Should Plastic be Banned Essay for Students and Children

Should Plastic Be Banned: In recent years, the question Should Plastic be Banned has been in the news. All of us are much more aware of the fact that plastics have been the major contributor to pollution. Today it has become even more important to know the damage we are causing to nature and what is the effect of such damage. But the question is how and why, and what can be done to stop the deterioration of our mother earth.

Here in this article where we are discussing whether Should Plastic be banned, we will try to cover all the points that are important for you to know about plastics and what they do to us. We will provide you with the information in the form of essays for every age group.

Should plastic be banned

Should Plastic Be Banned

Plastics have created havoc in our lives nowadays because of the health effects they cause us. Humans are the only living creatures on Earth who have been addicted to the use of plastic in their daily lives. Alexander Parkes was the first person to make man-made plastic and tell everyone about the use of plastic, then slowly and steadily other items were also made because of the long-term usage property. In all this, we never thought about how it affects nature after a certain period of time.

So, here we will discuss how plastics are affecting us and Mother Nature, and what we can do now to stop the adverse effect of plastic also the discussion will revolve around the major question, Should Plastic be Banned? Read the essays further to know more.

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Should Plastic Be Banned 10-line Essay

In this section, we will give you a sample of the essay Should Plastic be Banned and 10 lines that can be emphasized. Our readers are welcome to read the essays and use them to create essays of their own. This sample is helpful for the students of classes 1-2. They can read this sample and can create their own by taking ideas.

  1. Plastics are a threat to our environment as it deteriorates the environment and leads to many issues.
  2. Plastic is a chemical material which is prepared in labs i.e. we cannot find plastics in nature.
  3. Plastic decomposes slowly, due to which it remains on Earth for a long period. This becomes harmful to the organisms living in nature.
  4. When plastics are released in water bodies like rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. they cause harm to animals and plants living in these water bodies and cause water pollution.
  5. The plastic bags we use at home or the wrappers we throw after we eat chips, biscuits or any packed item, cause blockages in the drainage system and sewage lines.
  6. Plastic waste also causes infertility on land, because when we throw plastics into nature, it releases chemicals and this causes infertility on the land. This causes bad production of vegetables, fruits, rice and wheat. 
  7. These problems can be solved if we use reusable, eco-friendly bags. These bags are made up of paper, cloth or high-quality disposable plastics. 
  8. We should not throw plastic in water bodies, rather throw the plastic waste in the crusher machines which are available at different locations in the city. 
  9. The use of single-use plastics like polythenes should be banned. There should be no production of these single-use plastic bags. The Indian government has already banned single-use plastic items, implemented from July 1, 2022.
  10. Everyone in the world should listen to their government policies and should consider those guidelines sincerely. 
    ban on plastics

Should Plastic be Banned Short Essay Type for Students and Children

Plastics are considered to be man-made disasters. “Plastic” term was not coined until 1907 when Leo H. Baekeland experimented on coal tar and created a material called “Bakelite”. When he used bakelite in different areas with different purposes. He concluded with the term “Plastic”. Plastics don’t get degenerated they live with us for thousands of years.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by multiple materials, the majority of which are made with plastic, which has become hazardous to nature, especially to oceans which are a convenient place for us to dump off our plastic waste. This is causing harm to aquatic life by making them extinct. Plastics release harmful chemicals which when consumed in any way, lead to fatal diseases and abnormalities like cancer, pneumonia, paralysis, etc.

We need to get rid of plastic if we need to continue a normal life, and for this only banning plastic is not a solution. If we ban the use of plastic, it may decrease the imbalance and pollution we have created in nature. To make things move in a better way, we need to find alternatives for plastics. We can use jute or cloth bags in place of plastic bags. Factories should male reusable or environment-friendly plastic bags. Adopting the concept of reuse and recycling will make a huge difference. We as an individual should actively participate in the government campaigns like, ban plastic campaigns and reuse recycle campaigns. \

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Should Plastics be Banned Long Essay

Introduction: In the modern world of technology, everyone is trying to make their lives easier by finding discoveries day by day. Plastic is one such discovery after which everything got replaced by plastic. In 1907, Leo Baekeland, a Belgian chemist, invented a compound from coal tar, called bakelite, this was further purified and treated with phenol and formaldehyde to convert it into plastics. Manufacturing of plastic is cheap and the material that came out as a result was magical. This made many factories and companies adapt this manufacturing ultimately leading it to the market-capturing product.
ban on plastics

Today, the use of plastic has become the most convenient. Plastics are being used everywhere, whether it is for shopping, packaging, transportation, to prevent rain, in our kitchen, etc. Whenever we go to grocery stores to get ourselves groceries, or any needful thing, we carry plastic bags because these bags are lightweight and easy to carry. They are easily available in the market as they are cheap. The reason for its demand is its properties, which are as follows:

  • It is a hard and breakable material.
  • It is tensile in nature
  • It is a highly dense material, resistant to high temperatures and heat.
  • It is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.
  • It is cheap and easily available.

Problems Caused by Plastic: When we use plastic in our daily life, we are causing multiple problems for those living on earth and for those also in water. Some of these problems are listed below.

  1. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material, which cannot be even degraded by enzymes or bacteria left in nature for another 500 years. Approximately, 50,000 to 1,000,000 fragments of plastics are still floating on water and more than 20 million metric tonnes i.e. around the size of India, plastics are on land and in ocean beds.
  2. They are so harmful that once they are thrown away they remain in the same state of matter for thousands of years and release harmful chemicals which deteriorate the condition of land and water causing land and water pollution.
  3. The chemicals released by these plastics are consumed by marine and land animals and indirectly by us when we consume these animals. Those animals which are dependent on plants and land for food, sometimes eat plastic bags and polythenes (in which we throw our garbage) and choke themselves to death.
  4. According to the record we (every living on earth in all) consume 100kg of plastic per day.
  5. As per the report, 35 % of turtles have died because of the ingestion of plastics, and 90% of seabirds have consumed discarded plastics.
  6. As per the report of Environmental Health Perspective, plastics affect the release of hormones like estrogen in the body, which causes damage to our health by causing hormonal imbalances.
  7. Plastic pieces being light in weight get blown with the wind or flow with water to the drainage pipes or sewerage system where it blockages the pipeline and causes problems like overflowing.
    ban on plastics

Reasons to ban plastics: Plastic is widely used is the reason why plastic is causing pollution and a threat to life. Keeping in mind these problems discussed above, the government has taken some steps to ban plastic. These steps were taken due to the following reasons:

  • Plastic is causing serious problems like cancer, pneumonia, infertility, diabetes, and obesity the endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC).
  • They are the major reasons for land and water pollution.
  • They have become a threat to animal and plant life on Earth.
  • The chemical released from the plastic is making land infertile, due to which crops grown do not have any nutritive importance.

Problems occurring due to the Ban on Plastics: Problems that may occur due to the ban on plastics are as follows:

  1. In this essay plastics should be banned for children and students we cannot forget to mention that plastic is ruling the market. Everything today is made out of plastic. There is nothing in the world which does not have traces of plastic in it. The market is full of things made of plastic like- polythene, buckets, chairs, tables, packing material, pens, boxes, etc.
  2. These things in total are not responsible for pollution. If plastic is found in nature as a whole material made then it can be recycled by laboratory procedures, but what actually is responsible for pollution is the debris. The small pieces that are either torn from a wrapper or get broken off from the plastic item cannot be recycled and thus cause pollution.
  3. In the current situation, people use plastics for their convenience. If plastics will be banned then there are chances for them to shift to another alternative which might be more harmful.

Public support for the ban on plastics: If compared to earlier times, people nowadays are more aware of their surroundings. The Internet has made us read everything sitting in one place. Everyone today knows about government policies and the ban on the use of single-use plastics.

  • To support the drive and heal the environment, people are now switching to reusable jute or cloth bags.
  • Shopkeepers have stopped keeping plastic bags, they are either using paper bags or cloth bags. They are now making everyone aware to get their bags for shopping.
  • Rallies have been going on to make everyone aware not to use plastic bags or single-use plastics like polythene, disposable bottles, spoons, glasses, etc.
  • The government is initiating clean Ganga, and clean river projects, in which people are coming forward to help them. Mountains are being cleaned by different NGOs in which our youth is participating with great enthusiasm.
    ban on plastics

Conclusion: It is very important to keep the place clean and safe where we live. Just because of our convenience and money-saving mind, we have already used plastics up to a great extent. We have already caused damage to Mother Earth to an extreme extent that we can’t even correct it in one life. It is a herculean task to clean our mother and make it free from plastics. But if we start it today, and avoid the use of plastic then we can actually contribute to cleaning our surroundings from now on only.

If no more plastic products are made in factories and only the ones which we have are used, then the time will come when we will be able to make Earth free from Plastic. You can also watch the youtube video which will indicate what alternatives you can use if you are not using plastics.


Which country banned plastic recently?

Kenya became the recent country to ban the use of plastic in 2017.

Which country first banned plastic?

Bangladesh became the first country to ban plastic with the motive of plastic-free Earth.

Who banned plastic in India?

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India notified the Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021, on 12 August 2021 and initiated the ban on plastics.

Who invented the best use of used plastic in India?

Rajagopalan Vasudevan, came up with the idea of shredding plastic waste, mixing it with bitumen and using the polymerized mix in road construction.

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