Important Days In October 2023: List of National & International Dates

Important Days In October 2023: October marks the end of the monsoon period and the beginning of autumn in India. The month starts with celebrating the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. We celebrate various festivals, essential days, occasions etc throughout the year. Like this, October is filled with multiple important days nationally and internationally. Since October is just around the corner, we have jotted down all the Important Days in October 2023. Here you can check what essential days and festivals are celebrated in October. Look at the following information to learn why we celebrate the next important days in October 2023.

Important Days In October 2023

In this paragraph, we have shared the important event dates in October 2023. Any student who is about to appear in any entrance examination goes through the following details. This table will help you gain some general knowledge about the Important Days In October 2023:

Important Days in October 2023

List of Important Dates in October 2023

Important Dates in October Particulars
1st October 20231. International Day of Older Persons
2. Andhra Pradesh’s Rayalaseema Festival
3. National Voluntary Blood Donation Day
4. International Music Day
5. World Vegetarian Day
6. International Coffee Day
2nd October 20231. Gandhi Jayanti (The international day of non-violence)
3. World Farm Animals Day
5. World Smile Day
6. Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
3rd October 2023World Habitat Day
4th October 2023World Animal Day
5th October 2023World Teacher’s Day
6th October 20231. German American Day
2. World Cerebral Palsy Day
7th October 20231. World Cotton Day
2. World Day for Decent Work
8th October 2023Indian Air Force Day
9th October 20231. World Postal Day
10th October 20231. World Mental Health Day
2. National Postal Day
11th October 2023International Day of the Girl Child
12th October 2023World Arthritis Day
13th October 20231. International Day for Disaster Reduction 2023
2. World Sight Day
14th October 20231. World Standards Day
2. World Egg Day
15th October 20231. World Student’s Day
2. Global Handwashing Day
3. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
4. World White Cane Day
5. International Day of Rural Women 2023
16th October 20231. World Food Day
2. World Anaesthesia Day 
17th October 20231. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
20th October 20231. World Osteoporosis Day
2. National Solidarity Day
21st October 2023Indian Police Commemoration Day (Police Martyrs’ Day)
22nd October 2023International Stuttering Awareness Day
24th October 20231. United Nations Day
2. World Development Information Day 
3. World Polio Day
4. Indo Tibetan Border Police Raising Day
27th October 2023World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
29th October 2023World Stroke Day 
30th October 2023World Thrift Day/World Saving Day
31st October 2023National Unity Day (Rashtriya Ekta Diwas)

Important Days In October India

We have explained why the above-mentioned important days in October 2023 are celebrated. Understand why such significance has been given to the particular date, the back story, the reason etc. Read the following details of the Important Days in October India:

2nd October – Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

On 2nd October, we celebrate the birth of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He was the leader of the non-violence movement and the Indian Independence Movement. Mohanchand Karamchand Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated to focus on many global issues worldwide. Most importantly. his birthday is the occasion to draw attention to the importance of non-violence.

2nd October – Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti

Lal Bahadur Shastri was an Indian politician who was the 2nd Prime Minister of India. It is celebrated to remember his contribution during the Indo-Pakistan war. Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birthday is celebrated along with Gandhi Jayanti i.e. 2nd October.

8th October – Indian Air Force Day

This year, we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Indian Air Force Day on 8th October 2023. The beginning of the Indian Air Force Day goes back to 1932 when it was first got inaugurated. This day calls to remember the inauguration of the Indian Air Force that vows to serve the country’s security.

10th October – National Postal Day

Every year on the 10th of October, we celebrate Indian Postal Day. It is an addition to World Postal Day. This day has been formed to show respect to the postal departments and their contribution to our lives. Years ago, communicating and connecting with people was as easy as how it is today. Postal Services play a vital role in eradicating this issue. Hence, Indian Postal Day/ National Postal Day is celebrated.

20th October – National Solidarity Day

National Solidarity Day is celebrated on 20th October in India. This day calls back to remember the historic days of the Ind-China War in 1962. China first attacked India, which led to a month-long war until the order was released for China to cease the fire. India not only lost the war but faced a huge fatality rate and poverty. Eventually, the country united and showed solidarity to protect the nation. On National Solidarity Day, the entire nation shows gratitude to the jawans who protected the border during the war.

24th October – Indo-Tibetan Border Police Raising Day

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police force was founded on 24th October 1962. Its main motive is to protect the borders of the country. Every year on this day we recall the service rendered by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police force. This year we will celebrate the 61st Indo-Tibetan Border Police Raising Day.

31st October – National Unity Day (Rashtriya Ekta Diwas)

We celebrate National Unity Day annually on 31st October on the birthday of the Indian Freedom Fighter, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He was India’s first deputy prime minister and home minister from 1947 to 1950. He believed in maintaining unity and integrating into the country. Every government officer arranges a pledge-taking ceremony on National Unity Day.

Important Days In October 2023: Festivals in India

October is this month which observes festivities that are the combination of music, light, and dance. The following table depicts the upcoming festivities that are going to be held in October 2023:

Pitru Paksha20 September to 14 September 2023
Navratri15th to 23 October 2023
Dussehra24 October 2023

October /November 2023 Festival Significance

  • Durga Puja – We celebrate Durga Puja to remember the goddess Durga winning over king Mahishasura. People all over the country worship Durga Maa and her divine feminine to remember the victory of good.
    Durga Puja 2022
  • 24 October 2023- Dussehra – It is a very popular festival in India. Every part of the country celebrates Dussehra to mark the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana.
    Dussehra 2022
  • Karwa Chauth – On Karwa Chauth, every Hindu married women pray for their husband’s good life and health by fasting from sunrise to moonrise. Married women worship lord shiva and goddess Parvati.
    Karwa Chauth 2022
  • Diwali – Diwali is Lord Rama defeated Ravana, to welcome him back home to Ayodhya. On this day, every house in India is lit with dias to celebrate lord Rama’s victory and arrival.
    Diwali 2022
  • Govardhan Puja – People worship Govardhan Hills and prepare bhog for lord Krishna to show respect. On this day, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountains in order to protect and provide shelter to the people of Vrindavan.
    Govardhan Puja 2022
  • Bhai Duj – The celebration is similar to that of the Raksha Bandhan. The bond between the siblings, brother and sisters is celebrated. Gifts are presented to the sisters. at the same time, the good life and health of the brothers are celebrated by the sister.
    Bhai Duj 2022
  • Chhath Puja – Chhath Puja is the most famous and important festival in northern India, especially in Bihar. People dedicate prayers to the solar deity, Surya and his wife Usha who is known as ‘Chhath’. Gratitude and respect are shown to the deity for their protection.
    Chhath Puja 2022

Important Days In October 2023: Worldwide Events

Here we have explained some of the critical events in October that we celebrate nationally and internationally.

International Day of Older Persons

On this day, we serve to remember the contribution of older people to our society. It is celebrated every year on the 1st of October. The International Day of Older Persons also tends to create awareness regarding the day-to-day difficulties an older person faces. The older generation is combined with experience and wisdom, we often get to learn many things from their storytelling. The first-ever International Day of Older Persons was celebrated on 1st October 1991.

World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day is celebrated every first Monday of October, this year it will be celebrated on 3rd October 2023. This is observed to look over the condition of the state, cities and global observance of the basic adequate shelter right. Every year, it is celebrated worldwide with a specific theme. The World Habitat Day theme would be ‘Mind the Gap’. This year, we will focus on the cause of the rapid spread of inequalities in cities and based on human shelter.

World Teacher’s Day

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) formed World Teacher’s Day in 1992. This is to bring attention to the dedication and contribution of teachers in the world. We celebrate World Teacher’s Day to recognize the importance and need for skilled, talented and inspirational teachers in our life.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is celebrated to increase awareness and education of mental health across countries. Awareness programs are held to bring awareness towards mental illness and how it affects people’s lives.

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Important Days In October 2023 FAQs

When and why do we celebrate the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Raising Day?

On the 24th of October, we recall the service rendered by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police force.

What is the International Day of Non-Violence?

The Gandhi Jayanti is also known as the International Day of Non-Violence Day. It is celebrated on the 2nd of October.

What is National Postal Day?

Every year on the 10th of October we celebrate Indian Postal Day. This day has been formed to show respect to the postal departments and their contribution to our lives.

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