Republic Day Speech For Students In English

Republic Day Speech: The day of 26 January is of great significance in Indian history. Patriotism permeates all around the country as every Indian on this day reminisces about the day when the Indian Constitution came into effect. So, delivering a speech for this extremely important day can be a tricky task for sure. You have to eloquently present your thoughts in front of the audience regarding this day which leaves a profound impact on them. Especially for students, the Republic Day Speech must be well prepared and well rehearsed. To help students prepare an impactful speech on Republic Day, we are presenting this article today.

Throughout this article, the students will get ample information that will guide them to prepare a good speech on Gantantra Diwas. Furthermore, the students will also get samples of such a speech that they can refer to for the event. So, all the students who have a task of delivering a Republic Day Speech for the occasion kindly go through this entire article.

Republic Day Speech

In any kind of speech, the introduction and conclusion are the most crucial parts. Your speech must hook the audience from the get-go and the audience must remember it for a long time after it has ended. In the case of a Republic Day Speech, you must use the correct words that evoke a sense of patriotism in the audience present there. Below we are providing samples of such Republic Day Speeches. You can go through these samples and accordingly prepare your own speech.

Republic Day Speech For Students

Speech On Republic Day For Students In English

A very Good Morning to the respected Principal Ma’am/ Sir, Teachers and all of my dear friends. Today, we all have gathered here to celebrate one of the most important days in our Indian History: Republic Day. I “your name” the student of “your class” feel extremely blessed to deliver a speech on this great occasion. My heart is swelling with pride and honour as I am standing in a Republic Nation, reminiscing about the day our country gained this status. Today, we celebrate our 75th Republic Day, the day when the largest written constitution in the world came into effect.

It was the collective effort of all of our leaders back then that helped our country become a Republic Nation. The joy of celebrating this day is inexplicable. It gives me immense pride to speak about our leaders whose continuous efforts led to the foundation of our Republic Country. The leaders who stood against all the odds to give our country its constitution. Today’s celebration is also a reminder that we have not forgotten their efforts, and we certainly never will. I also want to remember our brave soldiers on today’s occasion who, over the years, have bravely protected our Republic Country from all kinds of harm.

Our hearts are filled with patriotism and sheer love for our nation as we begin the celebration of this day. I just hope that this love for our nation keeps increasing in the coming years. We all keep contributing toward the betterment of our nation and collectively try to rectify everything wrong with it. To conclude my speech, I just want to say that I feel nothing but proud to be a citizen of our country. I hope all of our citizens keep obeying all the laws and orders according to our constitution and keep the integrity of this Republic Country intact. Jai Hind!

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Short Republic Day Speech For Students

Good Morning to the respected Principal Ma’am/ Sir, Teachers and my beloved friends. Today we are celebrating our 75th Republic Day. The celebration of the fact that we are one of those countries where the citizens have the authority to elect their leader. It is my privilege to be chosen to deliver a speech on this historic day. It is only because of the vision of Dr BR Ambedkar and his committee that our constitution came into. The celebration of this day is a reminder that, to this day, we appreciate their contribution with all our hearts.

The vibrancy in the atmosphere today is a sight to behold. The sheer joy to celebrate the day our constitution which is also the largest written constitution in the world came into force is totally an unexplainable feeling. I feel extremely honoured to be standing here as a citizen of a Republic Country with such a rich constitution. It could never be possible without the efforts of our leaders who paved the way for a better India. I just hope we keep flourishing as a country and collectively make more efforts for the prosperity of our nation. Jai Hind!

Things To Remember While Delivering The Speech

The following is a list of all the things that you must keep in mind while delivering the speech. The students can go through this list and implement these things when they deliver the Republic Day Speech.

  • Keep your pitch loud and steady throughout the entire speech. You must be audible and comprehensible to everyone.
  • You can also use some slogans at the end of your speech to make it more impactful.
  • In case you do not seem to speak clearly during the speech, do not reflect it in your face. You can keep the audience engrossed in your gestures while you get back to momentum.
  • Do not make your speech so long that it loses some of its impact. Keep it short and crisp.
  • You can also use some informative facts about the Indian Constitution in your speech to make it more substantial.
  • You can also infuse your speech with anecdotes regarding Republic Day.

Slogans To Use In Republic Day Speech

You can use any of the following slogans at your convenience during your speech.

  • “Don’t see the colours our national flag has, feel the meaning it reveals behind”.
  • “Let us see a dream on this Republic day; One Nation, One Vision, and One Identity.”
  • “Tiranga, which we unfurl on Republic Day, indicates our freedom.”
  • “Let us take a pledge on this republic day to live for India till the last breath of life”
  • “India is my country and the best Republic ever! Save our republic!”
  •  “Our Flag is India’s pride, and we should spread out it across the country.”


How long should my Republic Day speech be?

Your speech must range between 300 to 500 words, and it must not be longer than 15 minutes.

How should I start and conclude my speech?

In the introduction part of your speech, you can talk about the significance of the day and your personal feelings about delivering a speech on it. Whereas, to conclude the speech, you can use powerful statements regarding your country and your love for it.

What should be the tone of my speech?

Keep the tone of your speech positive and impactful. You can also talk about some negative aspects of the country you want to improve. However, the overall speech must be delivered in an optimistic manner.

When can I use slogans in my Republic Day Speech?

You can use slogans at the beginning or at the end of the speech.

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