Naxalism In India Essay In English for Students and Children

Naxalism In India Essay In English: Naxalism is one of the biggest problems in democratic India. After the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir issues to a limit, the Naxalism issue is always there to provoke Indian security. There is a difference between fighting an enemy who is at the border and fighting an enemy who lives in the country. Fighting an enemy who is within the boundary of the country is a whole different challenge. Here in this article, we have shared essay writing samples on Naxalism In India Essay In English,

Naxalism In India Essay In English

The Naxalism In India Essay In English is not just an essay. It is a glimpse, a view for those readers who are unaware of these kinds of situations. It is an opportunity to make readers aware of those situations, those conditions which our security forces tackle within the boundaries of this nation. Though it is a known fact that Naxalism in India was from the 1960s. However, it has grown more than ever in recent decades. With increasing population, and decreasing natural resources gave Naxalism a new ground to spread its wings more than ever.

Naxalism In India Essay In English

In this article, we have tried our best to elaborate on all the important aspects of Naxalism in the simple way possible. We have divided the Essay into two simple groups one is for a short essay and the other one is long. The short essay is going to be brief but limited in the number of words but the long essay will have much more information as compared to the short one. We hope once the reader has read these essays they might get a new perspective towards Naxalism.

Short Essay On Naxalism In India For Students and Children

Naxalism In India Short Essay

Naxalism is not just a security issue in the country but it is a threat to Indian democracy. It is a continuous threat to India as if the Indian Naxalites end up joining the outer terrorist. It might cause a really big problem for the security of the country. Even the former Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh has acknowledged the Naxalism as the biggest threat to Indian security.

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Naxalbari village in West Bengal is the birthplace of Naxalism in India. At that time Naxalism grew under the leadership of Kanu Sanyal and Charu Majumdar. Charu Majumdar also gave the “Historic Eight Documents” which later became the ideological principle of Naxalism. The Naxal movement is not just a group of people moving toward a single objective. Instead, it is a group of people who have different objectives but the Naxal movement gave them a single platform.

Even if we consider the fact that their objective is right but still the act of violence is not the right mode to raise their voices. Instead of that if they have done a peace treaty with the Indian government then the thousands of people who have lost their lives might still be alive.

Long Essay On Naxalism In India For Students and Children

If you divide the word “Naxalism” it will give “Naxal” which came from a village in west Bengal that is called ‘Naxalbari”. The Naxalbari is considered the place of origin of Naxalism in India under the leadership of Charu Majumdar and Kanu Sanyal. Among them, Charu Majumdar was the one who wrote the “Historic Eight Documents” which ended up being the foundation of the Naxalism in India. In the later years, the same type of uprising was seen in the other states of the country. Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Kerala came out to be the new Naxalism centres in the country.

Naxalism In India Long Essay

Origin of the Naxalism in India

The Maoist movement in India also known as the Naxal movement originated in the year 1967 from a peasant movement in Naxalbari. Later in time, it was joined by the Communist leaders. The movement was against the landlords of the states. Even though India was free from the British crown for more than 20 years. The impact of the crown can be seen in the work of the Indian government. As most of the land was given to the landlords who are the ones liable for the collection of the taxes.

If you see at the past. The first reason for the cause of the Naxalism in India was the lack of Land reform and industrialization. As a result, employment within the country became almost zero which forced the people to form protest groups. People started joining the Naxal movement which started giving them a way to raise their voice but by the method of violence.

Other Factors of the Naxalism

Lack of Land reform and industrialization is not the only factor which was the cause of the Naxalism. There are many more factors which are responsible for the abrupt anger of the people. It includes the factors which are as follows:-

  • With the passing of time, the Indian government started imposing law after law on the forest. At first, people bear those laws but later the laws become too difficult for them to follow. The people who live near the forest and their whole life depend on the forest are now restricted to enter the forest.
  • The improper policies of the government towards the tribal communities. The government should have tried its best to bring the tribal community into society and give them their own rights. Instead, in the first few years of democracy, India went into fulfilling the projects which causes the destruction of the forest. The forest was like the home of the tribal communities. It causes anger in the tribal community which forced them to join the Naxal movement in later years.
  • The people who were less privileged in India are the poor. For decades the Indian government hasn’t done anything for the upliftment of the poor. As a result, the Naxal movement ends up becoming the voice of the poor.
  • Increasing population and with that the increase in the number of youth year by year. Even though the number of institutions and universities has increased to a huge number. So as the number of graduate unemployed youth. The frequent increase in the number of unemployed youth is also a reason that the youth are moving towards these kinds of movements.


It is a fact that the Naxalite movement came into existence in the year of 1967. Still, It is not good to justify that all the people who joined the Naxal movement had the same goal in mind. The people who have joined the movement are those who have been suffering for far more than we ever know. Even if their cause is justifiable still violence is not the solution to any problem. That is why the government have always tried to do peace meetings with the leader of the Naxalites from time to time to resolve their trouble. The government is confident that in the near future India will be free of Naxal movements and free of unnecessary violence.


How to write an Essay on Naxalism in India>

Firstly, go to the core of the topic and understand its meaning and cause. Secondly, go through the sample essay that we have shared in our article. After that, you can start writing your essay.

What should be the world limit for short essay writing?

You can keep the length of a short essay somewhere between 200 to 500 words.

Who wrote the Historic Eight Documents?

Charu Majumdar wrote the Historic Eight Documents.

What is the place of origin of Naxalism in India?

The place of origin of Naxalism in India was Naxalbari. It is a village in West Bengal.

In which year the first time Naxalism was seen in India?

In the year of 1967, Naxalism first time came into existence in a form of a peasant movement.

Who said the Indian Naxal movement was “Spring Thunder”?

Chinese Media was the one that described the Indian Naxal Movement as the “Spring Thunder”

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