UGC E Samadhan Portal: e-Samadhaan Grievance Portal For Students

UGC E Samadhan Portal: Many people across our country are directly or indirectly associated with the University Grants Commission. These people include Students, Teaching Faculty, Non-Teaching Staff and different Institutes/ Universities. Therefore, all these people register all their complaints/ grievances concerning various things directly to UGC. However, because of having limited resources, the UGC used to be relatively slow in registering their complaints earlier. Due to this, the commission launched the UGC E Samadhan Portal. This portal has now become a one-stop destination for all the people associated with the commission to register all their grievances.

To cover all the specifics of this e-Samadhaan Grievance Portal by the UGC, we are presenting this article today. So, if you are also connected with the University Grants Commission and want to know the procedure for registering your complaints through this portal, then check out this article through to the end.

UGC E Samadhan Portal

With the UGC E Samadhan Portal, the commission has combined all of the portals and helplines that it had earlier in a single place. This portal is very easily accessible for all the stakeholders of the commission. For each complaint that you register on this portal, a Docket Number is generated. Through this generated number, it will be easier for the commission to note what progress has been made on your lodged complaints/ grievances.

To register your grievances on this portal, you will be required to register yourself there with the help of your email id. Moreover, the UGC e-Samadhaan Portal also has a toll-free number through which you can register your grievances by making a simple phone call. More details about this portal and the grievance registration process are in the rest of the article.

UGC E Samadhan Portal

विश्वविद्यालय अनुदान आयोग ई समाधान पोर्टल: Overview

Article’s SubjectUGC E Samadhan Portal
Launched ByUniversity Grants Commission
Portal’s Functione-Samadhan Online Grievance Registering and Monitoring System
Accessible ToStudents, Teaching Faculty, Non-Teaching Staff and Institute/ University
Submission of Grievance ThroughLogin Details on the Portal and Toll-Free Number
Toll-Free Number for Complaints1800-111-656 
UGC e-Samadhan Portal’s URL

University Grants Commission e-Samadhaan Grievance Portal Benefits

All the benefits of the University Grants Commission e-Samadhaan Grievance Portal are shared by us in the list below.

  • It allows all the people connected to the UGC (Students, Teachers, Universities, etc) to submit their complaints in a single place.
  • The commission takes action for the registered complaints relatively quickly due to the presence of this portal.
  • All your complaints will be registered 24*7 through this portal. Furthermore, you can also use the Toll-Free number available on this portal to register your complaints at any time of the day.
  • Along with the complaints/ grievances, this portal also allows you to submit your feedback concerning various subjects.

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How to Register Complaints at Portal?

You can register your complaints/ grievances as a Student/ Teacher/ Non-Teaching Staff/ University at Portal by the following procedure. For this process, you must have your valid email id along with the credentials for your destination ready.

  1. To initiate this process, you must use the URL and open the homepage of the portal.
  2. On the right side of the homepage, you will see the “New Registration” option under the login window. UGC E Samadhan New Registration
  3. As soon as you tap on this option, you will see a registration form opening up on your screen. UGC E Samadhan Registration Form
  4. Now, you need to select your designation in the registration form and fill in the relevant details for it accordingly.
  5. After you successfully enter your personal details and details related to your destination, you must also create your password.
  6. Once the registration is completed, you will possess your login details.
  7. To register your complaints, you need to head back to the login window now and enter your login credentials there.
  8. After you log in successfully, you can proceed to lodge your grievances.
  9. Now your complaint will be recorded and a docket number will be allotted to that particular complaint.
  10. This docket number will be reflected in the bureau’s head accounts and the commission will accordingly take action for their registered complaint.

UGC E Samadhan Portal Feeback Submission

Another key feature of the UGC E Samadhan Portal is the submission of your feedback. This feedback can be submitted to the commission by everyone who has access to the portal. To submit your feedback on this portal, you can take the help of the following steps.

  1. Begin the process by visiting the e-Samadhaan Grievance Portal by the UGC.
  2. As you reach the homepage of this portal, you will see an option for “Feedback” on the left side of it. UGC E Samadhan Feedback Option
  3. Once you select this option, the Feedback form of the portal will show up on your screen. UGC E Samadhan Feedback Form
  4. Here, you need to select your category and enter your personal details.
  5. After this, you need to enter the subject of your feedback and give a description of it.
  6. With the completion of all these steps, you can proceed to submit your feedback form to the commission.

Grievance Resolution By University Grants Commission

Once the grievances are lodged by the users at UGC E Samadhan Portal, the commission begins the process of its resolution. Since the grievances lodged by the users are of various categories, a certain amount of time is taken by the commission to take action on that particular grievance. For this, a time limit is specified by the commission in accordance with which they resolve a grievance. The details regarding this are provided by us in the following table.

Type of GrievanceTime Limit for Commission to Reply
Issue related to Ragging or GenderIn accordance with the commission’s norms
Matters related to StudentsWithin 20 working days
Teaching or Non-Teaching IssuesWithin 15 working days
University or College or Any Other MatterWithin 20 working days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can students register multiple grievances at UGC E Samadhan Portal?

Yes, through the e-Samadhaan Grievance Portal, multiple complaints can be filed by them regarding different issues.

What type of complaints can be lodged by the students?

The students can lodge complaints related to an irregularity in the admission procedure, delay in benefits of a scholarship, non-refund of fees, etc on the portal.

At what time of the day can I call the Toll-Free number to register my complaints?

The facility for you to call the Toll-Free Number to register your complaints will be available 24*7. Therefore, you can contact the number any time of the day.

How much time will the commission take to reply to the lodged complaints?

The time which is taken by the commission to reply to a particular complaint depends on the type of the complaint. If the commission is taking too long to reply to your complaint then you can directly contact them and know your complaint status.

We hope our article provided you with some useful insights into UGC E Samadhan Portal. To consume more useful content on a daily basis, you can stay connected to our portal. Moreover, if you have any queries related to this article then you can also let us know by commenting below.

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