Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters, Slogans, Drawing

Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters: Diwali is a festival that usually occurs in the winter season, thus the smoke of the crackers mixes with fog which generates smog. Smog is generally more than smoke cause it affects the lungs with cancer-causing molecules. Diwali is the festival of lights, so while enjoying Diwali we must keep in mind to not hurt the environment. Not only India, but the whole world is also facing serious environmental issues. Here, we will help you out with ideas about how to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali. Hence, Say No to Crackers this and every forthcoming Deepawali. We will be sharing some drawing ideas for Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters.

Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters

Diwali a major festival in India, with happiness and joy, brings certain problems to the environment. Although people often burn crackers during New Year and other festivals when it comes to Diwali, the amount of pollution is higher. Diwali is the day when lord Rama returned to his Ayodhaya Kingdom back after being exiled for 14 years. These days mark the importance of spirituality among the Hindu people. The people often worship and pray to the Gods and deities to bring happiness and prosperity to the lives of their families and friends.

Upon the arrival of Diwali, the environment seems to be so calm and pleasant but as soon as it is over it harms the surroundings. Not only the air contaminates but also, the land and soil. The smoke in the atmosphere creates problems for asthma patients and also depletes the ozone layer. The remains of the crackers also pollute the soil. So share Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters to increase awareness about the cause and motivate people around you to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters, Slogans, Drawing

Points To Remember For Diwali Celebration

Diwali is the most auspicious festival in the Hindu calendar but let’s make it more auspicious with low pollution. During this auspicious festival, we can often show our creativity by making rangolis and decorating Diyas, pots and our homes. During, this night festival we also observe the bright sky, chandeliers and fireworks in the sky. It may look beautiful but it also damages the environment. The fumes released after burning these materials contaminate the air a lot, making people unbreathable sometimes. Here, we have some points to remember so that you can reduce the amount of damage to the environment.

  1. Children are advised to play with fireworks in the presence of the elders. A bit of negligence with fireworks can lead to serious injuries.
  2. Always make sure, the animals must be protected. The dogs have very sensitive ears which can be damaged by cracker’s sound.
  3. We must vow that to keep nature’s beauty affected less, we gift nature at least one plant.
  4. As per the festival, we must use earthen pots, Diyas and eco-friendly decorative items instead of plastic and other materials.
  5. We can also minimise the use of firecrackers and can go for green crackers in which the quantity of the chemical is generally less as compared to ordinary ones.

Slogans On Say No To Crackers Diwali

To make this concern widespread and to encourage people more about celebrating Diwali eco-friendly, what about having an idea of making posters and slogans? Slogans are really interesting to fascinate people about the topic by summarising the do’s and don’t in a single sentence. “Say No To Crackers Diwali” generates an idea to go for more eco-friendly ways. Here are some ideas and slogans written to enhance your posters.

  1. Celebrate Diwali, save nature, and lights Diyas, but refrain from burning crackers
  2. Let’s make this festival celebrated with beautiful lights, minimise crackers and say no to pollution&plights
  3. Nature also celebrates Diwali, so I must go green and stop getting mean.
  4. Not only lights Diwali also brings joy and harmony, let’s be one among the nature saver alumni.
  5. Let’s give it a try to no crackers Diwali, with flowers and petals let’s welcome goddess Lakshami.
  6. Light earthen lamps, share sweets, reduce pollution and say no to crackers, it’s a nature’s entreat.
  7. Burn Diyas and your ego, Save nature by saying no crackers in one Go.
  8. With happiness, this Diwali lets us hug our families and friends, and also save nature from pollution before it comes to an end.
  9. We want fresh air to breathe but don’t take steps, Reduce the crackers use and celebrate the festival of lights with pep.

Drawing Ideas For Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali

When it comes to slogans they don’t look nice alone on white paper, let’s make them attractive using some drawings. Fascinating ideas for Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali are such as showing in your drawings do’s and don’t about the festival. We can also show mother earth in pain due to crackers and pollution and then we can pull up a quote for the drawing. Always remember, we are making posters about how to celebrate Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali. We just not only have to mention the don’ts, but we will also mention the substitutes.

A poster without a quote looks incomplete, it’s just a portrayal, so keep in mind to always add some words from your vocab relevant to the topic. With your imagination create something that can enhance the idea among the people to say no to crackers on Diwali. Here we have driven the ideas for you that how you can draw Say No to Crackers Diwali Posters.

Drawing Ideas For Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali
Diwali poster 2022-compressed
Drawing Ideas For Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali
Drawing Ideas For Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali
Drawing Ideas For Cracker-Free And Eco-Friendly Diwali
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