Singer KK Dies: Cause of Death, Health Issue, Last Performance

Singer KK Dies: A very heartbreaking and shocking incident happened on 31st May 2022. A very well-known Indian playback singer died due to cardiac arrest. The singer was performing in Kolkata on that day and after the performance, the singer complained of not feeling well while going back to the hotel. At the hotel, the situation worsen and all the tried to revive him did not work. When the singer’s team shifted him to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. All the Bollywood singers and actors are mourning him. Krishnakumar Kunnath died at the age of 53. The postmortem of the singer’s body is going to do today.

Singer KK Dies

The singer was known for his famous songs like Aakhon Me Teri, Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai, Tadap Tadap and many other songs. The minister of Kolkata, Arrop Biswas runs to the hospital after hearing this news and he also told the media that the Singer’s wife and son will be coming to Kolkata today. He further said that he will provide all his help to the singer’s family. His fans are outside the hospital to see him one last time and all the singers who were in good relation with him are also reaching the hospital. The singer’s death has shaken the music industry.

Singer KK Dies: Cause of Death, Health Issue, Last Perfomance

Cause of Death

The Singer was all good in his last performance, he sang for his fans so How to dead KK. The singer was feeling a little dizzy while performing but he ignored it thinking that it was normal. After the performance, the singer started feeling not well and they arrived back at the hotel in Esplanade where he complained of not feeling good. First, the available medical staff tried to revive him but it did not work then they immediately took him to the Calcutta Medical Research Institute and Hospital around 10.300 pm where the doctor declared that the singer was dead before arriving at the hospital. The reason for death is said to be cardiac arrest and the result of the postmortem is yet to be released.

Did KK have any health issues?

There is no information concerning the health issues faced by the singer but by considering the death of the singer due to sudden cardiac arrest we can say that the singer might be suffering from the diseases which lead to sudden cardiac arrest. The name of those diseases is Coronary artery disease, Valvular heart disease, Electrical problems in the heart, congenital heart disease, etc. There may be another reason for the cardiac arrest which we will let you guys know after the display of the postmortem result.

KK Last Performance

The singer KK dies after the doing the performance. The singer’s last performance was held in Kolkata. The readers must be thinking where was KK performing in Kolkata? The singer did his last performance in Gurudas College at south Kolkata’s Nazrul Mancha where he made his fans happy by singing in his soothing voice. Even his last time, he made his fans happy through his singing. His last performance will be remembered by all his and who was in the concert. His sudden demise has shocked the whole country.

Celebrity Reactions to Krishnakumar Kunnath Death

  • Narendra Modi: The prime minister of India said that he is sad about the sudden demise of the singer. He praises his work and said that he will be remembered through his songs. He gave condolence to his family and fans.
  • Shreya Ghosal: The singer also shared her condolence and praises his voice.
  • Virat Kohli: The cricketer also said that the country has lost a magnificent singer and is shocked. he shared his condolences with his family and his close ones.
  • Harshdeep Kaur: The singer is still in shock with KK’s sudden demise. She said that it is heartbreaking.
Why KK is death?

The doctor said that the reason for the singer’s death is cardiac arrest.

What was KK’s last song?

The last song that the singer has released is Yeh Hausle from the fill “83”.

Is KK singer died?

Yes, KK died on 31st June 2022 around 10.30 pm due to cardiac arrest.

Did the singer die at the concert?

No, the singer diest after he performed and while reaching the hospital.

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