India Lockdown News: Will there be another lockdown in the Country anytime soon?

India Lockdown News: With a sudden increase in Covid-19 Cases worldwide, people in India cannot help being paranoid regarding another Lockdown. Ever since the new Covid Variant BF.7 has become prevalent, everyone is speculating about another lockdown in the country. But is the situation of Covid-19 so bad that another Lockdown is warranted? To answer this question, we are sharing this article today with you. Here we will discuss different topics regarding this new covid outbreak and whether another lockdown is possible because of it or not. So if you also have been wondering about another Lockdown in India, be sure to read this article through to the end.

India Lockdown News

As of now the state of Corona Virus has not gotten as bad as it was before in India. However, things can get worse real quick because of this new Covid-19 Variant. So to prevent this, the Indian Government is steadily taking crucial steps. The Government has asked the people of the country to start following all the earlier Covid-19 guidelines once again. In addition to this, the Government is also making sure that the authorities test International passengers at the New Delhi Airport.

In addition to all of this Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya also made RT PCR tests compulsory for passengers of certain countries. These countries include China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. Since the Government is making so many efforts to prevent another Lockdown, citizens should contribute as well.

India Lockdown News
India Lockdown News

Will there be another lockdown in the Country anytime soon?

Amidst the danger of the Covid-19 4th wave, a message regarding another lockdown was being circulated. A piece of viral news suggested that India will go into a state of lockdown for a week starting 24 December 2022. However, later on, this news turned out to be completely fake. Even though it was fake news, the people of India did get scared thinking of another lockdown. So what are the possibilities of another lockdown in India? Although the country is not completely immune to the new Covid Variant, according to the experts there will likely be no lockdown in India anytime soon.

Even if the chances of another Lockdown are highly unlikely in India, the citizens must be cautious. All the Covid-19 precautions must be taken by the citizens again. More importantly, the citizens must make sure they take all the booster doses. Before the situation of panic arises in India once again, the Government and citizens must make sure all the precautions are taken. In addition to this, people must not believe any fake news regarding India Lockdown. Believe only in that news that is circulated from certified portals Indian Government.

Covid Nasal Vaccine for Covid-19 New Variant

Another step taken by the Indian Government in the prevention of Lockdown in India is the release of the Covid Nasal Vaccine iNCOVACC. This vaccine will be used as a Heterologous booster dose. All Indian Citizens who are above 18 can book this vaccine exclusively on the CoWIN portal. The citizens can take shots of this vaccine from the fourth week of January 2023. In the midst of the danger this new variant is causing, the release of this vaccine can be a very helpful step. So, we will recommend that Indian Citizens who are above 18 books this vaccine.

The charges for this vaccine are Rs. 800/- plus other taxes. Indian citizens can book slots for this vaccine at private hospitals. Furthermore, to make this vaccine available to a large number of people, the charge for the vaccine by the central and state government will be Rs. 325 for every dose. So accordingly Indian citizens can take the doses of this vaccine.

India Lockdown News Related FAQs

Will there be a lockdown in India this year?

The chances of another lockdown in India are unlikely as of now. However, no one can predict what the future holds, so Indian citizens must take all the necessary precautions.

When can people take the dose of the iNCOVACC vaccine?

From the fourth week of January 2023, Indian citizens who are above 18 can take the doses of iNCOVACC vaccine. For this, they have to book a slot on the CoWIN portal.

Was the news regarding Lockdown in India for 7 days from 24 December 2022 real?

No, the news that was being circulated regarding the 7 days of Lockdown in the country from 24 December 2022 was completely fake.

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