My First Day at School Essay

My First Day At School Essay: It is very important to learn how to write an essay on My First Day At School for every child. Everyone has some or other childhood memories. All those events which give you happiness become memories. The first walk, first speech, first school, first friend, or even the first time you won a trophy or any competition becomes special. Here in this article, I am sharing my first day at school with you all as a sample essay.

By reading this essay you will get to learn how to write an My First Day at School Essay and what can you mention if you get a relatable topic. You can pick some lines if you feel like adding them to your essay.

My First day at School Essay
My First Day at School Essay

My First Day at School Essay: Tips and Tricks

When you are writing an essay it is important to know what points you should cover and in what sequence. If you do not know, then don’t worry, We will give you tips and tricks for writing an essay like “My first day at School

tips and tricks
  1. Always start your essay with an introduction, where you can tell how important it is to write related to your childhood memories.
  2. Mention the name of you school you went to first and where it is located.
  3. Start with, how you started your day and how your parents helped you get dressed and what you wore, with all these small basic details. 
  4. Explain how you looked at your classroom and at what time you entered the class. 
  5. Don’t forget to mention how your class looked, what the classroom had, and how you saw other children and your teacher.
  6. Then talk about the teacher and what she told you to do. 
  7. Tell about recess and where you played, and what you did during recess. 
  8. You can also mention any special event you have.
  9. Tell about how you felt the entire day and the end of the day.
  10. Conclude with the importance of school in your life. 

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Sample Essay on My First Day at School

first day at school
A boy crying as it is his first day of school.

Everyone cherishes their memories, no matter if it’s from childhood or from youth. Special memories will always be special. One such memory that is close to my heart is my childhood memory of my first day at school. I was 5 years old when I went to my first school. It was (Name of your School) Tagore Public School, Allahabad (now Prayagraj).

Everyone at home was excited about my first day at school. My mother woke me up early in the morning and made me bathe and got me dressed in a brown tunic frock which was my uniform. I wore black buckle shoes and brown socks, with a white hair band and a handkerchief attached to my dress. She made my favourite breakfast for me (whatever you have in your breakfast) ‘Prantha with milk’, and before the time we were ready.

My father and mother both came to school to drop me off for the first time. I heard kids cry when they have to leave their comfort and leave the place to go into a new one. But I don’t remember any such thing happening to me, rather I was excited to meet new people. I had a yellow and green bottle hung around my neck and a red and black small bag on my shoulders. I went to my class I remember UKG – B was my very first class and when I entered my class with my parents, my teacher gave me a warm welcome.


Parents going to drop their child at school.

Soon my parents left me in the school with my teacher and other class fellows who were in the same uniform. I was really surprised to see so many children of my age, playing, laughing, colouring, some crying, some fighting. The class was well organised, with round colorful tables, coloured in all the primary colours, the wall had pictures of different animals like elephants, snakes, rats, dogs, etc. and there was an empty blackboard. The class also had many toys, small drums etc. that small colourful drum with yellow sticks got my attention and I started to beat it. 

Some children were crying, some were playing and some were fighting. My teacher made me sit on my seat and instructed everyone to be quiet as it was rhyme recitation time. After the recitation was over, the bell rang for recess and we all had our lunch and went out to the playground to play. Soon recess was over, and the teacher asked us to form a line to go back to the playground. The teacher also played with us, and we all had fun together. In the last period, the teacher asked everyone one by one to get our diaries so that she could mention the homework and the remarks.

At 12.30, again a bell rang and we were told to form lines, as the school for the day was over. When I went out, saw my mother and my father waiting at the gate for me. We all could see the happiness on each other’s faces. Coming home I told them everything I did at school and they were happy seeing me happy. I loved my time at school and made many friends. I still remember the one friend I made there. Those were carefree days when we just had to play and eat and do little homework. 

It is important for a child to go to school, as you make friends and learn to cooperate. Your teacher helps you with your work and makes you do it on your own, she tells you your mistakes so that they cannot be repeated in future. School gives shape to the child’s future and better life. There is a great saying by ‘Lon Watter’, “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside”

Closing statement

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience on the first day at my school and have also learned how to write an essay now. I am sure you all have amazing and funny experiences on your first day at school, so without wasting your time write down your memory and see how it will bring a smile to your face. Thank you for your valuable time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a first day at school essay?

Write the essay on the first day of school, in paragraph form. Explain your surrounding and how you were feeling that day. At last, you can conclude with a quotation and the importance of school in one’s life.

How do I prepare for my first day?

To make your first day a success, don’t miss these points.
1. Arrive early
2. Be properly dressed
3. Wish everyone
4. Get organised
5. Relax
6. Use positive body language

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