Minecraft 1.20 Update, Download, Release Date, New Features

Minecraft 1.20 Update: The widely popular Minecraft is getting a new update. The fans of the game will be brimming with excitement after knowing this news. In this article, we will talk about all the details of the Minecraft 1.20 Update. This includes the release date, where to download it, and the new features of the game. All the Minecraft fans who have been playing their beloved game for a long time and are excited about this update, stay with us to the end.

Minecraft 1.20 Update

The Minecraft 1.20 Update will be laced with a lot of new features that its fans will definitely find appealing. These features will be available on every platform the game can be played on. However, gamers have to wait for a while to access all of these features. Majong Studios have not revealed any information about when one can expect this new update’s release. Although, fans are making speculations about its release sometime in 2023. For now, we just know that whenever this update comes out the game fans will surely have a good time with it.

Minecraft 1.20 Update: Overview

Article CategoryGames
Name of the GameMinecraft
DeveloperMojang Studios
PlatformsPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and Mobile Devices
Update Version1.20
Update Release DateSometime in June 2023 (Tentative)
Where to Downloadhttps://www.minecraft.net/
New FeaturesCamel Mobs, Hanging Signs, Chiseled Bookshelf, and Bamboo Woodset

Where to Download Minecraft 1.20 Update?

Those who already own the game can simply head to the website of the game and download the new update. However, those who do not own the game will have to buy it first. The Minecraft website i.e https://www.minecraft.net/ contains different platforms and the price of the game. Gamers can buy the game there and enjoy the new update. The Minecraft 1.20 Update will be immediately available to gamers as soon as they download or buy it.

Minecraft 1.20 Update New Features

Minecraft has had a great history of releasing inventive updates that always leave gamers awe-inspired. This new update is not going to be any different. Now let us have a look at what this new update of the game has in store for gamers. We will separately talk about all of these features below. The gamers can go through them one by one:

Camel Mobs

Camel Mobs

The most eye-catching feature in this new update is the Camel Mob. Gamers can use these Camel Mobs for transportation. The gigantic size of the animal will let two players ride on it at once. Additionally, these Camel Mobs will move at the speed of a normal Camel. However, these Camels can sprint and dash to save themselves from enemies. The players will also get to breed these Camels and feed them their meals for their strengthening.

Hanging Signs

Hanging Signs

Another exciting feature of this new update is the Hangin Signs. The players can choose any wooden type and place them wherever they want. This feature gives the players the option to hand the wooden type they choose and the side of a block or under it. The players can use their wildest imagination for these signs and use them for their benefit.

Chiseled Bookshelf

Chiseled Bookshelf

This new feature will let the players have their personalized bookshelf as well. The players can use this bookshelf to keep any kind of book there. The players can retrieve these books according to their convenience as well. Using the Redstone, the players can create this bookshelf and put written books, enchanted books, and quills in it.

Bamboo Wood Set

Bamboo Wood Set

The Bamboo Wood Set feature is like an upgrade of Wooden types for the players. Just like wooden types, the players can use the Bamboo Wood Set to create anything. The Bamboo provides the players with mosaic blocks. These mosaic blocks can especially be used for flooring and creating rafts. Moreover, it is just up to the players what they can create with the bamboo for their benefit in the game.

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Related FAQs

Can players download Minecraft 1.20 Update for free?

The players who already have the game on their respective platforms can download the update for free. However, players who do not already own Minecraft must buy the game first.

When can gamers expect the release of the new update of Minecraft?

There is no precise date for the release of the game’s new update. The players must follow the game’s official content on various platforms to get updates on the release date.

What features does the Minecraft 1.20 Update include?

The new update of Minecraft includes Camel Mobs, Hanging Signs, a Chiseled Bookshelf, and Bamboo Wood Set. The players will get to use these features according to their gaming platforms.

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