Scope, Skills, and Career Opportunities in Unani Medicine

Scope, Skills, and Career Opportunities in Unani Medicine: The Unani medical system is referred to as the art of treating someone both scientifically and skillfully. It is a traditional health and healing mechanism which involves alternative and natural medicines in the treatment. It is considered among the seven Ayush systems which originated in ancient Greece and now is mostly practised in South Asia. If you have an interest in Unani medicine, then you are at the right place. Here, we are focussing on telling you about the Scope, Skills and Career Opportunities in Unani Medicine. Read further to know more.

Scope, Skills, and Career Opportunities in Unani Medicine

Scope, Skills, and Career Opportunities in Unani Medicine

There have been multiple opportunities in the field of Unani medicine. It has created its own set of treatments with a combination of different natural products, which provides patience, relaxation and calmness to a patient in all senses. They have various different methods of treatment which are applied as per the demand of the patient’s body. The treatments grouped under the Unani System are as follows:

  1. Cupping 
  2. Mud therapy
  3. Leech therapy
  4. Regimental therapy
  5. Diet therapy
  6. Oil therapy
  7. Enlightenment of chakras, etc.

Further in this article, we will see how this system of medical science can help our upcoming generation with their career. Stay connected to read more about the opportunities, eligibility and other related information on Unani Medicine.

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A Career in Unani Medicine

For every Unani Practitioner or those who wish to become an Unani practitioner in the near future, it is important to know what kind of work profiles are available in the world for this specialization. We would suggest you read further about the careers and scope in this particular field so that you can decide about a career with full surety. The fields where an Unani Practitioner can work are listed below:

  1. As a doctor or medical assistant in the government or private sector.
  2. He/She can also open their private clinics or can work with big firms like Patanjali, Sri Sri Tattva, etc. as Industrial workers.
  3. As a lecturer or consultant.
  4. Therapist specifically as Spa director.
  5. The pharmacist is also a great area to work as a Public Health Specialist.
  6. There are several opportunities both in India as well as overseas. 
  7. Other than these career options, people do good in the field of surgery as a surgeon and researchers by discovering and researching different techniques, and medicines and making people aware of their journals, etc.

Necessary Skills for a Professional Unani Physician

The Unani system is one of the finest systems in terms of treatment. This requires specific skills if you want to excel in this field. If you are good in a few skills which Unani System requires then you are the ideal candidate for this job. Let us discuss what type of skill set is necessary for a professional Unani Physician.

  1. Deep knowledge of the principles that underlie the Unani medical system.
  2. Complete knowledge of all the constituents that make up the Unani medicines.
  3. A person having great research abilities.
  4. Understanding nature helps understand the patient’s condition.
  5. Knowledge of how to use the therapies practically and in which condition.
  6. Carefully understanding the diagnosis of the disease.
  7. To teach and supervise their junior doctors carefully. 
  8. Can participate actively in promoting health education.
  9. A practitioner should be humble and adjustable with other doctors and assistants on their team. 
  10. The quick and good decision-maker is always welcomed not only in this field but in many others. 
  11. The doctor needs to be trustworthy and confidential.
  12. A good doctor is one who possesses organizational, and managerial skills on a bonus with leadership qualities.

Eligibility Criteria for Profession to Pursue Unani Medicine

As in every other field, this field also has some eligibility criteria for those who wish to be part of Unani Medicine. Let us consider the educational qualification for the physicians in Unani System.

  1. 10+2 passed with minimum eligibility if 50% marks with a medical background.
  2. NEET qualified and should clear the cut-off list. 
  3. Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) in the field of Unani Medicine and Surgery. 
  4. In addition, a Postgraduate degree with a required specialization.
  5. Followed by PhD in Unani medicine and an internship with relevant institutes, clinics or hospitals.

Unani Medicine Courses

UG Course – Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS)5.5 Years
PG Course – Doctor of Medicine M.D in Unani3 years
M.S Master of Science in Unani3 years
Post Graduate Diploma in Unani2 years
PhD Course – Doctor of Philosophy PhD in Unani3 years

Educational Institutes to Study Unani Medicine

The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCMI) is responsible for all the rules and regulations and medical standards to be included in the Unani Medical System. It is a statutory body constituted under the Indian Medicine Central Council Act, of 1970. There are 41 recognized universities or colleges of Unani Medicine currently running.

Name of the CollegeQualifying ExamFee StructureCourse
AKU Patna – Aryabhatta Knowledge University, PatnaNEET~4 lakh5.5 YearsFull Time
AUAMC Aligarh – Aligarh Unani PG and Ayurvedic Medical College, AligarhNEET5.5 years Full Time
Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, KanpurNEET~25 k3 years Full Time
Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, JodhpurNEET~6 lakhs5.5 years Full Time
JMI New DelhiUniversity Combined Admission Test ~1 lakh 2 years diploma Full Time
KUHS Thrissur, KeralaNEET~2 lakh5.5 years Full Time
NIUM BangaloreCombined Admission Test3 yearsFull Time
Ajmal Khan Tibbia College, ALigarh Muslim UniversityNEET~70 k5.5 yearsFull Time
Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbia College, New DelhiNEET5.5 years Full Time
Dr Abdul Ali Tibbiya College and Hospital, LucknowCommon Admission Test~9 lakh5.5 years full time
Government Tibbi College, PatnaNEET4 years  6 months Full Time

Job Profile in Unani Medicine

After doing the complete course in Unani Medicine there are different departments where the Unani Specialist can work. A person who is an expert in Unani Medicine is eligible to work in the following disciplines:

  • Internal Medicine – in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics department
  • Diseases of the head and neck – Toxicology Department
  • Psychiatry – Rejuvenation Therapy and Geriatrics
  • Sexology – a Regimental Therapy
  • Dietotherapy – related to Hydrotherapy

Average Salary Package of Unani Specialist

The employer provides the salary based on the qualification and performance of the employee. Many institutes or hospitals follow government criteria and whereas many have their own criteria. Based on the position and the job profile a candidate accepts some salary packages are displayed below:

Hakeem3.5 to 4 lakhs 
Unani Institute Lecturer 4 to 4.5 lakhs 
Unani Consultant3 to 3.5 lakhs
Unani Therapist2 to 2.5 lakhs 
Unani Medicine Pharmacist4 to 4.5 lakhs

Top Recruitment Companies for a Unani Specialist

As the scope is emerging every now and then, there will be the need for a Unani Specialist in almost every relatable sector. To create opportunities many private and governmental top recruiting companies and institutes have opened vacancies for a Unani Specialist. Some of such companies are listed below:

  1. Unani Charitable Institutions
  2. Unani Medical College 
  3. Unani Medicine store
  4. Unani and Ayurvedic Research Institutes
  5. Unani clinics
  6. Unani Pharmaceutical industry
  7. Life science industry
  8. Clinical Trials Laboratories
  9. Medical Tourism
  10. Drug Control Sector
  11. Research establishments
  12. Dispensaries
  13. Healthcare Community
  14. Government hospitals
  15. Nursing House
  16. Third-party Administrator in the insurance sector.
  17. Patanjali Ayurvedic
  18. Consultancies

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Is Unani medicine a good career?

They will be as good a doctor as an allopathic doctor but with different procedures and treatments. Unani Doctor’s profession requires much hard work but is extremely rewarding.

What is the disadvantage of Unani?

The biggest disadvantage of the Unani is that surgery has not been developed fully in this system. There is no treatment for emergency conditions such as an accident or heart attack.

Is Unani better than Ayurveda?

Ayurveda focuses on metabolism, good digestion and proper excretion for effective treatment. Both Unani and Ayurvedic medicines are safe, natural ways to treat disease. These practices are very popular as they ensure that a disease is being treated in the most natural way and is cured completely.

What is the strength of Unani?

The main strength of Unani Medicine is its holistic approach, temperament-based prescription and treatment of ailments. The principles of six essential factors of Life (Asbab-e- Sittah Zarooriyah) which are pivotal for perseverance and maintenance of health are also the Unani system’s unique characteristics.

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