NVSP Voter ID Status: Check Name in Voter ID List Online, Download Election Card

NVSP Voter ID Status: The National Voters’ Service Portal was inaugurated by the Election Commission to provide a one-stop window to provide voters. With the help of the NVSP Portal users can avail of various services from a single window. NVSP Voter ID Status is among many of the available services on the portal. The registered user can check the status of their Voter ID on the National Voters’ Service Portal. On this page, a detailed set of instructions have been provided to check the Status of NVSP Voter ID Status. Go through this article to Check Name in Voter ID List Online on NVSP Portal.

NVSP Voter ID Status

India is the largest democracy in the world. After every five years, an election is conducted to elect a leader of the country. For this purpose, the eligible citizens are bound to cast a vote for their ideal leader. Every single casted vote has significance in the process of election. An eligible voter is provided with a Voter ID Card which is further used while casting a vote in India. The Voter ID Card serves as an identity card of the eligible voter. During the elections, the citizen presents their voter id to cast their vote. The voter id card is sanctioned by the government of India.

The Election Commission presents the NVSP online portal for citizens who have attended the age of 18 years to enrol as general voters. You can apply for the Voter ID Card on the National Voters’ Service Portal. Once applied, you can easily check the NVSP Voter ID Status online. Continue to read the article to know more about NVSP Registration.

NVSP Voter ID Status: Check Name in Voter ID List Online, Download Election Card

NVSP Voter ID Status Highlights

Name of the PortalNational Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP)
Developed By Election Commission
Users Eligible Voters
Services1. Enrollment for Voter ID
2. To Check Enrollment Status
3. For Modification in Voter ID Details
4. To Locate the Voter Polling Station
5. Booth Level Officer Contact Details
6. To Download e-Electors Photo Identity Card (e-EPIC)
Eligibility1. Indian Citizen
2. Should be above 18 years
3. Resident of the concerned polling station
Article TopicNVSP Voter ID Status
Required DetailsUsername
EPIC Number
Email Address
Mobile Number etc.
Mode of Checking StatusOnline
NVSP Official Websitehttps://www.nvsp.in/

National Voters’ Service Portal: Voter Portal Services

The NVSP Voter Portal has been formed to provide all voter-related services to citizens of the country. For your better understanding, we have listed down all the that are available to an elector on the NVSP online portal:

  • Enrollment for Voter ID
  • To Check Enrollment Status
  • For Modification in Voter ID Details
  • To Locate the Voter Polling Station
  • Booth Level Officer Contact Details
  • To Download e-Electors Photo Identity Card (e-EPIC)

The National Voters’ Service Portal has a user interface that is adaptable to all available devices. Users can easily access the above-mentioned services on their desktops and mobile phones.

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NVSP Registration 2022

In order to access the services provided on the NVSP Portal, the user first has to be an eligible voter. For this, you have to register online on the National Voters’ Service Portal. In addition, below are the instructions provided for registering online to the NVSP Portal:

  1. Firstly, open the National Voters’ Service Portal website with this link – https://www.nvsp.in/
    NVSP Online Portal
  2. Secondly, click on the ‘Login’ option provided in the right corner of the homepage.
    NVSP Registation 2022
  3. Thirdly, a new page will open, click on the ‘Don’t have an account, Register as a new user’ link.
    NVSP Registration Portal
  4. Fourthly, on the next page, you will be asked to enter your valid mobile number and captcha text.
    NVSP Registration of the new user
  5. After that, enter the OTP number on the window.
  6. Afterwards, you can either register with your EPIC Number or by providing other details. Firstly, if you have EPIC then you register with your EPIC Number, Email ID, and Password. Secondly, if you don’t then you can register by providing your name, email id, and password.
  7. Finally, you are registered on the portal to access the available services.

nvsp.in Voter Portal Registration For Voter ID

As mentioned previously, the user can enrol for a Voter ID after NVSP Registration. The user is required to register on the NVSP Voter Portal in order to be eligible to vote. You have to enrol as a General Voter by filling out Form 6 on the National Voters’ Service Portal. To even simplify the process, we have provided a step-by-step procedure that you can follow for nvsp.in Voter Portal Registration:

  1. Start the process from the main page of the portal.
  2. After that, click on the ‘Voter Portal’ tab as shown in the image below:
    NVSP Voter Portal
  3. A new tab will open on the side.
  4. Thirdly, provide your login credentials such as email id and mobile number and then enter your password on the nvsp.in login portal will open. Click on the ‘Login’ button after entering the captcha text.
    National Voters' Service Portal 2022 Voter Portal login
  5. Afterwards, the user will fill up Form 6 which is for first-time voters and as well for voters who have moved to a different consistency.

NVSP Voter ID Status

Once the users are successfully registered on the portal, they can check the NVSP Voter ID Status online. The facility to track the Voter ID Application Status is available on the National Voters’ Service Portal. Following are the steps that will lead you to check the NVSP Voter ID Status online with a smooth and hassle-free process:

  1. Open https://www.nvsp.in/ and click on the ‘Track Application Status’ tab from the homepage. For this, refer to the image below:
    NVSP Voter ID Status
  2. By clicking on the tab, a new page will open on the side. Here you have to provide the reference id that you received after Voter ID Registration. Also, select your state from the drop-down list. For example, if you want to NVSP Voter ID Status near Delhi then select Delhi from the drop-down list.
    NVSP Voter ID Status Portal
  3. Finally, your NVSP Voter ID Status will be updated on the screen. Take your time to thoroughly check the NVSP Voter ID Track Status details.

Check Name In Voter ID List Online

If you are already registered to vote then you can check your name in voter list online on the NVSP portal. If your name appears on the NVSP Electoral Roll then you are considered eligible to vote. Otherwise, you first have to register by following the steps provided above. Take a look at the following steps to check name in voter id list online:

  1. Open the ‘Search in Electoral Roll’ on the NVSP Homepage.
    Check your name in voter id list on NVSP portal
  2. Moreover, enter all the asked details on the new page. You can search for your name either by your basic details or by EPIC Number.
    Check Name in NVSP Electoral Roll
  3. Soon After that, the screen will showcase the result.

NVSP Portal: Download Election Card

Once the user has registered and applied for Voter ID on National Voters’ Service Portal, the e-EPIC will be available on the portal. Users will download it online in the form of a PDF file. e-EPIC refers to the digital form of Electors Photo Identity Card.

Furthermore, you can now store your Voter ID on your mobile or desktop and can print it out as per requirements. Only eligible and registered users can download the NVSP e-EPIC online from the portal. Kindly refer to the steps below to download nvsp.in e-EPIC online:

  1. Open the ‘e-EPIC Download’ tab as shown below:
    NVSP e-EPIC Download
  2. Afterwards, the next page will ask for your username and answer. Enter the details and click on the ‘Login’ button after entering the captcha code.
  3. Finally, you can download the NVSP e-EPIC PDF file online.

What are the benefits of e-EPIC for citizens?

As we have explained what e-EPIC is and how one can download it from the Nationa Voter’s Service Portal. For your better understanding, we have jotted down some of the major benefits of the e-Electors Photo Identity Card (e-EPIC). Pay attention to the following points:

  • You can easily access your Electoral Photo Identity Card online. No need to visit any physical office. You just have to follow a few simple steps and download your e-EPIC PDF file by entering your username and password.
  • The e-EPIC is as valid as the physical copy for providing a document of proof during voter identification.
  • You can easily get a hard copy of the e-EPIC by producing a hard copy. Moreover, you can present the copy during polling.
  • e-EPIC ensures a self-service model. Users can download the e-EPIC online from the portal without the need for assistance from a third party. This ensures a free-of-cost procedure. No fee is charged to download the NVSP Electoral Photo Identity Card online.

NVSP Voter ID Status: Important Links

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Get More Information OnNational Voters’ Service Portal Website
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What are the required details for checking the NVSP Voter ID Status online?

Users will have to select their state name and provide their reference number on the NVSP portal. The reference number is provided to citizens while registering for voter id.

Who are eligible to download the NVSP e-EPIC online?

All the general voters having EPIC numbers can download their e-EPIC online from the NVSP online portal.

What will be the file size of the e-EPIC PDF file?

The file size of the NVSP e-EPIC pdf will be 250 kb.

Where can I check NVSP Voter ID Status?

For this purpose, you will have to visit the NVSP official website i.e. www.nvsp.in. Afterwards, you can follow the steps provided on this page to check your Voter ID Status on the NVSP portal.

What are the details required to register on the NVSP portal?

While registering online on the NVSP portal, the users will be given two options to register. You can either register by providing your EPIC number or by your name.

What do I do if my name does not appear on the NVSP Voter ID List?

For this concern, you will have to register on the NVSP Voter Portal. Moreover, detailed instructions have been provided on this page. Make sure to check that out.

Can I download the NVSP e-EPIC on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can download your NVSP e-EPIC on your smartphone with the help of the Voter Helpline Mobile App. It is easily available on the google play store and IOS store.

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