can simply write these in different paragraphs.

Global Warming Essay
Global Warming Essay

Essay On Global Warming For Students

Introduction: It is a failure of mankind in every possible way that to this day we fail to understand the concept of Global Warming. If you do not educate yourself about something then you cannot make any effort to prevent it. One can argue that the Global Warming concept is challenging to comprehend but it is important for us to learn about it because directly and indirectly, we are responsible for its gradual rise. According to our surface-level knowledge, Global Warming is simply the rise in the overall temperature of the earth. But most of us fail to understand the cause of it. It is caused by multiple sources. We must give our undivided attention to this cause and try to prevent it from our end. Global Warming is not unmanageable, we just have to try hard enough for its prevention.

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Causes of Global Warming

The cause of Global Warming is both natural and man-made occurrences. The Greenhouse Gases that cannot escape our planet cause Global Warming. The eruption of Volcanos causes Global Warming, and the extreme use of Automobiles and Fossil Fuels causes Global Warming. However, most of these are mainly caused mainly by the byproducts of human activities. The reason for the excessive increase in Greenhouse Gas Carbon Dioxide is too much deforestation by humans. The extreme usage of automobiles by humans also increases the level of Carbon Dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. In addition to this, too much mining and cattle rearing by humans has also helped in the exponential increase in Global Warming. Since we are mostly responsible for this monster of a problem, we only must find ways that control Global Warming.

Solutions for Global Warming

We can still manage Global Warming if we try. But this will need a collective effort from all of us. We have to reduce deforestation, we have to reduce the excessive use of automobiles, and we have to limit our mining and cattle reading activities. Again, we can manage Global Warming if we try hard enough. All of us just need to put our efforts in the right place. For this, we require good support from the Government as well. The government needs to take care of the rate of consumption of gasoline. They also need to impose strict laws to reduce deforestation. The Government must time to time encourage the use of recycling. We need to grow as many trees as we can and if possible use public transport or carpool for traveling. With all of these efforts, we can surely reduce if not completely prevent the problem of Global Warming.


In the end, I just want to say that this is high time we all realize that Global Warming is a serious issue. All of us need to educate ourselves about Global and start to plan for its control. We all have to do this for our beloved planet which has been unwell because of Global Warming. Make efforts for the prevention of Global Warming today so that our future generations do not have to suffer from it. It will not be prevented in one day but if we begin to try today then it will definitely be prevented one day.

Things to Keep in Mind while writing the Essay

The following is the list of things you must keep in mind while writing your Essay On Global Warming. You must go through this list and try to implement these things in your essay.

  • Your introduction paragraph must engross the reader from the first word itself so that they feel compelled to read the complete essay.
  • You can include some stats that show the harmful effects of Global Warming. However, you must check the accuracy of these stats.
  • Your conclusion paragraph must be impactful so that the reader does not forget your essay after completing it.
  • Try to keep your essay focused on the harmful effects of Global Warming to give relevant information to people.
  • Try to end your essay on a positive note

Global Warming Essay Related FAQs

How long must my essay on Global Warming be?

Your essay must not be longer than 500 words. Keep your essay short and impactful.

What should be the tone of my essay?

The tone of your essay should be informative and formal. However, you must avoid being aggressive and pessimistic in your essay.

How should I end my Global Warming Essay?

You must end your essay with thought-provoking lines that stay with people afterward.

Final Words

We hope we were able to provide you with enough help to write your Essay On Global Warming. For more worthwhile content we will recommend that you stay connected to our portal through Bihar NEWS Homepage.

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