Importance of Quiz in School

Importance of Quiz in School: Since studies are student-centred in today’s era, it is important to learn how to teach and make students learn in the best possible way. In earlier times, when the teacher was the whole-sole responsible for the education of children, how the teacher taught worked the best, but now everything gathers around the student. Sometimes, the student is unable to understand and learn the topic through the lecture method and that is why different approaches like quizzes, chit games, etc are needed to be applied so that students can effectively grasp everything.

Here in this article on the Importance of Quiz in school, we will tell you how a quiz is one of the most effective methods as compared to others and why it is necessary to make everyone aware of the Use of Quizzes in Teaching.

Importance of Quiz in school
Benefits of Quizzes in Teaching

Importance of Quiz in School

Before Understanding the Importance of a Quiz in School, one should be aware of the method by which a quiz is played. It is a process in which, participants are given 4 options and one has to choose the correct option to gain marks, scores or win prizes. Students or participants can play quizzes with different mindsets and different approaches. Approaches can either be choosing the correct option or if one does not know the correct answer then he/she can switch to an elimination approach. The elimination approach is a method where the answer is confusing and there is doubt between two options than the wrong one is eliminated.

This helps the student to choose the correct option. Here we are focussing to tell you about what a quiz is, and why a school should opt for a quiz as a method of teaching. You can also see the given youtube video to understand the Importance of Quiz in Schools.

Method to Play Quiz

As with every other game, the quiz also has some set of rules. It is important to understand what these rules are and how a quiz is conducted or played so that everyone in the game gets a fair chance and wins it fairly. Below given are the rules and way a quiz is played.

  • To play quizzes, it is important to have teams divided equally into A, B, C and D.
  • Like the above example, multiple questions are asked to a team one by one and every question consists of a correct answer and some points or marks.
  • For every right answer, the allotted points go to the team who gives the right answer, and if the answer given by that team is wrong, then the question switches to another team.
  • If another team answers correctly then the point is given to the team, but if not then the question gets eliminated.
  • In this way, questions are asked and the game goes on.
  • Some tv shows use a time limit or buzzer system for the quiz. In this, if the time limit is finished and the answer to that question is not given then the player is eliminated. In the buzzer system, after asking the question whosoever presses the buzzer first gets the priority to answer the question.

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Why is Quiz Important?

No student wants to waste time understanding the concept by reading the books thoroughly. Everybody wants instant solutions to every question. Quizzes are thus used for many reasons. We have listed some of the many reasons below that will make you understand the Benefits of Quizzes in Teaching

  • Quizzes are fun: We all know, quizzes are fun. After a long tiring day, if you play a quiz for only 5 minutes, you are relaxed, then why not use the quiz to make children also happy, rather than making them learn through a long lecture method? This method is amazing in terms of making a student learn while having fun.
    Importance of quiz
  • To raise Confidence: When students play quizzes and are allowed to answer there it boosts their confidence. and what boosts their confidence is the correct answer they give. It makes them feel more responsible as they contributed to the points scoring for their team. Thus, playing a quiz always boosts the confidence of the student.
  • To learn more effectively: When a student sits quietly in class and listens to the teacher only with those old books and that old-fashioned lecture. It makes them bored and sleepy. In quizzes, when they sit in teams sometimes along with their friends they become excited. In the teams, they have a feeling of competition which makes them learn more and give the answers more effectively. So, quizzes are the most effective way of learning.
  • Quizzes are great for the end assessment of the topic: Once a student knows everything about the topic, there can be many ways of assessment of children. It can be by the pen-paper test method, worksheets or any other method, but if students are told earlier only about the quiz assessment, they prepare well and study well for the games and quizzes. It also becomes easy for the teacher to take the assessment in a fun way rather than writing down every question on the blackboard and waiting for every child to finish the test. The teacher has to make a sheet of questions for one time only, and then the teacher can use that sheet of questions in every session. This makes it easier for a teacher and creates excitement in students.
  • Quizzes help in revision: For many children, learning is tough, as they find it difficult to memorize their brains. For them, it is the best way of revising. When a revision is done without creativity and interest, the learned all get vanished. If a student revises the syllabus in a fun way, it gets sustained in the brain forever and thus makes the child remember it always.
  • It is environment friendly: The quiz does not require any papers for writing, it just needs some management. For playing quizzes one is not required with pen and paper, and if no pen and paper are required, no trees will be cut to make the paper. Hence it is an eco-friendly way of learning.
    One can play quizzes online also on their phones, PCs, laptops or tablets. Teachers can also make the quizzes online and share them with every student in his/her class.
  • It helps keep track of students’ learning: When the teacher practices quizzes in the classroom, he/she can keep up simple track of which child is understanding the content and which student is finding it difficult to remember by simply observing the attempts the student is making to answer and whether it’s a right answer or wrong.

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Sample of Importance of Quiz in School

The quiz can be made in different areas and for different age groups of people. People of every age can play quizzes. The format of the quiz for children is different than that of the quiz made for elders and youths. In school, the questions for quizzes are made from the subjects students are learning. Subjects include English, Maths, Science, Social studies, General knowledge (depending on the class the quiz is for), etc. The format of the quiz is almost the same for every age group.

Sample Question in a Quiz Pattern:

Q1. A question is framed in this section, using (What, Where, Why, Who, and How).
Option 1: The nearly related option is applied here
Option 2: You can apply the wrong option here
Option 3: Keep the right option or the answer to the question
Option 4: Give another confusing answer related to the topic/question.

In the given format the quiz questions are made, let us understand again, this side with an example:


Q1. Which country drinks the most coffee per capita?
Option 1: India
Option 2: Finland
Option 3: Germany
Option 4: USA
Answer: Finland

I hope you all have understood the way, quizzes are made.

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Why are quizzes important in teaching?

Weekly or frequent quizzing helps the students put in all the information they have learned in that particular subject up till now. This helps the teacher to analyse the weak and strong points.

What are the objectives of the quiz?

The main objective is to know what a child knows and what they don’t.

Are quizzes formative or subjective assessments?

Quizzes are formative assessments. Formative assessment also includes tests, surveys, questionnaires etc.

Is the quiz oral or written?

The quizzes can be taken orally or through written tests. The answers are usually one word short.

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