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How to Use GPT 4: As we all know that Open AI is back with its GPT fourth edition, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4. The GPT 4 subscription is available on the internet at a monthly subscription rate of only 20 USD. Previously, chat GPT was backed by the model language of the 3.5 algorithm, which is still available. However, the users are wondering How to Use GPT 4? or if they should invest in ChatGPT Plus powered by GPT 4. Learn what are the key differences between the 3.5 and 4 versions, the procedure to install the application and the ChatGPT-4 Login details necessary for the same. Read more on “How to Use GPT 4?” with the help of this article.

How to Use GPT 4?
How to Use GPT 4?

How to Use GPT 4?

Chat GPT gained a lot of hype and attention from the world since its launch on the 30th of November 2022. It’s not even four months and the Open AI developers have updated it several times. The OPEN AI called GPT-4 has its most refined design, yielding more secure and reasonable answers. Users who complained about ChatGPT on account of social preferences, hallucinations, and negative products are yet to be more adequate. Regardless, the latest algorithm has a more comprehensive general understanding and problem-solving capabilities. Hence, the users are wondering How to Use GPT 4?

Available atChatGPT Plus
Cost20$ monthly subscription
Launched on 14th of March 2023
Developed by Open AI
Backed byMicrosoft
PurposeChat based AI
Orgininal ChatbotChat GPT
Previously Powered byGPT 3.5
Initial launched on 30th of Noevermber 2022

Features of GPT 4

The developers have worked on leveraging better data by further analysation to create a progressively refined and competent language model. Here are quite a few features of the GPT-4 that the users might enjoy and is worth a try.

  • The most astounding feature of GPT 4 is that it accepts images as prompts.
  • It can understand complicated and nuanced appeals.
  • It accepts images, texts, graphics etc as the inputs and outputs text formulated data.
  • The GPT 4 uses a wider range of data from the internet to produce a response. Hence, it is more reliable.
  • Unlike its predecessor, GPT 4 reviews its response before displaying it on the screen. It double-confirms the solutions before delivering them to the users.
  • The developers have worked on reducing the biased responses produced by the previous version of the GPT.

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ChatGPT-4 Login & App download

The users can log in to ChatGPT 4 by downloading ChatGPT Plus and subscribing at 20$ per month to avail of the benefits. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Users can download the Chat GPT plus application from
  2. After the installation process is over.
  3. Users must log in via their original chat GPT ID.
  4. If they are using GPT for the first time, they can register by their mobile number or email ID.
  5. Enter the OTP to proceed with the manual.
  6. Don’t forget to subscribe by paying the amount of 20$.
  7. Voila! you’re all set to talk with their chatbot.

How to Use GPT 4?

The usage of ChatGT Plus is as simple as the Chat GPT. Furthermore, it is more helpful as you can image search the input to get responses. Users who were previously using the 3.5 version might notice small changes between the two. Here, is the answer to the question How to Use GPT 4?

The users only need to enter their texts in the input source and the responses created and shared by the GPT-4 will be more accurate. GPT-4’s progressive reasoning abilities outmatch ChatGPT. The users who are wondering if it is worth 20$ or not might look at the differences between Chat GPT (GPT-3.5) and Chat GPT Plus (GPT 4).

How to use chatgpt plus

How Is GPT 4 Different From GPT-3.5?

The users unknown of whether or not they should update their chats box can have a look at this comparison between the two versions. ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus are feature-wise differentiated in the table below.
GPT 4 vs GPT 3.5

FEATURESChat GPT (GPT-3.5) Chat GPT Plus (GPT 4)
InputNo image searchImage search
Confirmation No confirmationReviews by double check
Response limit2048 characters25000 words
Response AccuracyVagueAccurate
Uniform Bar Exam scores10th90th
Biology Olympiad31st99th

GPT 4 Drawbacks

The developers at Open AI are working on the betterment of the chat box so that people do not have to think too much about the efficiency of Chat GPT. Here are a few facts are Chat GPT that one must know before proceeding with downloading.

  • Chat GPT plus sometimes provides negative assistance.
  • The GPT-4 is not considerate in matters of social prejudgments yet.
  • It tends to hallucinate answers, meaning it can provide reliable-looking answers even if they are incorrect.
  • Therefore, the developers at Open AI are currently aiming to erase these issues.
  • They are also working on expanding their routes of input in forming our prototypes.

How to Use GPT 4? Important Links

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How to Use GPT 4?

Users only have to download the application from the website. Login using their mobile number and Gmail account.

What is the cost of GPT 4?

Users need a subscription worth 20$ per month to use GPT 4 or Chat GPT plus.

Does Chat GPT use the internet to give solutions?

No. Chat GPT uses data available up to 2021. Hence, it can not give opinions on the matters that occurred after 2021.

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