How Late is the Closest Grocery Store Open and Close

Closest Grocery Stores: Everyone shops in Grocery stores for their monthly household items. People visit their closest big grocery stores to avoid the toil of having to visit multiple shops for their different grocery items. For this reason, today we are bringing you this article that curates the list of big Grocery Stores’ names along with their opening and closing times. So if you want to know How Late the Closest Grocery Store to you Opens and Closes, make sure you stay with us to the end.

Closest Widely Known Grocery Stores

Some of the widely known Grocery Stores in India are- Big Bazaar, DMart, Reliance SMART, Vishal Mega Mart, and Suvidha Supermarket. All of these stores contain a huge variety of products of all the Grocery products one needs. So you must know at what time you can shop in all of these grocery stores. For this reason, we are mentioning the opening and closing times along with other details of all these widely known Grocery Stores separately.

Closest Grocery Stores
Closest Grocery Stores

Closest Grocery Stores: Opening and Closing Time

Grocery StoreOpening Time (IST)Closing Time (IST)
Big Bazaar10 AM10 PM
DMart8:30 AM9:28 PM
Reliance Smart10 AM8 PM
Vishal Mega Mart8 AM11 PM
Star Bazaar9 AM10 PM

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Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar is one of the most popular Grocery Stores in India. There are a total of 295 Big Bazaar stores across the nation. You can shop for a wide range of groceries in it from 10 AM to 10 PM. The store stays open every day of the week. Apart from groceries, the store also offers a variety of sports, goods, utensils, and other products at reasonable prices.


DMart is another one-stop destination for all of your daily Grocery products. With 302 branches nationwide, the store contains all of the common people’s household needs along with several beauty products, garments, and other useful items. You can shop in your closest DMart store every day of the week from 8:30 AM to 9:28 PM.

Reliance SMART

Reliance SMART has become the go-to Grocery Store for people in a very short period of time. Having 15,196 stores in 7000+ cities Reliance SMART has a store close to you to shop for all of your monthly needs. You can head to the closest Reliance SMART store from 8 AM to 10 PM on any day of the week and shop for your groceries there. Besides its stores all around India, Reliance SMART allows you to shop online as well through its e-commerce platform JioMart.

Vishal Mega Mart

Vishal Mega Mart allows you to shop for daily grocery products, garments, and other products in its 400+ stores all over India. Your closest Vishal Mega Mart store stays open from 8 AM to 11 PM from Monday to Sunday. Also, you can shop for your desirous household item from the store through its official website as well.

Star Bazaar

Star Bazaar is yet another fast-growing supermarket of groceries in India. For shopping in your closest Star Bazaar store, you can choose a suitable time for you from 9 AM to 10 AM. The supermarket offers a wide range of groceries to its customers. Moreover, the supermarket change is further divided into Star Hyper and Star Market. Customers can choose a suitable supermarket to shop for their grocery products.

How to find the Closest Grocery Stores to You?

In case you want to shop in any other Grocery Store than the ones mentioned in this article, then you can find them along with their opening and closing time using the method we share below.

  1. Open Google Maps on your device and type “Grocery Stores Near Me” in the search bar.
  2. Now, find the Closest Grocery Store to you from the ones that appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the icon of the Closest Grocery Store you want to shop in.
  4. By clicking on that icon you will be able to check all the information regarding that Grocery Store.
  5. Check its location, opening and closing times, and shop according to your convenience.

Related FAQs

How can we order Grocery items online?

You can shop for the Grocery items of your need through the website or online application of that relevant grocery supermarket.

What are some of the most popular online Grocery supermarket applications?

Some of the most popular online grocery supermarkets are Big Basket, JioMart, Blinkit, etc.

Which is the best Grocery Supermarket in India?

A few of the best Grocery Supermarkets in India are Big Bazaar, Reliance SMART, etc.

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