Manifest Season 5 Release Date; Coming or Not, Official Statement

Manifest Season 5 Release Date: The NBC show Manifest gained a cult following since its premiere back in the year 2018. The show’s gripping storyline left the viewers impressed. NBC continued the show till season 3 because of its successful run. However, after season 3 aired, NBC unexpectedly decided to cancel it which left the fans devastated. Thankfully Netflix came to the rescue and decided to release Manifest Season 4 on its platform. The show’s season 4 came out on 4 November 2022 and got a good reception from the audience.

The catch is that only the first part of season 4 has come out so far and the second part will be released later on. But since people have so much connection with the show, they will surely crave for more. So will Manifest Season 5 come out? and if so what will be its release date? If you are manifesting Manifest Season 5, we are here to provide you with all the information for it. So kindly go through the complete article.

Is Manifest Season 5 Coming or Not?

The first 10 episodes of the first part of Season 4 of Manifest are available to stream on Netflix. Moreover, the second part of Season 4 will likely come out in early 2023. So it is only natural that the fans want to know when the Season 5 of the show will come out and how the story proceeds in it. We hate to burst your bubble like this, but it is highly unlikely for Manifest Season 5 to be made and released. There are several factors that indicate that there will be no season 5 of Manifest. But still, the fans can bid the show a sweet goodbye with the second part of Season 4 which is yet to be released.

Manifest Show TV Overview

Name of the ShowManifest
Number of Seasons4
Total Episodes52
GenreSupernatural Drama
Creator of the ShowJeff Rake
Ensemble CastMelissa Roxburgh
Josh Dallas
Athena Karkanis
Matt Long
J.R. Ramirez
Luna Blaise
Initial Release Date24 September 2018
Release Date of the Latest Episode4 November 2022
The runtime of each EpisodeAround 40 to 50 minutes
Streaming Platform of the ShowNetflix

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Official Statement for Cancellation of Manifest Season 5

Manifest not being renewed for a Season 5 can come out as a shocker for fans. One of the reasons for it is that the show was initially planned for 6 seasons. Moreover, it has been cancelled before and Netflix renewed it which gave fans a glimpse of hope. Unfortunately, the fans will most likely never get to see Manifest Season 5. The prime reason for it is the show makers’ advertising season 4 as the season that concludes the show. In addition to this, the makers have already planned an ending for the show in season 4. So it will be difficult to conjure a new arc for the show after it is concluded in season 4.

Another reason for the show to be concluded with Season 4 is the statement of the show’s lead star Melissa Roxburgh in a recent interview. Melissa said that she thought the show was going to end with season 3 when they beforehand shot most of the scenes that they were going to use in Season 4. This suggests that the idea of the ending is present with the show makers and there is little to no possibility of Season 5 happening.

Manifest Season 4 Part 2 Release Date

Even though there is likely no season 5 of Manifest, the fans will still get some moments to rejoice with part 2 of season 4. The fans must already know that only part 1 of Season 4 has come out in November 2022. And, the fans who crave more content from their favourite show will get to see Manifest Season 4 Part 2 in the early months of 2023. After this, the show will most probably reach its conclusion and will not be renewed. The fans of the show must already know that they can stream the second part of Manifest Season 2 exclusively on the streaming platform Netflix.

Related FAQs

Is Manifest coming back for a season 5?

The Netflix supernatural drama will likely not come back for a season 5. However, the fans will get the second 4 of Manifest Season 4 soon in 2023.

Why was Manifest Season 5 cancelled?

There was no plan to renew the show for season 5 by the makers after Netflix renewed it for season 4. The makers had planned an ending for the show with the season and they will most likely stick to it.

Where can I watch Season 4 Part 2 of Manifest?

The fans can watch part 2 of Manifest Season 4 only on the streaming platform Netflix.

Final Words

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