Samrat Prithviraj Day 2 Collection – Saturday Box Office Earning

Samrat Prithviraj Day 2 Collection: Akshay Kumar starrer “Samrat Prithviraj” released on 3 June 2022. The film is based on the last Hindu King to rule the land of Delhi prior to the establishment of the Mughal Empire in India. The movie is a tale of the bravery, courage, and patriotism of the righteous, Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan.

Kumar stars in and as Samrat Prithviraj with Manushi Chillar, Sonu Sood, Sanjay Dutt, and Manav Vij in pivotal roles. The Samrat Prithviraj movie will hit the theatres looking for a blockbuster release on Friday. It seems to gain religious and political importance pertaining to the subject. However, the buzz in the audience seems very minimal. The Box Office performance of the movie will eventually decide its fate. Check the Samrat Prithviraj Box Office Report, Day 2 Collection, Predictions, Estimations, and Early Reviews here.

Samrat Prithviraj Day 2 Collection

Akshay Kumar never fails to entertain the audiences with his quick but impactful releases. His year commenced with the release of Bacchan Pandey in the theatres which clearly underperformed. The film lacked in both, Audience appeal as well as Critical Appraisal. Now, the actor is back with a Historical Drama film, which is probably his first pre-independence period film. Kumar has been now mostly seen in roles based on real-life characters but this for the first time he will be seen as a King. Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, it is based on Prithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai. The movie also aims to introduce Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar as Princess Sanyogita, the love interest of the Samrat. Sonu Sood plays Chand Bardai and Dutt will be acting as Kaka Kanha in the film. Manav Vij shall be seen accompanying Kumar in action as the Mughal Invader and Ruler, Mohammad Ghori.

The film will release in cinemas on 3 June 2022. It is seeking to open at nearly 10 crores at the Box Office. However, it shall be still a disappointing start at the BO for the makers. They are making all arrangements to ensure that the Indian audience watches the movie. The makers are trying to create a buzz at the Box Office for the film. However, the audience interest does not seem very high. Early Reviews suggest that the film has hit the appropriate spots and is up to the mark. It will be interesting to see if the tale of the last Hindu Ruler in Delhi will be able to drive the public into the theatres.

Samrat Prithviraj Day 1 Collection - Friday Box Office Earning

Samrat Prithviraj Movie 2nd Day Collection

Name of the Movie Samrat Prithviraj
Based OnPrithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai
DirectorChandraprakash Dwivedi
ProducerAditya Chopra
ProductionYash Raj Films YRF
Release Date3 June 2022
Running Time135 minutes
CastAkshay Kumar
Manushi Chillar
Sonu Sood
Manav Vij
Sanjay Dutt
LanguageHindi, Tamil, and Telugu
BudgetRs. 250 Crores

2nd Day Box Office Collection of Samrat Prithviraj

Akshay Kumar is seeking to win the hearts of the audience once again after the miserable performance of his last, Bacchan Pandey. The movie Samrat Prithviraj is finally released on 3 June 2022. The movie is looking to attract the audience to watch the patriotic drama packed with action blended with the bravery of the Hindu Ruler Prithviraj Chauhan. The film is primarily considered a religious move. However, it is mainly aiming to spread the bravery of the Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan.

Day 1 Box Office Collection of Samrat Prithviraj

The prebookings of the movie opened 6 days before its release. Only 3.40 crores of revenue were generated through Advance Booking. This was less than that of Ganguabai Kathiawadi and the recently released, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. The film is expected to open at Rs.10-11 crores. This is less than what Bacchan Pandey collected on Day 1. Regardless, the latter failed to create a prolonged impact and the makers expect Samrat Prithviraj to do the exact opposite. Even though it appears that the film based on the commendable life of Prithviraj Chauhan is unable to attract the initial attention of the audience, it might even emerge as a huge success. This is possible only if it proves to be praiseworthy in every aspect post the release.

Samrat Prithviraj 1st Day Collection10.5 Crore
2nd Day Saturday Collection11-12 Core (Expected)

Samrat Prithviraj Box Office Predications

The initial response to the film does not appear overwhelming. This could be a huge stress point for both Dwivedi and Kumar as they termed it a dream project. It is too early to make some concrete predictions for the film and estimate its Box Office Collection. Since the situation can turn out in favor of the movie later considering the reviews it is presently receiving. The subject has created political and religious importance since the glory of a Hindu Ruler is being discussed. Samrat Prithviraj is an inspirational character and this could cause the movie to gain a chance to get more audience on board. Additionally, the Cheif Ministers of three states have announced the movie to be tax-free. Common men in Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh can watch the film at a lower price. This can also assist in the promulgation for the audience to watch it.

Review of Samrat Prithviraj

The movie Samrat Prithviraj is strictly based on the facts mentioned in the book Prithviraj Raso by Chand Bardai. The makers have intensely researched before and while filming. Kumar and Chillar are seen sharing romantic chemistry in the movie. Fans have been pretty impressed with the way things are working out in the movie. Samrat Prithviraj is a periodic drama. It is a historical tale dealing with the Battle of Tarain and the love story of Chauhan and Sanyogita. It is a story of valor, bravery, courage, patriotism, the concept of Dharma, and the rationalism of the last Hindu Ruler of Delhi, Samrat Prithviraj. The movie will surely inspire and galvanize everyone who will watch it.

Akshay Kumar is befitting the role and he is effortless throughout. His perfection in his profession can never be doubted. Chillar is making justice to whatever part she is assigned. She is adding the grace that the character of Sanyogita deserves. Sonu Sood as Chand Bardai is one of the best parts of the movie. The camaraderie of the character with Prithviraj is believable and one can truly trust him as Bardai. Sanjay Dutt is again impressing the audience with his key performance as Kaka Kanha. The amazing performance of Manav Vij as Muhammad Ghori adds to the perfection quotient of the film.

The screenplay is absolutely amazing and the direction by Dwivedi lacks no place. The cinematography impresses and the action sequence is nothing short of magic. There is not a single department where the movie fails to leave an impact. The Akshay starrer is here to stay, that is what one can perceive of the movie. The film is evenly balanced. It ensures the audience sticks to their seats. All over, the movie is exceptional and worth every penny.

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