Top Paying Jobs for Women In India

Top Paying Jobs for Women: With the advancement in technology and modernization, women have been playing a major role in the public and private sectors. Steps have been taken regarding the Development of women in the fields of equal payment and equal respect. Unlike, in ancient times, women are no more deprived of their capabilities and gender-biased society is gradually fading out itself.
According to the statistical analysis of the Bureau of Labor, Women are paid 87 cents for each dollar earned by men which is generally more than the analysis of 1979 (The year in which men were paid 20cents more than women).

Top Paying Jobs for Women

Top Paying Jobs for Women

Not all focus can be given to the gender-biased pay scale, because there may be variations depending on various factors, with respect to the career that the women choose. For example, if you are an actress your pay scale would range in crores which is certainly much more than women working in the private sector or in a government organization. Therefore with different careers, the payment varies.
If you are eager to know about the professions which provide a high salary for women and bring out their ultimate potential then you are at the right place. In this article, we would enlist all those careers in which women can excel themselves and fulfill their dreams. With new jobs, comes new responsibilities. Here we will include all those criteria which would correspond to their career and we will also include the salaries of every job.

Medical Jobs

Eligibility: The candidate must have completed their MBBS/MD from a recognized university.
Salary: 12 lakhs to24 lakhs per annum

Medical has been the most wanted profession for lakhs of females each year. For example, when the pandemic started its poisonous effect on everyone, the doctors and the nurses were the saviors. Even in our daily life, doctors have been saving us since ancient times. One can complete their graduation in MBBS and look forward to making a successful career in medicine. If anyone wants to have further specialization in a particular field of medicine, then they can surely opt for various branches that are available in the medical profession. The choice of specialization depends on your interest ranging from surgery, gynecology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, and so on. These are some of the best and most popular specializations in the field of medicine.
Once You have completed your degree, you can work as a medical practitioner and open your own clinic or work in hospitals. If you are excellent in your career, you will be a very well-known medical professional and your income would be a lot more than an average individual’s yearly income working in a private sector or in a public organization.

Civil Services

Conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, civil services are not only the most reputed government job but also one of the toughest exams which a person can crack. It requires a lot of general knowledge and you can work with people from various walks of life. This job has an abundance of respect to offer you and You would be having a very high designation. The most popular civil services examination is the Indian administrative service which totally caters to the role of the administration.

You would receive a lot of facilities from the government, including your travel allowance, quarters, and Dearness allowance. You would not only help society by framing rules which are innovative but also take steps and measures in order to improvise the policies. Your parent body would be the Central and the state government.

Eligibility: one must be at least 21 years of age in order to sit in the civil service examination. One should also have a degree of graduation.
Exam: The UPSC exam consists of prelims, mains, and interviews. Students need to qualify all these three in order to fetch a service in the civil services.
Salary: Six lakhs to 29,00,00 a year

Indian Air Force Jobs

One of the most prestigious jobs in India is the Indian Air Force service. For getting into the Indian Air Force, one has to clear the air force common entrance admission test or the AFCAT exam which has multiple-choice questions and a lot of general knowledge. It is a very competitive examination as lakhs of students appear for the AFCAT exam.

Women are never biased about their capabilities, and they were recruited in combat roles even. They are not only working as fighter pilots but also served in various other departments like the technical areas, meteorological branch, administration, and Air traffic controlling supporting roles.

The job caters to amazing facilities and perks given by the government. Women working in the Indian Air Force are designated as Indian Air Force officers. We must be proud of these people who serve their nation so that other people can have a good and secure sleep at night. The salary is around 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

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Social Media Influencer

A very popular yet interesting job is being a social media influencer. You can choose your particular niche and create a number of videos and put all the information regarding your niche on your social media page. This does not require any qualification and the greatest benefit is that you can’t even work from home by learning certain techniques. There must be skills in video editing and photography. One must also know how to strategize and analyze the content that one is looking forward to putting in social media.
Another large benefit is that it does not stop you from your age. Any person of any age can work as a social media influencer. Nowadays, students even work as social media influencers in order to earn pocket money. Housewives can also make it a part-time job which gives a very decent salary. You can collaborate with various brands and enhance your page. The greater the number of followers, the more your income. People also learn to affiliate marketing in order to have growth if their income. One can also open up an online store so as to sell their products.
Eligibility: video editing and high number of social media followers
Salary: 30000 to 4 crore each post.

Investment Banker Job

One of the highest-paying jobs in the world is that of an investment banker. If you are a graduate in the field of commerce and take a high interest in the finance sector, then investment banking is one of the best choices. there is no specific degree or qualification which is needed to become an investment banker, but if you are from the field of commerce and have done some management courses in finance then the whole banking system would be very clear to you and you would have excellent knowledge in fields like accountancy, Business research, management, mathematics, financial and statistical analysis, economics.
The ultimate role of an investment banker is to guide their clients in the right platform so that they can invest their money in the right place would not only lead to gaining profit but also help themselves. They invest in the share market and they are basically recruited for securing the money of the client in the share market. It provides a very high salary as compared to a private or public sector job. The whole job totally depends on your capabilities and potential.
Salary: 30 lakhs to 1 crore per annum
Eligibility: B.Com, MBA

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Interior Designer Jobs

With the blending of interest in fashion, interior designing caters to the most innovative skills that a person possesses in the field of design. It deals with exuberant decoration that can light up certain spaces. It can turn a boring space into a beautifully arranged and organized area with some materials.
Certain skills are required to become an interior designer which starts with having a diploma certificate in the field of interior design. You can continue your studies by doing the graduation and the master’s in this field and you will have to work with a lot of software including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk sketchbook, AutoCAD, sketch up, 3-D max.

If you want to be an interior designer, you have to first sharpen your innovative skills and then you need to put down your passion in an organized manner. Your work will collaborate with various architects and also you can work in the management department.
If You Are extraordinarily talented in this field, you will not only make a huge number of clients who would be interested to work with you but you will also establish yourself as a successful interior designer.
Salary: The salary of an interior designer is around five lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum.

Bollywood Actresses’ Jobs

The highest-paid Job in India for all women is being an actress in Bollywood. It not only earns Fame and popularity but also welcomes an abundance of talent that one can possess. The job of an actress does not confine to standing in front of the camera and having a photogenic face. It requires a lot of talent in the field of acting but also you need to polish yourself in dancing and music and have enough passion and determination to establish yourself as a Bollywood actress.

It does not require higher educational qualifications but if you choose to do a course in acting or make acting your academic then you will have to pass out your school and then join a prestigious acting school so that you can make a degree out of it.
The payment of these actresses depends upon the number of establishments in the industry. The less established actresses are paid in weekly and monthly amounts but the star actresses are paid on the basis of their contracts and projects.

Data Scientist Jobs

With high advancement in the field of technology and science, artificial intelligence has been the buzzing career of the era. Everywhere you need to analyze the facts and the information you have and it is where Data scientists come into play. The main role of a data scientist is to analyze and strategize the data in such a format that it can predict the trade and commerce of a particular organization.

It is one of the highest paying jobs as it not only brings in profit to the company but also shows a pattern in such a way that the company can make strategies to enhance their business. Although it brings in high sales and profit for the company it requires some educational qualifications and certain skills. To become an established data scientist, you need to pass out your school’s higher secondary examinations and then complete a BTech degree in computer science and then join a course in data analysis. You will also require a lot of programming skills and knowledge about programming languages.

Banking Jobs

Banking seems to be in a very good position in the field of the career of women. It not only brings in a good income but also helps in having a respectable designation in your career. It not only facilitates you with various allowances and insurances for your family but also secures your future after retirement.
To fetch a job in banking, you need to complete your graduation and give certain bank exams like SBI, IBPS PO, and RBI. Out of this the RBI exam is one of the toughest exams in banking. People can become chief risk officers or financial officers in the field of banking. Banking secures you with dearness allowance, and medical insurance, and provides you with vacation leave and pensions after your retirement.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing is a very good career option after you complete higher secondary school. Nursing is a course that people can opt for after completing their class 12th. They must have chosen biology as their optional in class 12th. After that one can acquire a diploma or a BSC in nursing. For higher studies, people also choose MSc and Ph.D. so that they can enhance their knowledge.
Unlike, other medical professional jobs, nursing does not offer a very high salary but it surely provides you with a decent amount. If you are compassionate enough to help the people around you and support your society, nursing is a very good career option for you.

Architecture Jobs

With modernization, people are looking forward to building apartments and industries. It is where skilled architecture is required. To become an architect, you will have to pass your class 12th examination and sit for the entrance examinations. The national testing agency conducts the joint entrance examinations and national aptitude test for architecture along with the architecture Aptitude test. On the basis of the qualification of these entrance examinations, you will be able to get into a college and complete your degree in architecture. During the course of the degree, you will be able to learn the strategizing concepts of planning, organizing, and building structures with certain measured dimensions. You will work with various computer technologies and software.

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