Who is Puja Tomar? The First Indian Woman to Grace the UFC Arena

In a monumental stride for Indian sports, Puja Tomar, a tenacious 28-year-old mixed martial artist (MMA) from Uttar Pradesh, has etched her name in history books as the first Indian woman to secure a contract with the renowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The news of her signing, shared by Tomar on her Instagram, reverberated through the MMA community, marking a significant milestone not only for her but for aspiring Indian athletes, especially women.

The journey to the UFC wasn’t a smooth sail for Puja, popularly known as ‘The Cyclone.’ Before this illustrious achievement, Tomar was the reigning strawweight champion at Matrix Fight Night (MFN), a platform that nurtured her MMA prowess. Despite facing a tough phase during her stint with ONE Championship, where she secured only one victory in four fights, Tomar’s indomitable spirit saw her bounce back with an impressive streak of victories, eventually claiming the strawweight title at MFN 10 by defeating Bi Nguyen in November 2022.

Puja Tomar
Puja Tomar

Puja Tomar first Indian UFC Female Fighter

Tomar’s most recent victory came in July, where she successfully defended her title against Russian fighter Anastasia Feofanova at MFN 12. With a professional MMA record of 8-4, her journey is nothing short of inspiring. Tomar’s martial arts foundation is rooted in Wushu, a discipline that undoubtedly honed her fighting skills, paving the way for her entry into the world’s leading MMA promotion.

The Cyclone’s entry into the UFC is symbolic of the burgeoning recognition and opportunities for Indian fighters on global platforms. It’s a moment of pride and a beacon of hope for many young aspirants who dream of turning their passion for martial arts into a celebrated profession. The support and mentorship of MFN president Ayesha Shroff were instrumental in Tomar’s transition to the UFC, reflecting the importance of nurturing talent and providing the right platforms for athletes to thrive and achieve their dreams.

About Puja Tomar

Full NamePuja Tomar
NicknameThe Cyclone
Date of Birth25 November 1995 (Some sources mention 29 January 1982, but this seems to be an inconsistency)​
Age (as of 2023)28
Place of BirthBudhana, Uttar Pradesh, India​
Height1.65m or 5’5″​
Weight52kg or 115 lb​​s
EducationGraduate (Schooling at a local school)​
Martial Art BackgroundWushu (Five-time Gold Medalist at the National Wushu Championships, represented India in the Wushu World Championship in 2013)​
Professional MMA Record8-4 (Some sources mention 7-4)​
Major Achievements– Strawweight Champion at Matrix Fight Night (MFN)
-First Indian woman to sign a UFC contract

Puja Tomar Achievements

Tomar’s achievement is not just a personal triumph but a significant chapter in Indian sports history, reflecting a promising future for Indian MMA and sports at large. Her story of perseverance, skill, and unyielding determination resonates with many and is sure to inspire a new generation of fighters to chase their dreams, no matter the odds.

The story of Puja Tomar is a stirring reminder that with grit, determination, and the right support, the sky’s the limit. Her name will forever resonate as a trailblazer in the Indian MMA community and beyond. As Puja Tomar steps into the UFC arena, she carries with her the hopes and aspirations of countless young fighters back home, epitomizing the essence of breaking barriers and creating history.

Achievement of Puja Tomar UFC Fighter

Below is a tabulated representation of Puja Tomar’s career achievements:

2019ONE ChampionshipVictory against Priscilla Gaol (Split Decision)
2020ONE ChampionshipParted ways after mixed results
November 2022Matrix Fight Night 10Won the strawweight title by defeating Bi Nguyen
July 2023Matrix Fight Night 12Successfully defended strawweight title against Anastasia Feofanova
October 17, 2023UFC Contract SigningBecame the first Indian woman to sign a UFC contract

What is UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier professional mixed martial arts (MMA) organization globally, showcasing the highest level of competition in this combat sport. Established in 1993, UFC has grown exponentially, making MMA a mainstream sports spectacle. Fighters worldwide vie to compete in the Octagon—the distinctive eight-sided ring. UFC events blend various fighting disciplines, including boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu, making every about an unpredictable and thrilling skill, strategy, and athleticism contest. Through its years, UFC has helped MMA gain a massive following, making stars out of fighters and constantly evolving to cater to its growing audience.

Who is Puja Tomar?

Puja Tomar is a pioneering Indian MMA fighter, known as the first Indian woman to sign a contract with UFC.

What’s Puja’s fighting style?

Tomar’s fighting foundation is in Wushu, blended with other MMA disciplines, showcasing a versatile combat style in bouts

What led to her UFC contract?

Consistent victories, including a notable strawweight title at MFN, propelled Puja Tomar to secure a coveted UFC contract.

When did Puja sign the UFC contract?

Puja Tomar announced her historic UFC contract signing on October 17, 2023, marking a significant milestone in her career.

How has Puja Tomar impacted Indian MMA?

Tomar’s UFC entry significantly elevates Indian MMA’s global recognition, inspiring many aspiring fighters towards international platforms.

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