Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023: Why Doctors are Opposing It?

Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023: Recently, on 27 March 2023, many doctors were seen protesting against the Right to Health Bill that the Rajasthan government passed some time back. Ever since this news has come out, everyone has been wondering what exactly the Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023 is. More importantly, what compelled the doctors to oppose it? To provide you with the answers to these queries we are sharing this article. So, if you want to know all the specifics of this Bill in a detailed manner, then do go through this article from beginning to end.

Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023

Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023

The Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023 is seen as a revolutionary move by the government of the state. As per this Bill, the patients who seek emergency treatment will get free health services in any government or private clinic in the state. Furthermore, this bill also provides the citizens of the state immunity from any kind of prepayment for emergency treatment in any hospital in Rajasthan. No private or government medical organization in the state can refuse to treat any patient in accordance with the clauses of this bill.

In addition to this, indoor and outdoor health services will also be provided to the citizens without any payment. Rajasthan has become the very first state in the country that has passed this bill. However, the doctors of the state do not seem happy with the Rajasthan Right to Health Act 2023. For more elaboration on this, check out the rest of the article.

स्वास्थ्य का अधिकार विधेयक राजस्थान 2023: Highlights

Name of the BillRight to Health Bill
Passed ByGovernment of Rajasthan
CM of the StateAshok Gehlot
Major Clause of the BillFree Treatment for Patients in Emergency Situations
Accepted ByGovernment and Private Hospitals/ Medical Clinics of the Rajasthan State
Bill Passed On21 March 2023
Opposed ByDoctors of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Right to Health Act 2023 Key Features

The following is the list of all the key features of the Rajasthan Right to Health Act 2023. All these features of the act will be accessible to all the citizens of the Rajasthan state.

  • For the patient, all the healthcare services provided in the emergency treatment are free of cost. These services are concerned with diagnostics, drugs, emergency transport and care.
  • In accordance with this act, the government will set up Health Authorities in various parts of the state. Due to this, people of the state will get good-quality treatments from medical experts.
  • As per this act, the government of the state will be obligated to opt for some policies. These policies will benefit the overall public health of the state.
  • With the passing of this bill, the government will also set up a grievance redressal community. For this, the government will develop a web portal as well as a helpline centre where people can lodge their grievances easily.

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Why are Doctors Opposing the Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023?

Admittedly, along with the benefits, there are many drawbacks to the Rajasthan Right to Health Bill 2023. And for the doctors of the state, these drawbacks outweigh the benefits of this bill by a huge margin. For this reason, many doctors decided to oppose the bill by protesting against it. A few doctors in the state claimed that this bill is “unconstitutional” and that the bureaucratic interference in the functioning of the private hospitals will largely hinder their work.

Doctors Protest in Rajasthan

In addition to this, the major issue of many doctors with the passing of this bill is that it provides no transparency about how the government will reimburse the cost of free treatment. Many doctors want the government to completely revoke the bill. However, the government of the state confidently states that all of the issues of the doctors are already addressed in the most recent version of the legislation.

Why is Rajasthan’s Right to Health Act 2023 Necessary?

In today’s time, an act like Rajasthan’s Right to Health Act 2023 seems to be an extremely necessary measure by the government. This is mainly because of the sudden increase in the number of deaths of people in accidents. In the year 2021 alone, more than 1 Lakh 50 Thousand people in Rajasthan lost their lives due to road accidents. With so many people losing their lives or getting injured because of small and big accidents, a free of cost emergency healthcare for them is nothing short of a boon.


When was the Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023 passed?

The Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023 was passed on 21 March 2023 by the government of Rajasthan.

What is the government’s reaction to the protests?

The government claims that most of the demands of doctors have already been met and they will not withdraw the bill.

Is the medical fraternity in favour or against the bill?

The IMA says that the Right to Health Bill Rajasthan 2023 should only apply to government hospitals and private hospitals should be spared.

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