JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023 – Marks Required for IITs, NITs Colleges

JEE Main Rank Predictor: To predict the rank that a candidate can score in the Joint Entrance Examination, there are multiple online tools available. JEE Main rank predictor is a method by which the candidates can calculate and estimate the percentile and the rank they will receive in the JEE Mains result. These tools use analytical data in order to predict the ranks of the candidates who enter their score of JEE. It only gives a tentative idea and those who depend upon these predictors to check their rank should not entirely believe them.

However, it still gives a pretty accurate estimation. The candidates will also be able to get an idea of the minimum score that is required for them to qualify for the JEE advanced. It is a very purposeful tool. Check all the details pertaining to JEE Main rank predictor 2023 in the given article.

Joint Entrance Examination Mains Level Rank Predictor

JEE Main Rank Predictor 2023

The candidates who appeared for the JEE Main examination are eagerly waiting for the results. While they can estimate their score by the answers they submitted and the accurate answers that were notified after the exam, they also seek to get an estimation of their ranks. Since the joint entrance examination is a national level exam and prospects from all over the country appear for it, rank is a very crucial part of the result. The higher the rank, the higher the chances of getting an admission into the college of preference.

Additionally, in the JEE Main scorecard, not only the score scored by the candidates as mentioned but also rank is allocated to each student. On the basis of the rank, the candidates qualify for further levels. Hence, the aspirants use the rank predictor tool to check if they might qualify for the JEE advanced paper.

Features of JEE Main Rank Predictor

In the following are the features of JEE Main Rank predictor 2023 tool:

  • Students can use the tool to predict the JEE ranks before the release of the result.
  • The rank that will be estimated depends upon the score calculated and estimated by the student.
  • The tool will also estimate which colleges and branches should be preferred on the basis of the rank estimated by it.
  • The tool predicts the ranks on the basis of the results and trends of the previous years.
  • The difficulty of the present examination is considered while making any predictions
  • The tool is only for reference purpose. It is not meant to declare the exact rank of the student.
  • It is very important to correctly estimate the score in JEE Main examination. If the candidate is looking to get a very accurate prediction of the rank.

How to Predict JEE Main Rank 2023?

There are multiple rank predictors available online for the candidate to check. The technology has been installed by various sites pertaining to education so as to provide an estimation to the students to check what rank they might receive in the JEE Main exam. Follow the method given below in order to predict JEE Main result rank:

  1. Open the JEE Main rank predictor tool for 2023 examination.
  2. Enter the details such as name of the candidate and much more as required in the form.
  3. Try to remember the answers submitted by the candidate in the JEE Main examination paper.
  4. Use the answer keys released after the examination to estimate a score that the candidate will get in the examination paper.
  5. Enter the same score in the JEE Main rank predictor tool 2023.
  6. Click on predict rank.
  7. The rank will be predicted and listed. The candidates must know that this is a mere estimation and they should not take it by heart. It entirely depends upon the score entered by the student and other factors. Hence there is a certain accuracy but not an exact one.

How much score is needed for good rank in JEE Main?

The following data will help analyse what AIR a candidate can get on the basis of the JEE Main Score:

ScoreRank Range (Tentative)
301 – 324250-1,000
276 – 3001,000-2,200
251 – 2752,500-3,700
226 – 2503,500-6,500
201 – 2257,000-15,000
176 – 20010,000-22,000
151 – 17518,000-32,000
126 – 15027,000-46,000
101 – 12541,000-80,000
76 – 1001 lakh to 5 lakh
51 – 755.5 lakh to 9.5 lakh
26 – 509 lakh to 11 lakh
0 – 2511 lakh +

What will JEE Main Rank Predictor tool predict?

The candidates must observe that the following will be predicted by the JEE rank predictor tool 2023:

  • The all India rank on the basis of the score mentioned by the student.
  • Expected percentile score of the student.
  • Reference of College on the basis of the predicted percentile score and the rank.

Why should you use JEE Main Rank Predictor?

Even though the predictions made by the rain predicted tool are not 100% accurate, the students are still advised to refer to it for the following reasons:

  • Analyse the performance of the candidate and where he/she stands in the competition.
  • To get an idea of the level of competition for the current year.
  • To get an estimation of their admission status in the college of their preference and the college they should approach.
  • The candidates can plan their further studies and their admission choices on the basis of the rank that will be protected so as to save time.

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What are JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool?

JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool is a online method by help which the candidates who have appeared for the JEE Mains examination can estimate rank using the score calculated on the basis of the JEE Main Answer Keys.

Are JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool accurate?

It is an estimation tool. It helps to given an idea of what rank the candidate will get. The AIR predicted by the help of the tool is tentative and not exact. It is just an idea so that the candidates can decide what further decisions they can take.

Why should we use JEE Main Rank Predictor Tool?

It is a very important tool. The candidates can estimate where they stand in the competition and what colleges they should target and if they should start preparing further for JEE Advanced. The candidates are also able to see what colleges they might get accepted into by the help of the predictions of the tool.

How does the JEE Main Rank Predictor tool make predictions?

The tool uses analytical data from the previous years trends and observes the difficulty of the present year’s exam. It uses the estimated score which the candidate has entered to make predictions.

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