List of Courses After 12th – Science Stream PCM & PCB Subjects

List of Courses After 12th Pass: The central and state authority have almost completed the board examination for class 12th. As the examinations are now almost over, all the students appeared to be thinking about their future. There are multiple courses available for the students after the 12th. All the students who want to study further after class 12th must be in a dilemma after their further studies. So, we have prepared this article for all those students of Science Stream who d not know which course to choose after completing school. We will provide you with the details regarding the courses that are offered after the 12th in the science stream. So do read the following article till the end to know more about the List of Courses After 12th.

List of Courses After 12th

College is a very major turning point in a student’s life. The whole future depends upon the course that will be chosen by the student. Science is said to be one of the best streams in India as it offers multiple courses and the jobs related to it are also high in the market. So, all the students who are either in PCM or PCB must go through the following article. In the article, we have mentioned details like the courses after 12th, average salary and other things.

List of Courses After 12th - Science Stream PCM & PCB Subjects

List of Courses After 12th Science Stream (PCM)

  • B.Tech Biotechnology
  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Sc in Actuarial Sciences
  • B.Tech Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech Information Technology
  • B.Tech Genetic Engineering
  • B.Sc in Robotics
  • B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering
  • B.Tech Automobile Engineering
  • B.Des Industrial Design/ Vehicle Design
  • B.SC in Applied Mathematics
  • B.Tech Civil and Structural Engineering
  • B.Tech Industrial Engineering
  • B.Sc in Hotel Management
  • B.Tech Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech Mining Engineering
  • B.Tech Electronics 
  • B.Sc Physics
  • B.Sc Chemists
  • B.Sc Maths
  • B.Sc Aviation
  • B.Sc Home Science
  • B.Sc in Mathematics
  • B.Sc in Statistics
  • B.Sc In Nautical Sciences
  • B.Sc in Data Science/ Data Analytics
  • B.Sc in Economics
  • B.Sc in Finance
  • Bachelor of Computer Application and Computer Science
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • BMS BBA Accounting 
  • B.Tech Food Technology
  • BSc Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor of Architecture 
  • B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Des Product Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology
  • B.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • B.Planning
  • Nautical Science/ Merchant Navy Training

Diploma Courses After 12th PCM

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Software Engineering
  • Diploma in Software and Networking
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology
  • Diploma in Data Science
  • Diploma in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering 
  • Diploma in Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Textile Designing 
  • Diploma in Web designing
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Dress Designing
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Technology
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  • Diploma in Textile Designing 
  • Diploma in Foreign languages

List of Best Courses After 12th (PCM)

  • B.Tech Information Technology: It is a four-year course where the student learns the concept of software development, information security, business software, maintaining databases, etc. With this course, students can the job like Testing Engineer, Software Developer, Applications Developer etc. The minimum average salary for this course is 4,50,000 to 6,00,000 per annum.
  • B.Tech Electronics and Communicating Engineering: It is also a 4 years course which focuses on technologies in electricity, electronics, etc. Students from this course can work as Electronic engineers, Design engineers, etc. The starting average salary for this course is INR 1,80,000 to 3,00,000 per annum.
  • B.Sc Aviation: It is a 3 years course which deals with helicopters, aeroplanes, etc. In this course, students learn topics like Air Regulation, Aircraft, and Engines, Meteorology, etc. After completing this course students can become Cargo Managers, Pilots, Flight Test Engineers, Service Maintenance Engineers, etc. The average salary for this course is 4,25,000 per annum.
  • Bachelor of Architecture: It is a complete 5 years course. In this course, students learn topics like designing, constructing physical structures, etc. From this course, applicants can get job roles like Project Architect, Architecture Designer, Interior Architect, etc. The average salary for this course is 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 per annum.
  • B.Tech Mining Engineering: It is a UG course and the duration of the course is 4 years. It deals with the study material and related topics of the process of extracting natural resources from the environment. The job roles offered after this course are Engineering Manager, Technician, Project Manager, Industrial Engineer, Production Manager, etc. The average minimum salary offered to the students after this course is 3 to 7 lakh per annum.

List of Courses After 12th Science Stream (PCB)

  • B.Sc Nursing
  • MBBS
  • B.Optom
  • B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology
  • B.Sc Dental Hygiene
  • B.Sc Dental Operating Room Assistant
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
  • B.Tech Textile Chemistry
  • B.Tech Genetic Engineering
  • B.Tech in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • B. Tech/ B.Sc Food Technology
  • B.Sc Marine Biology
  • B.Sc in Nutritional Biology
  • Bachelors in Molecular Bioengineering
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy
  • B.Sc Toxicology
  • B.Sc Zoology
  • Bachelors in Botany
  • B.Sc Medical Technology in Radiography
  • Bachelors in Genetics
  • Bachelors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • B.Sc Biophysics
  • B.Sc Biochemistry
  • Bachelor in Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor in Physiology
  • Bachelor in Food and Agricultural Technology
  • Bachelor in Biomedical Science
  • B.Sc Molecular Biology
  • Bachelors in Neuroscience
  • B.Sc in Food and Nutrition
  • B.Sc Chemistry
  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry
  • Bachelor in Microbiology
  • B.Sc Applied Chemistry
  • B.Tech in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
  • B.Tech in Petroleum

Diploma Courses For PCB

  • Diploma in Radiology
  • Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • Diploma in Dialysis
  • Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
  • Diploma in Medical Transcription
  • Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Diploma in Emergency Medicine
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technician
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology
  • Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Diploma in E.E.G. and E.M.G. Technician
  • Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in First Aid, Medical Care, and Emergency
  • Diploma in Radio-diagnosis
  • Diploma in Anaesthesia
  • Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
  • Diploma in O. T. Technician
  • Diploma in First-Aid

Certificate Courses (PCB Subject)

  • MRI Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • CT Scan Technician
  • Geriatric Care Assistance
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Hospital Store Assistant
  • X-Ray Technician
  • Pain Management 
  • Echocardiography and Ultrasound
  • Phlebotomy Assistance
  • Biomedical Equipment Technician
  • General Duty Assistance
  • Dental care assistant 
  • Yoga & Naturopathy Science
  • Food and Nutrition
  • HIV and Family Education

List of Best Courses After 12th (PCB)

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): It is a 5 years and 6 months UG course. It is one of the best courses in India. In this course, students learn topics like pharmacology, anatomy, and pathology in detail. Through this course, students can become a doctor, diagnose diseases, conduct surgery, prescribe medicine, etc. The minimum average salary for this course is 4 to 10 lakh per annum.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy: B. Pharmacy is also a 4-year long undergraduate program. In this course, students learn topics like medicinal chemistry, industrial pharmacy, etc. With this course, students can be Medicine Wholesalers, Drug Inspectors, Quality Assurance Associates, etc. The minimum average salary from this course is 5,00,000 to 12,00,000 per annum.
  • Bachelors in Botany: B.Sc Botany is a 3-year undergraduate course. In this course, students learn ecology, first, and plants. With this course, individuals can get the job role of Botanist, ecologist, conservationist, etc. The starting average salary from this course is 2,50,000 to 5,00,000 per annum.
  • Bachelor in Microbiology: B.Sc Microbiology is also a 3-year undergraduate course. In this course, the students learn the study of microorganisms. Some of the courses that they study are Microbial Physiology, Microbial Genetics, etc. The minim average salary from this course is 4,00,000 to 12,00,000 per annum.
  • Bachelor in Physiology: It is an undergraduate curse. The duration of this course is 3 years. In this course, the students learn about the functioning of the human body. The most studied topics in this course are the nervous system, Renal Physiology, Sensory Physiology, etc. The minimum average salary from this course is 3,50,00 to 16,00,00 per annum.
  • B.Sc Marine Biology: It is a 6-semester undergraduate course. Students learn the topics like Marine Geology, Marine Pollution, Aquaculture, Chemical Oceanography, etc. The job roles that are offered after this course are marine archaeologist, marine biologist, oceanographer, marine researcher, aquatic veterinarian, etc. The minimum average salary offered after this course is 4,00,000 to 8,00,000 per annum.


How can I apply for MBBS in Government College?

To apply for MBBS, you will first have to appear for the NEET exam and score the minimum qualified marks set by concerning government college.

What are the top job profiles for a Zoology graduate?

A Zoologist graduate can become a Wildlife Biologist, forensic expert, Ecologist, Zoologist, Veterinarian, Nutrition Specialist, etc.

What is the best course for the students of PCB Stream?

The best course for the PCB student is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery i.e., MBBS.

What is the starting salary offered to a Robotics graduate?

The starting average salary offered to a Robotics graduate is 5 to 6 lakhs per annum.

What are the names of the courses that are mostly picked by the students of PCM Stream?

The courses mostly picked by the PCM students are Civil Engineering, B.Tech IT, Automobile Engineering, Electronics, etc.

We believe that you guys found our article useful. If you have any feedback, do feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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