Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023 Status: Download Link here

Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023: The Plaza Wires IPO was a much-anticipated event in the Indian stock market, opening on September 29, 2023, and closing on October 5, 2023. This IPO was a significant move by Plaza Wires Limited, a company known for its wide array of electrical products. They aimed to gather funds to fuel their ambitions, which included setting up a new manufacturing unit and expanding their product portfolio, among other things. Now the applicants are waiting for the Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023.

Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023
Plaza Wire IPO Allotment

Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023

Here’s a summary table encapsulating the key details of the Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023:

Key AspectDetails
IPO Opening DateSeptember 29, 2023
IPO Closing DateOctober 5, 2023
Listing DateOctober 13, 2023
Share Price Range₹51 to ₹54 per share
Total Issue Size₹71.28 Crores
Number of Shares13,200,158 shares
Minimum Lot Size277 Shares
Allotment ProcessOnline, through the registrar’s site
Checking AllotmentVia official website or registrar’s site with PAN or application number
Downloading Allotment LetterFrom the registrar’s website after allotment
Company ObjectiveSetting up a new manufacturing unit, expanding product portfolio, and funding working capital requirements
Registrar PortalVisit Here

Download Plaza Wire IPO Allotment 2023

The allotment process in an IPO is a crucial phase where the shares are distributed to investors based on certain criteria. It’s a meticulous process that ensures a fair distribution of shares. Now, how can you check your allotment status for the Plaza Wire IPO 2023? Here’s a simplified walkthrough:


Before you start, ensure you have a reliable internet connection and have your PAN number or application number at hand.

Navigating to the Relevant Website:

  • Visit the official website or the registrar’s site.
  • Locate the IPO allotment section.

Entering Details:

  • Input your PAN number or application number in the required fields.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ or ‘Check Allotment Status’ button.

Viewing Allotment Status:

Once you hit submit, you’ll see whether or not shares have been allotted to you and, if so, the number of shares you now own.

Next Steps:

Based on the allotment status:

  • If shares are allotted, understand the listing process and prepare for the listing date.
  • If shares are not allotted, the amount blocked will be refunded to your account.

Key Takeaways:

  • Checking your allotment status promptly helps in planning your next steps well in advance.
  • It’s essential to understand the implications of the allotment status on your investment.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

In case of any discrepancies or website issues, it’s advisable to contact the registrar or follow the troubleshooting guidelines provided on the website.

Post IPO Allotment Process

Post the allotment status; if shares are allotted to you, it’s prudent to download the allotment letter for your records. Navigate to the relevant website, log in with your credentials, and download the allotment letter, which will be crucial for future references.

Plaza Wire IPO Allotment Listing Date

The shares of Plaza Wire IPO will be listed on October 13, 2023. The listing date is a significant day as it’s when the company shares will start trading publicly. It’s advisable to keep a close eye on the market trends on this day.

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